Salvador Dali Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Many love to get tattoos but when getting them, the decision on what to get always comes to the forefront. Many times there are images or phrases that seem to fit the bill. However, many people choose to get the artwork of their favorite artist tattooed on their bodies.

This way, there is no guesswork. The tattoo will look just like the painting you love and then you get to see this piece of art on your body every day.

The question becomes; which piece of art do I want on my body? You might get the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. Maybe you were thinking of getting the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. You might have also considered one of the many works by Pablo Picasso. However, in this post, we will be talking about one of the most famous artists of all time.

His name is Salvador Dali and he has long been a favorite for art fans everywhere. Not only do people love to look at his work but people are now getting his work tattooed on their bodies. The Salvador Dali tattoo is always a great choice for those interested in the abstract.

In this post, we will talk about Salvador Dali and who he was. In addition, we will talk about some of his famous works that have been turned into tattoos. By the end of this post, we hope you feel more acquainted with Salvador Dali and his more popular works. You may even consider getting your own Salvador Dali tattoo when all is said and done.

About Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali was born in 1904 and lived until 1989. He was a Spanish surrealist well-known for his artwork. He might also be well known for his hair and that long, thin mustache.

Dali was a very talented draftsman and was well known for his bizarre and striking images in his surrealist work. His skills as a painter were influenced by the masters of the Renaissance. Dali is probably most famous for his work called, The Persistence of Memory which was finished in August of 1931. His repertoire as an artist included his endeavors in sculpture, film and photography.

Dali was a highly creative and imaginative person who also enjoyed indulging in grandiose and unusual behavior. To the irritation of his critics and those who loved his artwork, Dali’s actions in public tended to sometimes draw more attention than his artwork.

Salvador Dali Tattoo Variations

As far as Salvador Dali tattoo variations go, there are many images connected to Dali. All of these will involve something to do with one of his paintings so in the section below we will talk about some of his more famous works that happen to be popular choices when getting tattoos.

Salvador Dali Clock Tattoo

The Persistence of Memory is the name of the painting that depicts the clocks melting over objects. This is one of the most popular paintings that gets recreated in tattoos by Salvador Dali. This painting is often reproduced because of its popularity. In his painting, Dali used the concept of soft and hard.

The concept Dali portrays can be illustrated in a few ways. For instance, the mind can move from the soft parts of sleep to the hard parts of reality. In this painting, Dali is using the melting clocks over hard objects as a way to represent the soft and hard parts of life.

This tattoo has been analyzed over and over throughout the years, but Dali never explained what it meant. What most have concluded is the melting clocks have been thought to be a symbol of the relativity of space and time. No matter what it means, people love getting this tattoo and it looks cool.

Elephant Salvador Dali Tattoo

The Elephants was a Salvador Dali painting that was created in 1948. This seems to be a popular choice for tattoos as well. The imagery of elephants with extremely long legs is just strange and interesting. This is a great example of the style of work Dali paints. Elephants are a symbol of strength and dominance, but Dali portrays the elephants with spindly legs. This is a perfect example of the strange paintings that Dali is responsible for.

Salvador Dali Portrait Tattoo

The Salvador Dali Portrait tattoo is equally as popular as his paintings. Dali has a very distinct look. He almost looks like an undertaker with his dark back hair. However, what makes him unique is his mustache which looks long and thin. He has a very interesting look which seems to fit his style of art. His eccentric style can be seen in any picture of him so the best way to represent that might be to get a portrait tattoo of Dali.

The Burning Giraffe Tattoo

The Burning Giraffe was created in 1937 by Salvador Dali. This is another choice for a Salvador Dali tattoo if you are interested in odd pictures. It is said that this painting is an expression of Dali’s civil war happening in his country. The painting shows two figures that look feminine with phallic symbols coming out of their backs.

The hands and forearms only show their muscle tissue with no skin. There are also drawers that are open and protruding from the chest and left leg of the figure. It is surely one of the stranger images he has painted but it is a solid choice for a Salvador Dali tattoo.

When going through Salvador Dali’s artwork, you might see some paintings that you might like better than the ones mentioned above. The beauty of his artwork is determined by the viewer and every one of Dali’s pieces is unique and strange.

We would just suggest making sure the artist you choose has experience in work like this. Take a look at the portfolio and make sure it fits your needs. If you need help finding an artist to make your vision come true, reach out to the team at Tattoo SEO because we would love to help.

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