Redwood Tree Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

When we think of trees, we think of your average maple or oak tree. We might even think of some fruit-bearing trees like apple trees and lemon trees. We might also think of the cherry blossom which has a great deal of symbolism in Asian cultures. However, when I think of the redwood tree, I feel like this is the king of all trees.

This monstrosity of a tree can average eight to twenty feet in diameter and grow as tall as almost 400 feet. That just happens to be taller than the Statue of Liberty if anyone is counting. These trees are amazing and very old as well. These trees also grow very old and only get bigger in time.

With all this history, it is no surprise the redwood tree tattoo is a popular choice amongst tattoo enthusiasts. Something so old and magnificent must be symbolic in many ways. The redwood tree tattoo meaning varies depending on who you talk to but there are a few traits that always seem to stay.

In this post, we will talk about the redwood tree and the meaning behind the redwood tree tattoo. The redwood is a beautiful-looking tree and it’s hard to imagine there are trees that are this big or old, however, the redwood fits that bill. We hope by the end of this post you will feel more informed when talking about the redwood and feel a little more comfortable when you get your very own redwood tree tattoo.

About the Redwood Tree

We wanted to go through some interesting information about the redwood tree, so you might understand the fascination with this wonderful tree.

These trees have been around since prehistoric times and used to be found all over the world. However, today you will only find these trees in parts of Northern California, a remote valley in China and a strip of land in the Sierra Nevada mountains. In all the world, these are the only places you can see the redwood tree.

Where these trees grow to their fullest potential is unique. The redwood trees used to grow everywhere on the planet but in order to grow to their maximum size, they need two things. First is to have the temperature be between 50 and 60 degrees and secondly, they rely heavily on the coastal fogs they get in Northern California. These fogs allow the upper needles to take the moisture out of the air at the highest points of the tree. These spots cannot be reached by the tree’s circulation system.

The redwood also has a bark that can be up to a foot thick. This bark is used as a heat shield when there are wildfires and protects the tree from damage. The wood of the redwood tree is also distasteful to almost all tree pests like carpenter ants and termites. This is why people used to use redwood as the first layer of boards in a wall. The pests wouldn’t go through them.

In addition to being tough against fires, the redwood tree also survives rising soil levels from flood deposits. Unlike most trees, when the soil level rises, the redwood tree grows new root systems to compensate. Soil levels had been seen as rising 30 feet on a 1,200-year-old redwood and the redwood had seven layers of roots to compensate for that.

The redwood tree also sprouts shoots out after it has fallen so it is not uncommon to see new redwoods growing out of another fallen redwood.

This tree is durable and refuses to die which leads us to the symbolism of the redwood tree tattoo.

Redwood Tree Tattoo Symbolism

The redwood tree is said to symbolize the idea of forever and survival. Therefore, the redwood tree tattoo would lead you to believe the same thing. Those who have the redwood tree tattoo on their body want to portray the idea of forever in their life. This tattoo can be incorporated into another image to boost the message or it might be the tree itself.

Because of the durability and toughness of this tree, the redwood tree tattoo also symbolizes making it through tough times. This tattoo is a constant reminder that you went through hard times and you refused to give in. It is a great reminder to stay strong in the face of adversity and to never give up.

Redwood Tree Tattoo Variations

We have seen a few variations of the redwood tree tattoo. It’s a very basic symbol in that it is a large tree. However, we have seen other images incorporated into the redwood tree tattoo that might make it represent other ideas.

Single Redwood Tree Tattoo

The single redwood tree tattoo is a popular one for fans of the tree. When placing this tattoo, it looks great on a forearm or running up the back of your calf. This variation of the redwood tree tattoo is probably what you would expect it to look like. A single redwood tattooed on the body. Remember the placement is important for this image as it is much longer than it is wide so pick places where it flows with your body.

Redwood Forest Tattoo

The redwood forest tattoo is another image that is chosen when getting the redwood tree tattoo. They say that redwoods hold a great deal of wisdom as some of these trees live to be about 5,000 years old. It is also said that if you listen close enough in a forest, you can hear the trees communicating. The redwood forest tattoo represents the wisdom of the forest and these old and wise trees.

The redwood tree tattoo seems simple but it stands out. You might think this is an easy tattoo to have inked but don’t let this fool you. You might want to look for an artist with experience in tattooing nature images.

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