Popular Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Not every tattoo needs to be of a symbol or object, a very popular choice is to get a meaningful word or phrase tattooed on one’s skin. This allows you to get straight to the point with what means the most to you without having to find the perfect design to describe who you really are.

On this page, we will take a look at what tattoo quotes are and how to go about choosing one to put on your skin.

In some cases, there is no way to pinpoint a general meaning to these types of tattoos as they will vary based on the words and what they mean to the wearer. Of course, someone who gets a very obvious quote will do so on purpose to allow outsiders to know exactly why those words are important to them. However, some quotes are just important to the owner because they help them through a tough time or motivate them, making it tougher for outsiders to fully understand what the words mean.

Some people choose to get a one-word tattoo such as “love” or “strength”. These can be done in any language of the wearer’s choosing, but when opting to get a tattoo in a language that is not native to you or your artist please make sure you use multiple sources to verify the word you have chosen. Nothing would be more disappointing than to spend money and time on a permanent tattoo that you thought meant “wisdom” but actually means “foolish”.

One can opt to get quotes in a variety of styles and fonts. You can choose to use simply bold, black ink, or even add some color to make the words pop. While tattoo quotes might seem like the easiest of all tattoo designs to work with, they really aren’t. You will want to make sure that the font and the style add to the quote rather than just being there to allow you to put the words on your body. When you take your time to design a great quote tattoo, you will see that the design itself actually enhances the words in the tattoo.

Many people choose to also add small symbols or flourishes to the words, such as stars, hearts or swirls. Some will do this simply to add a bit of flare to their quote tattoo, while others will use these design elements to add even more meaning to their tattoos. The key to adding in more small designs is to make the entire tattoo look better and, perhaps, make it more meaningful. This is something you should talk to your tattoo artist about before committing to it.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to add more design elements to your tattoo, but you shouldn’t just add them in to make the tattoo larger. That’s a mistake that many people make and it can be deeply regrettable. If you want a large quote tattoo, then come up with a design that you can be completely happy with. You shouldn’t just wing it and hope that you will be happy when the tattoo artist is done. Instead, think of the meanings that you want to come across through your tattoo and then slowly put it all together.

Popular choices for quote tattoos are those of bible verses. These can be used to signify a personal belief or ideal or even to memorialize the memory of the loved one that has passed. With these types of tattoo quotes, you shouldn’t get a very flashy font. More standard fonts, such as Caslon, work perfectly for these types of tattoo quotes since they are recognizable and they actually make the overall tattoo more effective. The only time you’d add in more than just the quote is if the quote itself is a smaller design element of a larger religious tattoo.

Many people choose to get a literary passage as their quote tattoo. These can be anywhere from a sentence long to a few paragraphs. If it is a shorter passage, you can even get the words wrapped around your wrist or ankle if you think it would look good that way. If you are planning on getting a longer passage, the back is usually the best place since you have a lot of space to work with and the words can still have a bit of space between them. These are also excellent quote tattoos when they are tattooed on top of an old piece of paper, giving them a slightly aged look.

Yet another popular tattoo quote style is to get lyrics to a song that has great meaning to you. An example of this is the title or lyrics to the Beatles’ hit “Let It Be”. The trick here is to find a lyric that you have loved for a while and has always meant a lot to you, or a lyric that reminds you of a great time in your life. Ideally, you will be able to check both of those boxes so you’ll know for sure that you will always be proud to have that song lyric on your skin.

Placement can vary as well when it comes to tattoo quotes. Common choices are the wrist, collarbone, back, and side. You’ll need to think long and hard about who you want to see the tattoo and how you want it to be stylized. If you want everyone to see the quote that you have, then the wrist, neck, or forearm should be great options for you. If you want it to be a bit more private, then you can choose to place it on your back, ribcage, ankle, or foot. Once you’ve figured out how private you want the tattoo quote to be, you can more easily pick a spot on your body for the tattoo quote to go.

If you end up having a tough time figuring out where to place it, most tattoo artists will be happy to help you out. You have to keep in mind that their reputation hangs on every tattoo that they do, so they want to be sure that everyone they work with is pleased with the job they do. In most cases, you will find that they know right off the bat where to place your specific design idea because they have worked with so many people in the past.

It is best to be mindful of the length and size of the quote when choosing a location. Your artist will be able to make sure the words will fit where you want them, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best place for the tattoo. Don’t just stick with one idea and be done with it; you’ll want to go over many alternatives just in case you find something that suits you a bit better.

Color choices aren’t quite as important with tattoo quotes as they are with other types of tattoos, but you should still think about your options. The majority of people get the quotes in black ink, but there are times when colored ink makes more sense. This is especially true if the tattoo quote is part of a larger design and you want to make sure that the whole tattoo looks great and not just sections of it. Again, be sure to talk to your artist about this if you’re not sure which colors to use.

Lastly, it’s important to know for sure that you will always be happy with the quote tattoo that you are planning on getting. Did this idea just spring into your head recently or have you been thinking about it for a while? Ideally, you have always thought of this particular quote tattoo as the perfect fit for you since that is the only way you can be sure that you will always love it.

If you have taken the time to think about all of that, then chances are you will have a quote tattoo that you can look at and love for the rest of your days.

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