Refuse To Sink Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are quite a few motivational tattoo designs out there, but most people will agree that the different types of refuse-to-sink tattoos are right up there near the top of the list. These are generally pretty simple designs, but they are extremely meaningful to their owners.

If you see someone with one of these designs, you will know that they are fighters and they are not willing to let anything knock them down for too long. If you’re thinking about getting a refuse-to-sink tattoo, this page should help you decide if this is the right tattoo idea for you.

I refuse to sink tattoos are most commonly designed with anchors and perhaps the literal text somewhere around the anchors. The anchor symbolizes the owner’s boat (i.e. life) is “above water” thanks to their courage and determination. The anchors are often the focal points of these tattoos, though they don’t have to be.

Many people also opt to dress their anchors and text up a bit to make them more unique. Some put flowers on them, while others will add hearts or they’ll make the anchors look very aged. Some of the extra images add even more meaning to the refuse-to-sink tattoos, but some are just there to enhance the core meaning of the design.

A very cool I refuse to sink tattoo design has the anchor actually attached to one of the words in the quote. This is especially popular in I refuse to sink designs that have cursive text. The final curved line on the letter K can form the chain that attaches to the anchor at the bottom of the tattoo.

Don’t think that an anchor has to be the image you use with the I refuse to sink tattoo because there are plenty more that can be substituted. For example, some people use hot air balloons as their main image and it works just as well as the anchor. The anchor just happens to be the “classic” image that has been used with this quote for decades, but it absolutely does not have to be included in your I refuse to sink tattoo.

I refuse to sink tattoos work extremely well as wrist tattoos. Since this is a motivational design, it’s not surprising that some folks opt to place it on their wrists so they have a constant reminder to keep trudging forward no matter how tough life gets. The wrist is one of the better places to get this tattoo if you want to just get the words without any additional elements.

Similarly, the refuse-to-sink tattoo also works quite well on the foot or on the ankle. You can have the words wrapping around your ankle, or you could put them across the side of your foot. You can even combine the two by having the words wrap around the ankle with an anchor dropping down the side of your foot. Just like with every other type of I refuse to sink tattoo, you can be as creative as you want with your own design.

The I refuse to sink tattoo also works quite well on the collarbone. This is a great place to get the design if you just want to use the text alone or you want to use a very small anchor design next to the text. The quote itself is quite short, so it should be legible no matter what type of font you use in this very cool collarbone tattoo.

Some people have the anchor act as a ”weight” in their refuse to sink tattoo by having it pull the words down their bodies. This works great as a shoulder tattoo, with the anchor pulling the words down from the shoulder towards the chest area. It also works quite well as a vertical leg tattoo. The words in these designs can be vertically aligned or they can be turned sideways.

Before you commit to any type of refuse to sink tattoo design, you’ll want to think about how large you want it to be. That will help you figure out what will be included in the design and how it will be shaped. If you know that you will want a very large anchor in your tattoo, then you might want to put it on your back or on your stomach. If you want a smaller design, then you will need to find a place on your body where the lines of the design work well with the natural lines of your body.

Another thing that you’ll want to think about with the refuse to sink tattoo is how big you want the anchor to be if you decide to include it in the design. Is it going to be the focal point of the tattoo or do you want it to simply blend in with the text? You’ll want to think about this because a good artist will be able to make the images you want to stand out more in the design. Don’t make the mistake of mixing multiple elements into your refuse to sink tattoo only to regret not having one be more prominent than the others.

You will also want to think long and hard about the font that you will use with the text. Most people do want the text itself to be the focal point of their refuse to sink tattoos, so it’s vital that the font makes it pop off of the skin in the best of ways. There are plenty of great resources around the web that you can use to find fonts that might be perfect for your tattoo.

As you can see, there are plenty of great ways to get your refuse to sink tattoo designed. Just be sure that you take your time with it and work with a tattoo artist who can make it look fantastic on your skin. This is one of those tattoos that is rarely regretted, so chances are you will love having it for the rest of your life.

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