Rhino Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

With all the different animals in the world, there is probably one out there that is really symbolic of the kind of person you are or the kind you aspire to be. When we think of really popular choices for animal tattoos, we think of lions, gorillas, and butterflies.

One animal that we don’t see a lot of in terms of being tattooed is the rhino and we aren’t sure why. This is such a unique animal that is very symbolic in history and even today.

The rhino tattoo has started to pick up steam as of late and we are happy to see that because the rhino is a very symbolic animal and it looks great when it is tattooed by the right artist. The rhino or Rhinoceros is a large mammal with a huge horn on its face. This makes the rhino very intimidating and this has a lot to do with the symbolism of the rhino. However, you might be surprised at some of the other meanings behind the rhino tattoo.

In this post, we are going to talk about the rhino and the characteristics that make the rhino the animal that it is. We will also delve into the rhino tattoo meaning and talk about how people choose to think of the symbolism of the rhino in different ways. Finally, we will talk about some of the cool variations of the rhino tattoo so we can help give you a better idea of ways you can have the rhino tattooed on your body. We hope you enjoy the post and learn a little bit about the rhino.

About Rhinos

In order to understand the meaning behind the rhino tattoo, we should talk about the rhino and some of the characteristics attributed to these majestic creatures so we can understand how they live.

There are a total of five rhinoceros species on this planet. In Africa you have got the white rhino and black rhino and, in the swamps, and tropical forests of Asia you’ve got the Javan, Indian and Sumatran rhino. Of all these different rhinos, they are known for one main thing. That is the giant horn that comes out of their snouts. This is where they get the name rhinoceros. ‘Rhinoceros’ means ‘nose horn’. The Sumatran, black and white rhinos have two horns while the Indian and Javan rhinos have just one giant horn.

Rhinos are huge! In fact, they are some of the biggest animals on the planet. The white rhino is the biggest of the bunch and they can weigh up to 5,500 pounds and be over 10 feet tall. As big as they are, they could kill many animals for food, however, these majestic beasts are herbivores and instead of killing prey, they would rather graze on plants and grass at all times of the day.

Just like elephants, rhinos can get really hot under the sun and they love to use the mud as a sort of sunblock. If they aren’t hiding out in the shade, they will be moving around in muddy waters trying to cover themselves with mud so they don’t have to endure the heat.

While most rhinos are solitary animals, the white rhino might live in groups called ‘crashes’. The crash is usually made up of the female of a group and all of her calves. You might see adult females together sometimes but that is less common. On the other hand, the males (or bulls) like to be left alone unless they are breeding.

Like many other animals, the rhino is extremely territorial. If you are wondering how they mark their territory, it is with their feces. Because each pile of dung that a rhino leaves is unique to that animal, it is a way to communicate to other males about the territory they are stepping in.

Even though they don’t like to spend time with each other, the Oxpecker (or tick bird) is known to spend a lot of time with the male rhino. They have an equal relationship in that the bird is able to eat because it takes all the parasites off the rhino, and the rhino gets clean skin and warnings of potential danger as well.

Rhino Tattoo Meaning

The rhino tattoo is a really symbolic image on top of being really cool. First of all, the rhino tattoo symbolizes a gentle spirit. They rarely attack other animals and if they wanted to, they would hurt almost anything that got in its way. The rhino spends almost all of its days eating and relaxing. If you are the kind of person who looks tough on the outside but is actually a sweetie, the rhino tattoo might be the one for you as people might misjudge you based on how you look

The rhino tattoo also symbolizes strength. The rhino isn’t aggressive but if you cross this animal, you will wish you hadn’t. Other males that step into the territory of another male might feel that wrath as well.

Protection is another characteristic of the rhino tattoo as they will protect their territory with their lives. Outside of these battles, the rhino is a peaceful animal and will rarely get into fights.

The rhino tattoo also symbolizes power and agility. For a giant animal, the rhino can move! These animals are extremely powerful and can move their body at a fast clip. As a matter of fact, the rhino can reach speeds of up to 35 mph. Being hit by a rhino at full speed is like being hit by a semi-truck.

Another meaning of the rhino tattoo is deceptiveness. This isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing. It just is. People with the rhino tattoo might have it because they can appear to be nice and calm people, but when push comes to shove, they can be really dangerous if somebody upsets them.

Rhino Tattoo Variations

As far as variations go, the rhino is tattooed in many ways. Whether it is new school, realism, ripped skin, or traditional, the rhino is very recognizable so you have no problems figuring out what the tattoo is.

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