Praying Hands Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Praying hands tattoos are Christian tattoos that are both beautiful and meaningful to their owners. Most of these tattoos have two hands pushed together as if in prayer, allowing those who see the designs to know that the owners are proud of their religion and pray often.

If you are thinking about getting a praying hands tattoo or just want to learn more about it, take a look at the information below.

The first and most obvious meaning of praying hands tattoos is that prayer is an important part of their owners’ lives. People who find that praying brings balance to their existence may find that praying hands tattoos give them an added sense of pride. It also shows that you are willing to share with the world the pride that you have in the power of prayer.

People also get praying hands tattoos to show that their faith means more to them than just about anything else in the world. If you feel like your religion makes you who you are, then the praying hands tattoo could be the perfect way to express that. It can also serve as a reminder during your toughest times that you can always turn to your faith regardless of how well or poorly you are doing in your life.

The praying hands also can suggest that you have hope for the future. Prayer has always been used to give people hope that they will be able to hurdle past the toughest moments that they go through, and the praying hand’s tattoo can remind you that prayer has helped you in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

If the hands are slightly open in praying hands tattoos, that means that the owners take pride in being willing to lay down their lives for others. This is obviously a very powerful meaning, but it also makes sense for people who know that they would definitely sacrifice their own lives to keep those around them safe. This praying hands tattoo meaning is usually combined with one of the other meanings mentioned on this page.

Plenty of people who get praying hands tattoos do so to motivate and inspire themselves to do more in their lives. Sure, they could do that with actual prayer, but praying hands tattoos seem to have an added effect on people since the design is always on their skin and that constant reminder can keep them from forgetting what’s truly important to them.

Other meanings that you can attach to your praying hands tattoos include courage, respect, wisdom, love, compassion, and remembrance. You can use any of these meanings or the ones listed above, or you can combine a bunch of them if they all work for you. Unlike most other tattoos, praying hands tattoos usually have multiple meanings attached to them regardless of who the person is since many of those meanings are connected by default.

It is most common to see the praying hands as a singular image in tattoo form, but there are many other designs that can be added to them to add even more meaning. Below we will take a look at some of the most common symbols that work well with praying hands tattoos.

Unsurprisingly, crosses are often included with praying hands tattoos to make the religious meanings that much clearer. The crosses can just be the shape itself, or it can be a more detailed cross with perhaps other images on it. Some decide to make the cross a crucifix with Jesus hanging from it, or they might just decide to drape rosary beads over it for added meaning.

Some people also opt to include a bible or a bible verse with their praying hands tattoos. If you decide to go the bible verse route, then you will want to choose words that have had a major impact on your life and use a font that will give the words that much more meaning to you. If you decide to get a bible along with your praying hands tattoo, then you will need to think about how you want the entire image to look; maybe you want the hands on top of the bible, or maybe you instead want them to be side by side.

To give the praying hands tattoos a bit more of a heavenly look, clouds are often included around the hands. This can be an awesome effect if done by the right artist since it brings in even more focus on the praying hands tattoo and it can often help to blend the image into the skin a bit more. Along with the clouds, a couple of sun rays can give the overall design that added heavenly appearance many people are looking for.

What’s great about the praying hands tattoos is that they can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body. They work extremely well as arm and leg tattoos, but you can also turn it into a much larger design for your back or chest. While you do usually want a little more body space to add in extra details on the hands, you can actually get smaller praying hands tattoos if you want to fit them on your hand or your wrist. Regardless of what you end up deciding on, be sure to work with an artist who will recognize how important your praying hands tattoo is to you so they take extra care to do the job right.

As you can see, praying hands tattoos are extremely meaningful and they give people an extra sense of pride in their religion. If you are thinking about getting a Christian tattoo and want to go a bit outside of the box, then definitely consider one of the many fantastic praying hands tattoo designs that are out there.

What’s really great about these designs is that they very rarely lead to regrets since people often only feel stronger about their religion as they get older.

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