Puzzle Piece Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The puzzle piece tattoo is one you have seen more of lately. With the adoption of the symbol of the National Autistic Society, the puzzle piece tattoo has gained a lot of steam as this developmental disorder has impacted more and more people. However, it’s not the only reason someone might have a puzzle piece tattoo.

The connection of puzzle pieces to their connecting partner can mean a lot. In addition, the absence of a puzzle piece from an image can represent something completely different.

In this post we intend to review some of the reasons people would get a puzzle piece tattoo. The puzzle piece might hold a specific meaning to one person while the other person with the puzzle piece tattoo says it symbolizes a completely different idea. In addition to why someone might get this tattoo, we will also discuss the origins of this tattoo as it has attachments to certain disorders specifically, Autism.

We hope that by the end of this post, you have a better understanding of the symbolism behind the puzzle piece tattoo and what it represents for different groups of people.

Puzzle Piece Tattoo Meaning

The puzzle piece tattoo is a strong image to have tattooed on your body. It represents connections between people or a lack thereof. In addition, it represents Autism as it’s the main symbol for the disorder. We will discuss the meaning of the image depending on the context of the tattoo.

Puzzle Piece Tattoo Variations

There are also different variations of the puzzle piece tattoo in addition to the placement of this image. Below we will talk about some of the different variations of this tattoo and what it means to the people with this tattoo.

Autism Puzzle Piece Tattoo

The puzzle piece tattoo is a representation that was adopted by the National Autistic Society and specifically, Gerald Gasson who was a member of the board in 1963. The reason this image was used to represent Autism is because this ailment was a mystery to doctors and parents alike. The National Autistic Society has come a long way as its logo used to be the puzzle piece with a child weeping within the piece. In the ’60s, kids with Autism were considered to have childhood schizophrenia and thought to be psychotic.

We have come a long way since then and have a better understanding of this disorder. They have since changed the logo, but the puzzle piece is still the image that represents Autism.

By definition, Autism is a developmental disorder and has characteristics of trouble with communication and social interaction. In addition, people suffering from Autism act in restricted and repetitive behaviors. It is caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Specific infections while the mother is pregnant can cause a child to be born with Autism.

It has also been found that alcohol, valproic acid and cocaine use during pregnancy can be a cause of Autism. There are still discussions surrounding the environmental causes. Some guesses include the vaccine hypotheses. This has since been disproven since its inception.

There is an estimation that as of 2015, 24.8 million people suffer from Autism in this world. Autism affects boys up to five times more than it affects girls. Diagnosis continues to increase by a percentage every year and we are still unsure why this is happening.

This being said, the puzzle piece tattoo is a way to represent the fight against Autism or to show support for someone close to us who deals with Autism.

Puzzle Piece Love Tattoo

The puzzle piece tattoo is also a way to express love for one another. Whether this is a partner or a best friend, the idea is that the two of you fit together like two puzzle pieces. Now there are many ways we can represent our love for another person. We’ve seen hearts split in two, yin-yang signs and unfinished quotes on each person. However, the puzzle piece seems to portray a message of togetherness.

When working on a puzzle, the image or message isn’t quite complete until all the puzzle pieces are fit together. At this point, the message of the image is conveyed. This can also be said in a friendship or love. One person isn’t complete unless the other person is with them. The puzzle piece tattoo is a fantastic way to represent this bond between two people.

Missing Puzzle Piece Tattoo

In the way two people might use two puzzle pieces to represent their connection to one another, a missing puzzle piece also conveys a strong message. This tells of something missing. One way we have seen this tattoo portrayed is an image of a lost loved one.

Their image was completed in a portrait fashion and made to look like it was a puzzle completed. However, there were a few pieces missing. This could just mean they are missing their loved one or that part of the family is gone so the whole picture will never be fully complete without that person around.

Behind Ear Puzzle Piece Tattoo

When discussing the placement of this tattoo, the puzzle piece image can be put almost anywhere. However, the puzzle piece tends to be a small tattoo which means people like to have it placed in smaller places. One popular place to have a puzzle piece tattoo is behind the ear. This tattoo fits nicely behind the ear and is unique to have a tattoo.

Wrist Puzzle Piece Tattoo

One more place we tend to see this tattoo is on the wrist. The wrist is also a smaller spot and tends to be a popular choice for people who want to have smaller tattoos but convey a strong message. In many cases, you will see a single puzzle piece when getting it placed on the wrist or behind the ear.

That being said, these aren’t the only places to have the puzzle piece tattoo inked. In addition, there are other meanings behind this tattoo if you were to ask everyone who has it. However, we hope that by reading this you have a better idea of some of the symbolism behind this powerful image and that it has helped you make up your mind about getting a tattoo.

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