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Scripture is a passage taken from the Bible and is used as a reminder of goodness and virtue throughout the day. Scripture tattoos are an excellent way to “carry” those passages around with you everywhere you go. Below you will find information on some of the top scripture tattoos around and why so many people are getting these types of designs right now.

The Bible holds thousands of passages that hold a variety of messages that inspire and serve as a devotion to the Holy Trinity of Christianity. Because of that, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that plenty of people opt to get scripture tattoos over any of the other religious designs. You can find a piece of scripture that holds significant meaning for you and then get those exact words inked on your skin.

While there are many ways to render a desired passage of scripture, they all invoke the stories of Jesus Christ and the works of God found in the Bible. That’s important to keep in mind because it means that regardless of the scripture tattoo, you can be sure that people will recognize where the text comes from. You don’t have to add in any additional words or symbols to make those meanings clear for people observing your tat.

Often, the scripture is tattooed without any additional imagery in order to focus completely on the words and their meaning. This decision comes down to personal tastes and whether or not you feel that images or symbols will be able to enhance your tattoo design. In most cases the text itself will be enough since the words will tell others the exact meaning(s) of the tattoo. Of course, you could add in additional designs simply because you like them, but it’s not necessary in most cases.

A beautiful, flowing script is usually chosen to emphasize the glory of the words. Many people stick with just a couple of styles when getting scripture tattoos, but you can go in any direction you want. Of course, you want there to be more focus on the words themselves rather than the font, so it’s usually not a good idea to go overboard with the styling portion of the design.

Minute designs, swirls and curls, are often included in the calligraphy-style font to create a fuller image. Again, though, these are not the types of additional design elements that you want to take over. What these images are supposed to do is bring focus to the words in your tattoo while simultaneously, as a bonus, livening up the design in different ways. You absolutely do not have to add in swirls, curls, or any other type of small element to make your scripture tattoo meaningful or beautiful.

The location of the passage in the book is sometimes added as well (John 3:16, etc.). This is an excellent little design addition that can both inform people where the text came from and possibly even make the design come together a bit better. In fact, some people don’t even include the text itself and will only get the book and verse where that specific text is located.

Scripture is sometimes rendered with a crucifix, rosary, Bible, or other relics of Christianity. These are great images to add if you were looking to get a larger scripture tattoo. The decision you have to make in these cases is whether you want the scripture itself to be the focal point of the tattoo or one of the images you include. Once you’ve made that decision, making the design itself is a lot easier because you will know which element of the design will draw the eye.

To further identify the passage chosen as scripture from the Bible, the words are written on the image of an ancient page, representing a page from the Bible itself or a scroll. When done correctly and by a top tattoo artist, the paper itself can take a scripture tattoo to a whole other level. It can show that the words have been passed down through the centuries yet hold as much meaning now as they did way back then. On top of that, the look of the paper seems to work quite well with just about every skin tone, making it a very attractive image to get in a tattoo.

Often, the page is meant to appear as if it is burning or tearing through the skin, portraying an innate respect and love for the word of God. It makes it clear that the tattoo people are looking at is a religious design and that the owner of that tattoo, you, is devoted to that religion.

Images or portraits of Jesus are sometimes added along with the scripture or images of the intended speaker of the passage. In the case that the word is taken directly from God, doves are often used as a representation. These images can easily be included on top of, below, around, or even merged into the words somehow.

Scripture can also be formed into a shape, mimicking the design of a concrete poem. For example, you can easily make a cross tattoo out of your scripture tattoo, especially if there are a lot of words in the passage. You simple make each line short until you reach the point where the lines of the cross intersect, then make those lines longer. It’s a neat little trick and can make for very attractive scripture tattoos.

For a shorter passage, the words can be shaped to form the outline of a crucifix, heart, large word, or whichever shape is desired. You definitely do not have to get creative with how your words are shaped, but some people find that they can add in even more meaning by picking out a symbol and shaping the words inside of that symbol. We highly recommend working with someone who has made these types of designs in the past if you decide to go this route with your tattoo.

One’s first language is often used, however the original Hebrew can be used, conveying the most authentic rendering of the word of the Bible possible. This can also add in a bit more mystery to your tattoo, making people curious about what the passage actually means. It can also make your scripture tattoo that much more personal since you know the meaning and most people who look at it don’t.

Greek can also be used, specifically for Greek Orthodox Christians, but also Latin for Catholics which was used most widely in the church. The language you use doesn’t change the meaning of your tattoo in any way, so it really comes down to the look that you’re going for. Each language brings with it a specific style and look, so you might end up liking a version of the verse a bit more in one style over all of the others. It’s a good idea to take a look at your scripture tattoo idea in as many languages as you can so you can choose your favorite.

Passages from other books of religious scripture are also used, including the Torah (Judaism) and the Qur’an (Islam). Obviously you are not going to want to get a verse from the Bible if you aren’t Christian, so definitely choose a piece of scripture from the holy book that is used in your religion. As with Bible verses, you can choose absolutely any one that you want, but you’ll want to be sure that it is going to be as meaningful to you in the future as it is when you get the design.

Scripture tattoos aren’t usually too difficult to create, but you should still find a well-respected artist in your area to do the work for you. That’s especially true if you are including any images in the design since top tattoo artists will know how to shape the design to make it the most effective.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to scripture tattoos. You have to choose a piece of scripture that really makes you feel something, and you also have to come up with a design that you are going to love for the rest of your life. In most cases people end up being very happy with their scripture tattoos because they’re simple yet extremely meaningful.

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