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Royal Jafarov


About Royal:

Royal works out of a private studio where he is focused on doing great work for his clients instead of promoting himself. This is the sign of a great artist and one you should be waiting in line for.

Royal is an extremely talented tattoo artist that does some of his best work in the realism realm. However, this doesn’t mean it is his only specialty. Royal can do it all. The Russian born tattoo artist has been tattooing in the United States since 2011 and he has been making beautiful tattoos ever since. Not only does he thrive in the creating realism tattoos, Royal really enjoys doing abstract tattoos as well. He’s a fan of the change of pace and his creative mind is allowed to run wild.

Royal is known for bringing fresh ideas to the table. From conceptual paintings to optical illusions, as long as the client has an open mind, Royal will take care of it.

Ronen Bichacho


About Ronen:

Ronen has been making beautiful tattoos for over 20 years and hasn’t slowed down one bit. He loves working in color and black and grey. He also happens to be a really talented realism tattoo artist. Don’t pigeon hole Ronen as only a realism artist as he loves to work in many styles. Ronen can do it all and he loves when his clients join in the creative process. As far as we’re concerned, any artist that works so closely with the customer has our vote of confidence.

Ronen has worked with some of the best and you can see it in his work. We suggest reaching out well before you are ready as the line might be long. Ronen offers a safe and professional environment where he will make your vision of the perfect tattoo come true. Believe us when we say that you will now be disappointed when you get a tattoo from Ronen Bichacho.

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