Poseidon Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Anyone looking to get a cool-looking tattoo that can show off their love of Greek mythology should at least think about getting a Poseidon tattoo.

If you are interested in one of these designs for one reason or the other, you will probably be happy to find out that there are quite a few Poseidon designs to choose from that range from the extremely large to the types that you can easily fit on your wrist or forearm.

On this page, we are going to take a look at some of the meanings that people like to attach to their Poseidon tattoos as well as some of the ways that you can get yours designed should you choose to get one.

One of the reasons why the Poseidon tattoo is quite popular is because it can represent so many different things. This is a classic mythological god that can mean a lot to people who want to show that they are brave or even for people who want a unique good luck charm. If you like the look of a Poseidon tattoo design, there is a pretty good chance that you will be able to find a meaning that works for you.

Poseidon is the god of the sea, so many people will get one of these tattoos to show that they love being out on the water. This is a great choice for folks who do not want to get one of the more commonly seen versions of the “love the sea” tattoos, such as an anchor or some kind of sea life. This is a fantastic tattoo idea for people who both love the sea and also happen to love Greek Mythology.

Unsurprisingly, sailors often choose to get Poseidon tattoos because it allows them to show off what they do for a living while also giving them some very cool ink. Way back in the day, sailors would thank Poseidon for helping them to survive the rough waters and make it home, so you a sailor could actually get two meanings out of this tattoo.

Poseidon is also the god of aquatic creatures, which means you can also get a Poseidon tattoo to show that you love all sea creatures or a specific one. Obviously, this is a wonderful idea for anyone who regularly works with sea life or who happens to just love a specific sea creature. You can really go all out with your design if you are using this meaning by including multiple sea creatures in the water and also including Poseidon somewhere in the tattoo.

If you don’t want to use a meaning that is specifically attached to Poseidon, you can always just get one of these tattoos because you like the look of this god and you want to show that you love Greek mythology. Poseidon is arguably one of the coolest-looking Greek gods that you can get in a tattoo, so no one would blame you for including him in a more general mythological tattoo.

If you love Greek mythology and want to pack in as much meaning as you possibly can, you could always get Poseidon and other gods included in your design. Just like Poseidon, every other god has a lot of great meanings attached to him or her, so you really can give a full definition of who you are by simply including two or more Greek gods in your design. What’s important is that you choose the gods by what they represent first and only then come up with a cool design that includes them.

What’s kind of great about the Poseidon tattoo is that there are a lot of ways that you can get one designed on your skin. If this is going to be one of your primary tats and you don’t mind covering a lot of your skin, you can very easily make a striking design that does just that. On the other hand, if you would rather stick with simple line work and you want to make the tattoo fit on a small area of skin, there are ways to do that too!

Many people like to get their Poseidon tattoos as a big, beautiful image on their bodies, so they will make sure to get a full-bodied Poseidon in their designs. He usually has ripped muscles and a long, white beard and he looks like he’s going into battle. Most people also include lightning bolts and/or water in their designs, but it’s completely up to you how you make Poseidon look. The most important thing is that you will always be happy to look at your design.

Another very popular Poseidon tattoo is a simple trident design. The trident allows you to get a smaller design while still getting to use all of the meanings found in the larger Poseidon tattoos. Tridents look fantastic on the forearm or running down the shoulder, but you can make this type of design fit just about anywhere.

Poseidon also has a bunch of great smaller symbols that you can use, including the bull, the fish, and the dolphin. There is also a dedicated symbol that includes a small circle inside of a triangle with the outline of Poseidon on top of both shapes. You can very easily tweak any of these symbols to make them your own.

In most cases the Poseidon tattoo is going to be quite detailed, so most people will want to get a great tattoo artist to make these designs for them. Ideally, you’ll find an artist in your area who either specializes in these types of detailed designs or who has at least done some nice ones in the past.

Greek mythology tattoos are all the rage right now, and it’s not too surprising at all that the Poseidon tattoo is one of the most sought-after designs. They’re meaningful, they’re often quite attractive, and they’re the types of tattoos that people very rarely regret getting since the subject matter never seems to go out of style.

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