Science Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Science and the people who practice science have been vital to the forward movement of humanity. Scientists like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie have led the way in the scientific community. Therefore, large numbers of fans and new scientists have emerged over the years taking humanity to the next level.

People like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking have picked up the torch in their respective fields and are currently famous in their own right.

Because the scope of science spreads so far, you can imagine how many people are fans. Therefore, you’ll see the science tattoo on so many people. In this article, we will go over some of the varying styles of science tattoos and what they might mean to that person.

DNA Tattoo

When thinking about the DNA tattoo, most will think about the form of a double-helix. DNA is what we’re all made of and fans of human biology might get this type of tattoo. Deoxyribonucleic is the real name for DNA. It’s the molecule that holds the information an organism needs to reproduce, develop and live. The structure is what you will see tattooed on most people. The molecules that make up the DNA are called nucleotides.

You might see a DNA tattoo in many different shapes and colors. The strands might be splitting off into other things or you might see a standard formula. We’ve seen this tattooed in black and grey and then others will venture off and get it done in a watercolor style. The DNA tattoo is already cool looking. You just need to add your touch and it will be a unique sign of your interests for a long time.

Chemistry Tattoo

Chemistry is a scientific discipline that involves combinations of atoms. Chemistry sits somewhere between biology and physics. When you see someone with a chemistry tattoo, you might see a beaker full of a substance or different molecules connected to each other. Geometric pentagons representing elements creating unique substances is one way you might see it tattooed.

A chemistry tattoo might mean they are a fan of the science or there is a chemistry between two people. The neat thing is you can take this tattoo in any direction you would like.

Anatomical Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is pretty self-explanatory. It will look like what the human heart looks like. This tattoo could have many meanings. Some involve empathy, passion or love. These tattoos might hold significant meaning to the person with the anatomical heart tattoo. The many meanings of this tattoo signify that a lot of people will have it.

Dopamine Tattoo

Dopamine is the chemical in your body that when released, gives you the sensation of being happy. People wear the dopamine tattoo as a reminder to stay positive. When you behave a certain way, your body might release a dose of dopamine that makes you feel good. Therefore, your body is rewarding you for your actions. The meaning of this tattoo can also be taken as a reminder to stay motivated.

Scientist Portraits Tattoo

Just like it sounds, you might be a big fan of a specific scientist or their area of expertise. Albert Einstein tattoos seem to be a popular choice when getting a portrait of a scientist. Not only is he one of the most important figures ever, but he has a very distinct look that will leave people knowing exactly who your tattoo is supposed to be. Another popular scientist that we mentioned before is Nikola Tesla. Tesla’s most important invention is probably the alternating current. This is where it all began for him. He also invented some things you may know of including the remote control, induction motor and neon lamps. There are plenty more, but it gives you an idea of why Tesla was an important figure and why people would get a tattoo of this man.


Space and the solar system are always a popular choice for a science tattoo. Space is such an interesting topic because there is so much unknown about it. This is why so many people are drawn to the science of Astronomy. We have no idea what is beyond. People with astronomy-related tattoos generally have a fascination with the unknown and potentially, alien life. You might see a solar system tattoo or just a solo planet. Constellations and stars are also included under this umbrella.

Nebulous Tattoo

This is also part of the science of astronomy. Nebulous is the gassy, foggy cloud in space. If you’re describing something as being nebulous you might mean that it is not easily defined or clearly described. Having a nebulous tattoo symbolizes being mysterious and somewhat of an enigma. People might have to dig deep to get to know the real you. These tattoos are really eye-catching because of their larger size and color scheme.

Atom Tattoo

The atom tattoo is one of the more popular types of science tattoos. Science lovers of all types will get the atom tattoo, as everything in existence is made of atoms. Atoms seem to be the all-encompassing symbol for the science lover. In addition, they look really interesting, so you’ve always got that going for yourself.

Science is such a broad subject that it leaves the door open to thousands of different tattoos. The science tattoo is a very vague thing to explain. As you can see from above, there are so many subjects that we barely scraped the surface. From scientists themselves to the different sectors of science, the options are unlimited. We hope that by reading this article, you might have a better understanding of some of the science topics that might be tattooed.

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