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People think of a lot of different things when they see a Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo, which might be why some people choose to get one. These are the types of tattoos that most people will recognize right away and they can definitely be conversation starters. Below you will find information on what the Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo represents and a few of the ways that you might one want get yours designed should you choose to get one.

Most people know this, but for those who don’t Puff the Magic Dragon is a song from the ‘60s by Peter, Paul and Mary that topped the charts and is still played in classrooms around the world today. The song is about Puff the magical dragon and his human friend Jackie Paper. The theme of the song revolves around Jackie growing up and leaving Puff behind. It is basically a story about how little kids eventually lose the “magical” part of their imagination as they mature.

A lot of people get their Puff the Magic Dragon tattoos to show that they still do have some of their childhood innocence and are proud of it. If you love having a little bit of childishness in you or you simply miss the easy life that once was, then this could be a fantastic tattoo idea for you. What’s great about this meaning is that you really don’t have to add in any additional symbols or images to make the meaning clear to other people.

Others will get the Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo because it was their favorite song when they were growing up. Millions of people have loved the song over the years, and it has stuck as a favorite for quite a few people. Adding musical notes into the design or having some of the lyrics included in it can be an easy way to make this meaning come through.

Believe it or not, some people will get their Puff the Magic Dragon tattoos because they think that the song is a long reference to smoking marijuana. The theory goes that Puff is in the title to represent smoking, dragon is another word for “draggin’,” and Jackie “Paper” is supposed to represent the papers that the marijuana is rolled in. While this theory has been debunked multiple times over the last couple of decades, some people simply like the way everything lines up.

In most Puff the Magic Dragon tattoos, people will have some version of Puff inked on their skin. People seem to love dragon tattoos, so it just makes sense that Puff is the focal point of most of these designs. He usually has a cartoony look, and most people opt to use one of the images from the cartoon version of the dragon or they come up with their own. This is a good idea for anyone who wants to get a larger tattoo or one that can be used as part of a sleeve design.

A rarer Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo design includes Jackie Paper with the dragon. In these cases Jackie usually represents the owner of the tattoo. In fact, some people will even replace Jackie Paper with a younger version of themselves or one of their kids.

One thing that makes people commit to getting the Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo is because they already wanted to include a dragon in a tattoo. It’s not a good idea to get Puff in the design if you have no connection to the song or the story at all, but if you wanted to get a dragon tattoo without it being too intense and you happened to like Puff, then this could be a good idea for you. Of course, you could always tweak the Puff design to make him a little less innocent if you wanted to.

Another popular version of the Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo is to get some of the well-known lyrics inked on your skin. You can get the whole song if you really want to go all-out, or you can get a part that always hit home for you. If this is your plan, you should find a font or two that you think would make the lyrics look great in the design. With lyrics, you really can choose any font that you want, but that also means it might take some time to find the perfect one for your tattoo.

Of course, there are also some people who combine the images of Puff with the lyrics from the song. These designs are for the biggest fans of Puff and who want to use this design as their primary tattoo. You can be really creative with this type of design; for example, you could have the lyrics going down Puff’s back or you could even have him dancing to them.

What’s pretty great about Puff the Magic Dragon tattoos is that you can pretty easily design them to fit anywhere you want them to. You can make it work as a forearm tattoo, or you can get it blown up to cover your back. Most people choose a size based on how much they want to include in the design and how important it is to them. You can make your design to fit where you need it to go or you can make your design first and then figure out how to make it fit on your body.

Hopefully you now have a more complete understanding of what Puff the Magic Dragon tattoos are and people choose to get them. They aren’t the most popular tattoos in the world, but people who do get them are proud to show that they are fans of the song and the story that it tells. If you think you might want to get a Puff the Magic Dragon tattoo, make sure you come up with a design that you think you will always love and then get a top tattoo artist to do the job for you.

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