Rose Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

When looking for a great tattoo with a lot of meaning and a plethora of options, the floral tattoo is the way to go. The key to finding the right floral tattoo is to find the meanings of the different flowers and find out what means the most to you.

Find out which flower symbolizes the kind of person you are or the kind of person you want to be. The great thing about the flower is that you will find something that represents the traits you possess. In this case, you have come here to find the meaning of a specific flower and that one is the rose.

The tattoo of the rose is very meaningful to many people. And we want to make sure you get a good idea about the rose tattoo meaning and what it symbolizes for those that have this tattoo. In this post we will talk about the symbolism of the rose tattoo and also review some of the different variations of the rose tattoo. By the end of this post we hope you have a better understanding of what the rose tattoo means and give you the boost you need to get your very own rose tattoo.

The rose has been a popular tattoo choice leading back as far as the 1930s. They can be used to symbolize many things, including love, femininity, sacrifice and even death. While there were few rose designs to choose from back in the day, these days people can choose from a number of rose tattoo designs and quite a few rose tattoo meanings.

Rose Tattoo Meaning

Sailors often used a rose to honor a wife, girlfriend or mother to bring them peace while they were out at sea. In this way, the rose tattoo symbolized a very specific type of love. Even though this rose tattoo meaning isn’t used quite as often as it used to be, some modern sailors still get the rose tattoo, though usually with another tattoo design or two surrounding it.

The rose has also been linked to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Legend has it that a rose bush grew from a pool of her lover Adonis’ blood and that the white blooms were turned red when she pricked her finger on their thorns. In this instance the rose symbolized a love that can withstand time and death.

Someone who is a big fan of mythology and wants a tattoo to symbolize love won’t be able to find a better tattoo design than the rose. Some people who do want this mix of meanings might actually decide to get a rose tattoo with an Aphrodite tattoo inside or around it.

The rose is also considered a symbol of balance in tarot. The belief is that this flower expresses new beginnings and hope, which is in contrast to the thorns that represent loss and defense. This is an excellent rose tattoo meaning since just about everyone wants some type of balance in their lives. IT’s the type of tattoo design a person can look at and realize that good things are right around the corner when they are going through tough times.

The number of petals on each flower is said to have a strong tie to numerology (the belief that numbers are tied to relationships or events). Examples of this are the belief in art that 8 petals meant rebirth and alchemy linking a rose with 7 petals to be a symbol of inclusion and order. When someone gets a rose tattoo, it is a good idea to think amount the meaning behind the number of pedals to add even more meaning to the tattoo.

Rose Color Meanings

Roses come in a variety of colors, and it is said that different color roses have different meanings:

Yellow Rose Tattoo

Yellow stands for happiness, which is why it is one of the most popular rose tattoo colors. This rose tattoo can either be on someone who is a very positive person, or it can be on someone who wants more happiness in their life.

White Rose Tattoo

White roses symbolize purity and youth, which is why it is more common for a younger person to get a white rose tattoo. Of course, someone who wants to remain young at heart could get a white rose to give themselves a constant reminder to be adventurous.

Red Rose Tattoo

Red roses, the most popular of all, represent a true, passionate love and can also stand for sacrifice. The majority of the rose tattoos you’ll see are red since they are one of the most classic symbols for love.

Pink Rose Tattoo

Pink roses signify gentleness and elegance. As you might expect, someone who is very “ladylike” might be a great candidate for a pink rose tattoo.

Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue roses represent fantasy or the impossible. In some cases, people will use just one of these two blue rose tattoo meanings, but some will see them as two halves of a whole.

Black Rose Tattoo

Black roses have come to stand for death and darkness. A person who has lost a loved one will often get a black rose tattoo to remember them. Those who just want their black rose tattoos to represent darkness will sometimes use other images, such as skulls, to make the meaning more obvious.

Orange Rose Tattoo

Orange roses exude excitement and a zest for life. The most adventurous people might be good candidates for orange rose tattoos. What’s great about this color is that the meaning often hits people right away when they see it.

Peach Rose Tattoo

Peach roses represent friendship, which is something that many people don’t know. A peach rose tattoo is a great design idea for two people who want to get matching rose tats. It stands out from other rose tattoos and it is definitely unique.

Purple Rose Tattoo

Purple rose tattoos represent enchantment or love at first sight. Some people decide to get red and purple roses in their tattoo to cover all of the “love” meanings, but it’s not extremely unusual to see someone with just purple roses.

Rose Tattoo Variations

Whether the rose is alone in a tattoo or it is paired with another image, this tattoo has a great deal of meaning. Below are a few examples of different rose tattoo variations and what they mean.

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The meaning of the watercolor rose lines up with the symbolism of the rose. The only difference is the style of this tattoo and the watercolor leaves little to be desired as far as being aesthetically pleasing. The watercolor blends beautifully with the rose and looks very fitting for a natural flower tattoo. The whimsical feel of the watercolor style just gives you the feeling of beauty.

Rose and Skull Tattoo

The rose and skull tattoo is a popular tattoo and symbolizes both sides of the spectrum. The beauty of life with the rose and the finality of death. You get a bit of both in this tattoo which is represented in this tattoo. In addition, some have told us that death can be beautiful so the rose with this image is a way to represent the beautiful parts of passing on to the next life.

Rose and Music Note Tattoo

The rose and music note tattoo are common with music lovers. From the people we’ve talked to with this tattoo tell us a story of the beauty of music. Music lovers want to show how they feel about music and what better way than to have a rose tattooed with this to symbolize the beauty of the music and the love they have for it.

Whether it be one of the options outlined above or something totally different the most important choice when selecting a rose tattoo is what it means to you.

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