Rebel Alliance Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Fans of Star Wars are well known for having tattoos representing the different aspects of the movies. There are hundreds of symbols that can be tattooed on the body depending on what your favorite character is or your favorite group. There isn’t much stronger show of allegiance than to have one of these characters or symbols inked on your body and many people are on the side of the Rebel Alliance.

The Rebel Alliance is also known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic. This fighter group was born from the resistance to the Empire and their main objective was to restore the ideas of the Old Republic.

Fans of the show would most likely recognize the symbol but for most of us, it just looks like a cool symbol. Also known as the Alliance Starbird, it is the insignia of the Rebel Alliance. You might see this logo on the helmets of Rebel pilots which were worn during the Galactic Civil War. Not only does this logo represent the fighters trying to defeat the Empire, but it also looks great when inked by the fans of the hit movie series.

In this article, we will go over the meaning of the Rebel Alliance tattoo and the meaning behind it. We’ll also talk about the Rebels and their cause. The symbolism of this cause has led many to get the tattoo representing them. We hope that by the end of this post, you have a better understanding of the Alliance Starbird symbol and what it stands for.

About the Rebel Alliance Symbol

The Rebel Alliance tattoo can also be called the Alliance Starbird tattoo. This symbol was based on the family crest of the Marek family. The symbol was said to be adopted to honor Galen Marek. He was Darth Vader’s apprentice at one time and he sacrificed himself to protect the Alliance founders. There is still debate about where this symbol came from as some still believe it was taken from the Old Republic.

It is also described as the rising phoenix as it looks similar. It represents the rise of the Republic from the ashes of the Galactic Empire that the Alliance swore to destroy. In most cases, you will see the Starbird in colors associated with burning or fire. You might see this tattoo inked in red, blue, yellow, gray or black.

As the Alliance transitioned to the New Republic, the logo was kept as the main image representing the new government.

This symbol was ultimately used as an insignia for many government groups including the Alliance of the Free Planets, the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Alliance Remnant to name a few. In addition, the Old Jedi Order symbol was very similar to the Starbird.

Rebel Alliance Tattoo Meaning

Outside of the obvious meaning of this symbol and the loyalty to the rebel cause, the Rebel Alliance tattoo can also represent traits and meanings that are relevant today.

The Rebel Alliance fought against the evil empire for what was right and just. In times like these, it seems there aren’t many people fighting for the little people. It feels like the big government is taking over and we don’t have much say in it. A Rebel Alliance tattoo symbolizes the fight and hope for a better future. By having the Rebel Alliance tattoo, you are letting the world know that you are a Star Wars fan but that you also will stand up against the people who are oppressing you.

The symbol, representative of the rising phoenix, tells a story of rising from the ashes. The Rebel Alliance tattoo also symbolizes a change in your life or a new beginning. By donning this image on your body, you can tell the world the new ‘you’ is here and you have come from dark places to be free again.

Rebel Alliance Tattoo Variations

When getting the Rebel Alliance tattoo, you can decide on some unique ways to have it tattooed onto your body. At the bottom of this article, we have shared some different pictures of the Rebel Alliance tattoo to give you an idea of some different ways to get it done. We also discuss a couple of different ways we have seen this image tattoo as well.

Rebel Alliance Symbol

One way to get the Rebel Alliance tattoo is the simple insignia itself. You might have it represented in colors of fire, just like the phoenix, or use some of the colors you might have seen it displayed while watching Star Wars. The Alliance Starbird is already a really cool-looking symbol, so some might want to keep it as is and not mess up a good thing. If you want to keep the message the same as in the movie, you can’t go wrong with the simple Starbird insignia.

Rebel Alliance Symbol with Star Wars Images

One of the more fun ways we have seen the Rebel Alliance symbol tattooed is with other images of the Star Wars franchise incorporated into the symbol. One way, we have seen this tattoo done in this way is with a Star Wars character worked into the symbol. You might see R2-D2 in the background of the image or the Millennium Falcon flying through the sky. To do this kind of tattoo is a really creative way to add depth to the tattoo and let everyone know what characters might be your favorite.

Whatever method or style of the Rebel Alliance tattoo you plan on getting, we suggest taking your time and making sure the artist or shop you will be working with has done some tattoos in the style you were hoping to get. Rushing into a tattoo is a bad idea and something you can potentially regret doing for many years going forward.

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