Redemption Tattoo Aftercare is a tattoo skincare product that can be used during the tattooing process as well as after to help with the healing process. The company is one of the few USDA approved products that does not contain any petroleum-based ingredients, ensuring that it is safe for sensitive skin. Used by the tattoo artists during tattooing, Redemption Tattoo gel will work to soothe the skin, replacing the petroleum jelly that is still used by many artists and tattoo shops. The gel helps create a more comfortable tattooing experience by moisturizing the skin and reducing the pain and soreness that is felt during healing. It doubles as an aftercare product as well, maintaining the skin’s moisture to aid against over-drying and the scarring it may lead to. The product can also be used before receiving tattoos to keep the skin soft and smooth, giving the tattoo artist a supple canvas to work on.

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All of the ingredients used in Redemption Tattoo Aftercare products are 100% organic and suitable for sensitive skin and those concerned with using non-organic substances. The first ingredient listed is castor oil, a by-product of castor beans. In addition, coconut oil, sunflower oil, calendula oil, and glycerin derived from vegetables are used with arrowroot powder, rosemary, beeswax, and vitamin E to create an all natural product. The gel is hypoallergenic and naturally fragranced by its organic ingredients.

Redemption Tattoo Aftercare does not carry a large variety of products in their skincare and aftercare line because their tattoo gel is effective for all tattooing needs. Highly reviewed by artists and clients alike, the lubricant boasts impressive results in healing, reducing itchiness, and maintaining the ink’s vibrancy. The triple-use product is manufactured in the United States and sold all over the country through various retailers and tattoo shops. It can also be purchased online by individuals and artists.