Sak Yant Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Many people who see a Sak Yant tattoo will want one simply because it looks amazing, but it’s very important that you learn what they mean before you commit to getting one.

The truth is that the Sak Yant style takes years, sometimes decades, to perfect, so it’s definitely not for everyone and it can be pretty tough to find someone who has mastered this style.

On this page, we will take a look at what Sak Yant tattoos are and some of the meanings that are attached to them.

Before we get into Sak Yant tattoos and their meanings, we should take a second to learn about the words “Sak” and “Yant” first. Sak is actually another word for tattoo, while Yant in English means “instrument” or “machine.” No, those are not deep meanings, but they were never meant to be. The fact is that Sak Yant tattoos are simply tattoo designs originating in a specific region (Thailand in this case).

Sak Yant tattoos are a collection of ancient Sacred Geometry designs that originated in Thailand and are still made there today. Each design is perfectly put together in a way that simply makes sense to our brains while also drawing us in. There are thousands of different Sak Yant tattoo designs that can be made, but the one thing that they always share is flawless line work and deep, personal meanings.

Classically, all Sak Yant tattoos were created by Buddhist monks, though that is not necessary in the modern world. In fact, Buddhists picked up the tradition while traveling and spreading their teachings, so the tattoos did not actually start with them, they just picked up the style along their travels. That being said, the Sak Yant tattoo style is now completely integrated into the Buddhist world, so it is known as a Buddhist tattoo.

In today’s world, some people still seek out Sak Yant monks to give them their Sak Yant tattoos to make the experience and the tattoo itself that much more meaningful. Obviously, this makes getting one of these cool tattoos a bit of a mission for anyone who wants the authentic product, but that can also make the experience and the tattoo itself that much more special.

If you do want to go this route, you might be lucky enough to have an experienced Sak Yant tattoo artist in your area, but you might have to make travel plans to get an authentic Sak Yant tattoo.

The fact is that Sak Yant tattoos are Buddhist tattoos, though non-Buddhists will sometimes get them for their spiritual meanings and their attractive looks. In these cases, it’s important to respect the history and the culture where these designs were made in the past and where they’re still made today. As long as you do find significant meaning in one of these designs, though, you shouldn’t hesitate to get one.

One of the most popular Sak Yant tattoos is the Four-Sided Yant, which symbolizes the four elements of the world. These designs are made to celebrate life itself. They actually hold the exact same meanings as all other cultures’ tattoo designs that symbolize the four elements of the earth, though the designs themselves are definitely unique.

For those looking for a Sak Yant tattoo that honors Buddha himself, a very popular design to get is the Onk Pra. This is one of the smallest Sak Yant symbols, yet it is extremely meaningful to people who get it. It is made up of the “three ovals of Buddha,” with one small oval (the head) on top of two slightly larger ovals. Some people fill these ovals in with text or other symbols, while others will keep the design as simple as possible. This can work quite well as a wrist or forearm tattoo, though it can also be enlarged to fit anywhere else on the body.

The meanings of Sak Yant tattoos not only have to do with the symbols inside of the designs but also the number of lines within the design. Each line represents magical spells that connect the owner to Buddha. Though more lines don’t equal a closer connection to Buddha, they do represent different wishes the owner has.

One common line used in Sak Yant tattoos is used for good luck, while another can represent cleaning out bad spirits and protection. These lines are drawn in rows and in a specific order since they are supposed to be received in that order. Most people end up getting the full five-line Sak Yant design, but it really comes down to what you want your tattoo to say. Obviously, it’s very important to know all of these meanings before committing to any type of Sak Yant tattoo.

The Sak Yant tattoo style itself requires a lot of training, so you really can’t just walk into a local tattoo shop and hope that they can make these designs. You could find an image and hand it to your local artist, but just recognize that you are not going to be getting the genuine article.

If you want to go all out and get an authentic Sak Yant tattoo, we highly recommend seeking out someone who is training in this style so you can be sure that you are getting an accurate design. With that being said, it is completely okay to have your local artist do the work if what really matters to you are the meanings attached to the design.

The Sak Yant tattoo certainly isn’t for everyone, but those who do choose to get one will end up with a very attractive design filled with plenty of spiritual meaning. It’s one of the oldest tattooing styles around today, and what’s great is that none of the key meanings used with these tattoos have changed since they were first created.

Just be sure that you learn all of the meanings attached to the lines of these Sak Yant tattoos and then find a tattoo artist who can make it look amazing on your skin.

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