Realism Tattoo Artist Memphis

Here a few of our favorite realism tattoo artists in Memphis. If you’d like to see more artists in the Memphis area, click here

Jake Meeks Realism Tattoo Artist 1Jake Meeks Realism Tattoo Artist 2

Jake Meeks


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About Jake:

Jake is a tattoo artist that can handle most any style you ask of him. He is extremely proficient in realism tattoos and does large scale pieces to perfection.

Jake grew up like many tattoo artists drawing and painting. He always had an interest in the arts which led him to the Memphis College of Art as he studied to be a painting major. He has been tattooing for over 15 years and hasn’t slowed down. Since then, Jake started the Fireside Tattoo Network.

The Fireside tattoo network is an all in one resource for tattoo artists. This business offers online courses for tattoo artists that range from the basics of tattooing to the more intricate details that you need to know as an artist. If what you’re looking for is about techniques, you can find an online courses. His site also provides a podcast in which Jake interviews tattoo artists and businesses that impact the tattoo industry.

So not only does Jake provide a very important service to artists everywhere, he is a very talented tattoo artist. Go see Jake if you are looking for a realism tattoo that will look great for years to come. You are guaranteed to get a wonderful tattoo in a safe and clean environment.

Briana Walker Realism Tattoo Artist 1Briana Walker Realism Tattoo Artist 2

Briana Walker


About Briana Walker:

If you are looking for a tattoo artist that will give a great realistic tattoo, you should consider Briana Walker. She is one of our favorite realism tattoo artists in the area and she will give you a piece that you will be proud of for many years.

Briana was an artist since preschool. The love of drawing and painting started there and grew as she got older and studied art in college. This led to a career in tattooing and painting in which she does both very well.

To say that Briana can only handle realism tattoos would be selling her short. If you visit her Instagram page you will see that she can handle a number of styles and is also very proficient in new school tattoos. The colors that she uses just pop and make her tattoos really stand out when compared to other artists.

She is now the owner of her own studio. Here you can count on a fun and safe place to get your next tattoo. You can choose many people to get a realistic tattoo from, but we suggest at least sitting down with Briana. Take a look at her work and then decide. It speaks for itself.

Carlos Balladares Realism Tattoo Artist 1Carlos Balladares Realism Tattoo Artist 2

Carlos Balladares


About Carlos:

Carlos excels in realism tattooing along with many other styles. One of the reasons we love his work so much is because he is so versatile. From color scenes to black and grey portraits, Carlos can do it all.

Carlos has been tattooing for over 12 years. Not only is he an accomplished tattoo artist but he also paints and draws. If you are looking for a realistic tattoo, make sure you give Carlos a ring.

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