Poem Tattoos

Tattoos are made to allow us to express a bit of who we are, and poem tattoos are some of the best ways to do just that in a unique way. With poem tats you can say just about anything you want to about yourself, including your interests, some of your traits, or even who your favorite poets are. Below you will find some info about the reasons why people choose to get their poem tattoos and some of the very nice ways that you can get these tattoos designed.

In most cases people will choose their poem tattoos by simply picking the ones that have had the strongest impact on their lives. It could be the full poem or it might just be a few lines or words from that poem that impacted the person the most. What’s interesting is that the poem might have had an impact on a person’s life in a completely different way than you would expect by reading the words.

As we pointe above, some poem tattoos will include every single word from the poems, while others will have the owners’ favorite excerpts. It really comes down to how much skin you want to cover with your tattoo and whether or not the poem still has a strong impact with fewer words. Of course, some poems are very short so people’s decisions are made a lot easier in those cases.

People who do decide to just get a snippet of their favorite poems often do so to focus on what’s said in those particular lines. The fact is that different parts of poems can have different meanings, so sometimes it just makes sense to use the lines that focus on the meanings that you’re going for. Getting fewer lines also gives you more design space to work with since you will be able to fit those lines on more parts of your body.

Poem tattoos are also a great way to get a love tattoo without have to get one of the cliché love tats that so many people are getting these days. Poetry does have a way of getting to the ‘heart’ of what someone feels, so these tattoos are often seen as deeper and more meaningful love tattoos. If a poem has truly defined how you have felt about another person, you might find that those lines are the best ones to use in your poetry tattoo.

You can also get poem tattoos as a source of inspiration since in most cases people do choose poems that have helped them in one way or the other. An example of this is when someone loses a family member and they find comfort in a poem. In that type of case the person can use the poem tat to remember the lost loved one and to help them move on from anything bad that happens in their lives.

Yet another reason why someone might choose to get a poem tattoo is to simply show that poetry is a big part of their lives. If you are really into both poetry and tattoos, chances are you’ve already thought about getting a poetry tattoo. This can be a challenge for some people because they have so many favorites and it’s hard to choose just one to get inked on your skin. If you do have this type of dilemma, it’s best to choose one that you know will always mean a lot to you; in these cases it’s usually best to choose the one that you have loved the longest.

If you happen to have your own poem that you’re proud of, you can even get those words tattooed on your skin! These poetry tattoo designs often have an extra level of meaning top the owners since they are not only putting their own words on their skin, the poems themselves probably already held a lot of meaning for them.

Poem tattoos are text tattoos, so if you decide to get one you will need to think about the type of font you will want to use in the design. A lot of people like to use fonts that are commonly seen in old poetry books, but the truth is that you can use any font that you think will look great on your skin. Our suggestion is to find a font that you think captures the mood of your poem.

Some people will add in an image or two that compliments the poem in some way or perhaps even makes the poem make a bit more sense to people who have never read it before. This is definitely not necessary, but you might find that an image brings the whole design together in one way or another.

You can also add in some images to your poem tattoo design if you know it’s going to be your only tattoo and you want to tell a bit more about yourself. In this case you can use any type of image that holds a special meaning to you; it could have something to do with the poem, but it doesn’t have to.

Even though most poem tattoos are simple text designs, we still recommend finding a tattoo artist who you know does well with these types of tats. Good artists will find the perfect way to line the poetry tattoo up on your skin and they will help you make any last second changes to the design to make it look even better.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons why people decide to get their poem tattoos and quite a few ways that these tattoos can be designed. If you love poetry and you know of a poem that you’d always be happy having on your skin, then definitely look into getting one. All you have to do is pick out the lines you like, find a great font to use, and then hire a good local tattoo artist to make it work on your skin.

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