Rocket Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Ever since the invention of the rocket, we humans have been amazed and mystified by such creations. A vehicle that is literally launched into the unknown depths of outer space has, and always will, baffles us people of planet Earth. The rocket was not originally intended to be shot off into space, however.

The invention of the rocket dates back as far as the medieval Chinese Song dynasty in the 13th century. This was adopted by the Mongols and was used as a weapon during the Mongol invasions of the Middle East and Europe.

The name ‘rocket’ itself comes from the Italian word ‘rocchetta’. Rocchetta translates to ‘little spindle’ or ‘bobbin’, this was because of the similarities in looks between a sewing needle, and a rocket. From the Mongols to the Chinese, to the Europeans, Middle Eastern, and Britains, the concept of the rocket blasted off. It now seemed that every military had its very own rockets to use in times of war.

Rocket launch pads were invented so that the soldiers could light off up to six rockets at a time. As time progressed, the technology did as well. Studies on rockets were becoming constant, almost as if a race was to be won by whoever was able to make the most outstanding and deadliest rocket out there.

In the 1940’s, a man by the name of Robert Goddard published a novel about how improvements to rocket technology could be established. This book was called ‘A Method of Reaching Extreme Altitudes’. Goddard attached a supersonic nozzle to the combustion chamber of a rocket running on liquid propellant. Doing this, it turned the hot gas from the combustion chamber into a cooler, jet of gas when the nozzles were turned on. This jet of gas is so powerful, it is able to blast the rocket into the sky at very far distances.

During the 1960’s ‘Cold War’ the Soviet Union and the United States were at a race to see who could build the best rocket and who could be the first country to step foot on the moon. This opened a whole new era for space exploration and inventive rocket technology. Within this article will be different rocket tattoo designs, placement, and the meaning behind the rocket tattoo.

Rocket Tattoo Designs

Rockets since the beginning of their existence have accumulated many different designs and forms. This being said, if you are deciding on a rocket tattoo, it is best to look into these different designs to pick and choose which one or which ones you like the best. Narrow down every design and then you can start working on a graphic for this tattoo piece.

Alien Joyride

Many rocket tattoos are done in a cartoony format. Surrounded by background imagery such as planets, stars, other galaxies and alien/alien-like creatures. Why not add all the elements and create a graphic of an alien riding on the rocket blasting through time and space? It seems that no matter what kind of image you come up with for a rocket tattoo, you can never go wrong.

Preparing for Lift-Off

A rocket tattoo such as one blasting through space is a cool concept, but when looking at this piece, it always seems to symbolize and give out a unique vibe. A tattoo such as this could signify that you are a spiritual, adventurous, progressive, individual with a little sense of humor. Perhaps you want the rocket tattoo, but instead of it flying and floating through space, it is preparing to lift off with a blaze of smoke and fire encompassing the rocket, giving it the effect of the rocket launching off, preparing its journey into the unknown. More than often, these tattoos are colored brightly, adding to the cartoony style.

Lost in Space

The crashing rocket tattoo is one that is not actually seen very frequently in the rocket tattoo community, but it gives the rocket tattoo concept a whole new outlook. The image is merely a rocket ship that appears to have crashed down on an unknown planet. Different forms of shrubbery and alien-like plant matter could be whipping up in vines wrapping around fallen rocket making sure it is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Unlike most rocket tattoos, drawn and colored with cartoony flash, this tattoo graphic concept would even look great in just black ink. This can give off the vibe of being doomed, lost in space or crashed on an unknown planet with nowhere to go. A piece such as this could possibly take up a good portion of space. The arms, especially the upper arm would make a great place to have this inked.

The All Seeing Eye

The all-seeing eye drawn upon the tattoo of a rocket is a tattoo that can signify and mean much more than perceived. It is the all-seeing eye or the eye of providence. This eye is the symbol of God watching over all of humanity. Having the tattoo inside the frame of a rocket would be a creative concept. Since the eye represents God watching over all of humanity, it only makes perfect sense to get a tattoo of this incorporated with the rocket, soaring through outer space, perhaps with even the Earth in the distance.

A tattoo such as this could easily be just a black ink piece, but adding color always makes the tattoo pop out more. Even if you do not want an image of the Earth in the background, the ‘all-seeing eye’ is still a unique concept to have decorating your rocket tattoo. It brings a whole new light to the subject other than being lost in outer space, it depicts hope and faith through the entire solar system.

With all of this said, the rocket tattoo is one that is fun and interesting to get tattooed. Almost all tattoo artists can tell you that they either have done a rocket tattoo on someone before or that they have always wanted to give the rocket tattoo a try. Either way, this tattoo makes for a great conversation starter and connection with others who have a love for sci-fi type of art!

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