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Scorpios are generally very interesting people, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that people born under this sign often want to show their pride in their sign’s qualities by getting Scorpio tattoos. What might surprise some folks is that there are many different Scorpio designs to choose from and even more meanings. Below we’ll take a look at what separates Scorpios from all of the other signs and some great Scorpio tattoos that you might want to get.

As the eighth sign of the Western Zodiac, Scorpio is symbolized with the scorpion and the constellation Scorpius. While those are two of the more popular Scorpio tattoos, you certainly aren’t limited to those designs. Even if you are pretty certain that you’ll use the symbol or the constellation in your Scorpio tattoo, you might be interested in learning about the other images you can use in case you want to combine them into a large Scorpio design.

The Scorpio sign is commonly represented by the ideogram which is a popular symbol used by Scorpios to identify themselves. People who would prefer a smaller Scorpio tattoo should definitely look into getting this symbol. It’s especially perfect for anyone who has a first or last name starting with an M since the symbol looks like the cursive form of that letter.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio, between October 23rd and November 20th, are often bold and in control, daunting much like the scorpion. Whether you are a controlling person or simply like to keep everything in order, then you might like one of the many Scorpio tattoos that are out there. The symbol says that you take pride in having control in your life and can set people straight if they need it.

Scorpios are known for their passion and also for their tempers, making the scorpion a perfect representation of the biting Scorpio. Some people simply know that they put more passion into things than others, making them perfect candidates for a Scorpio tattoo. Not only will the tattoo tell others that you are passionate, it also lets them know that you shouldn’t try to step all over you or else you might just attack.

Scorpio tattoos are also perfect for people who love the competitive sides of themselves. Obviously this is a great Scorpio tattoo meaning for athletes, but it’s also great for anyone who is constantly driven to outwork their peers so they can move up in the world. This meaning can be attached to just about any Scorpio design that you can find, so it easily combined with other meanings that you want to use.

The scorpion is often pictured with the symbol or a blend of the two is designed where the long tail of the “m” is rendered as the scorpion’s tale. There are many versions of this that have been used over the years, so you can either use one of those or go the extra mile and come up with your own unique Scorpio tattoo design. These versions of the Scorpio sign tattoo work quite well as smaller tattoos, which can be placed on your forearm, wrist or foot.

Another popular image for the Scorpio is the constellation itself. The constellation’s long tail recalls the barbed tail of the scorpion and the dangerous qualities of the Scorpio personality. The stinger located on the tail holds a venomous poison used to hunt and for self-defense. When people get this version of the Scorpio tattoo, they will sometimes draw the outline of the scorpion in the stars to make the meaning that much clearer. This is a great idea for anyone who is both a Scorpio and a star gazer.

The Scorpio constellation also represents the mythology of the scorpion Scorpius that lies behind the sign. Scorpius was sent to attack the god Orion who had threatened Artemis, the protector of all Earth’s animals. When Orion was killed, both he and Scorpius were brought to the sky and made permanent as constellations. In this way, the scorpion is a fierce protector and an omen of peril. While the image of the scorpion often appears rigid, fierce, and intimidating, the softer, passionate and deeply loving side of the Scorpio can be portrayed. People who do use these meanings often get a tattoo with a fully detailed scorpion in the night sky.

The image of the scorpion can be softened with the addition of desert flowers like the soft pink desert rose, bright red and orange bird of paradise, or the beautifully diverse range of cactus flowers. The scorpion itself can be rendered with soft, fluid line work that constructs the silhouette of the arachnid with swirling lines and curves. These extra images bring with them extra meanings while also showing that the owner of the Scorpio tattoo is not the aggressive type of Scorpio that some people might expect them to be.

Some Scorpios love the fact that they are a bit more complex than many of the people around them, and they show off that pride by getting one of these Scorpio tattoos. They might actually have the majority of the qualities that Scorpios can have, and rather than trying to hide any of them, they take pride in their sign. People who do this can go in absolutely any direction with their Scorpio tattoos.

If you decide to get one of the many Scorpio tattoo designs, then you will need to think long and hard about how you are going to place it. This completely depends on the image that you are going to get and the size of that image. Some people might want large and detailed scorpions, while others might just want to get the sign in black ink. The meanings won’t change too much regardless of the image(s) you get, but you’ll only know where to place the tattoo once you’ve figured out what exactly you want in your design.

If you want to get a scorpion as your Scorpio tattoo design, you will need to realize beforehand that these creatures are pretty odd shaped, so the design should be drawn up before you commit to placement. Some of these scorpion designs look great when drawn vertically, so they work quite well on the chest or on the leg. Other designs are horizontal with the tail going upwards, which can be a bit trickier but can be worked out by an experienced artist.

Scorpio tattoos can look just as great in black and gray as they do in full color. This is important to know because many people, especially people going in for their first tat, will assume that the only way to go is in full color. Sure, it can help to differentiate images, but many designs work quite well in black ink. If you’re not sure which way to go, have an artist do some mockups for you to give you a better idea of what each design might look like on your skin. You can also search through some images on the internet to see what other people’s Scorpio tattoos look like.

Since many Scorpio tattoos are a bit more complex than other zodiac sign tattoos, you will definitely want to search out an artist around you who can bring your vision to life. Don’t just assume that the artist right down the street will be able to do a great job. Do your research and choose someone who has experience doing the types of designs you need.

Scorpio tattoos look great and they give people an excellent way to show off who they are. If you take your time and choose a Scorpio tattoo design and meaning(s) that make sense for you, chances are you will have a tat that you will always take pride in having.

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