Seagull Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

When you think of birds that you would like to get tattooed on your body, a few come to mind. Birds like the eagle or the sparrow. You might even get a flamingo or a parrot. When you get your next bird tattoo, the seagull tattoo probably doesn’t come to mind. There isn’t really anything notable about them.

These birds also don’t leave you alone on the beach because they want your food and whether you give it to them or not, there is a good chance you are going to get pooped on.

However, there is a lot of meaning to the seagull tattoo believe it or not. Not only is there symbolism behind this bird but people love to get the tattoo as well. There could be a lot of memories tied to the seagull or it might have come to them in a dream. Whatever the reason is, the seagull tattoo is one that a lot of people get.

In this post about seagull tattoos, we will explore some of the traits and characteristics of the seagull and talk about the meaning behind the seagull tattoo. By the end of this post, we hope that you get a better understanding of why the seagull has become a popular subject for being tattooed and what the meaning is behind the seagull tattoo.

What is a Seagull

When talking about the seagull, most of us picture the California Gull. Seagull is just a name we give this bird but there are many kinds of gulls and they go inland all the way to the Great Lakes.

This seabird is on the larger side of the bird spectrum. The seagull can be described as having a white neck and head as well as white underparts and a white tail. It has a black band on its bill that reduces in size during the mating season. The bill itself is a bright yellow color. What is distinctive about the seagull is its wing pattern. The seagull shows a great deal of black on the primaries and more prominently on the P7 and P8, which gives a square shape to the black wing tip. During the winter, the seagull takes on different characteristics, but this represents what we generally see when we come in contact with the seagull.

Seagull Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

The seagull inhabits both fresh and saltwater. Their recognizable sounds bring a relaxing feeling to the people who hear it as it is a reminder of the beach and the water. When it comes to the seagull tattoo, the symbolism is there.

One of the main characteristics of the seagull and one that people might want to invoke is their resistance to negative things. Seagulls live in rough conditions. Near the ocean can get cold and the temperature inland can get hot. They also deal with tropical storms. The seagull’s durability should be noted. Someone with a seagull tattoo might want to represent their toughness through an image that wouldn’t normally be associated with it.

Another characteristic of the seagull that is admirable is their calmness. They don’t worry too much about people on the beach and will get close. They just go about their business. In addition to their personality, the calm of the ocean and beach can be taken from the seagull tattoo. These birds remind us of relaxing times so getting a tattoo of a seagull is just another way to take us back to the beach.

As a totem, the seagull represents being a loner. The people who use the seagull tattoo as their totem are the kind of people who are totally at peace by themselves and contemplating their thoughts.

They also symbolize the creative part of people. Those born under the totem of the seagull are very creative and have great ideas. They just don’t necessarily want to share them with everyone. They create their best work when they are alone with their thoughts. They sift through everything in their mind and are then able to create whatever it is they do.

People with the seagull tattoo might also be explorers or ones who love some adventure. They might be the type of person to buy a boat and sail off into the distance to find something new. Traveling and exploring bring these people true happiness and the freedom of the seagull over the ocean is a symbol of this.

Seagull Tattoo Variations

As far as seagull tattoo variations go, there are a few of them. Below are some of the variations of the seagull tattoo that we have seen. Depending on how the seagull is displayed in the tattoo might give the tattoo a different meaning.

Flying Seagull Tattoo

The flying seagull tattoo is the epitome of the seagull tattoo. This bird flies free over the ocean catching gusts of wind to keep him afloat. If you are at the beach you might see a seagull just gliding in one spot. This is the image that we have seen so often and therefore makes it a popular way to get a seagull tattoo.

Seagull Feather Tattoo

The seagull feather tattoo is representative of all the characteristics of the seagull in a less noticeable tattoo. The simplicity of the feather is also what makes it beautiful. Sometimes we can convey a big message with a small symbol and in this case, the seagull feather tattoo is a perfect example of that. Just a feather can remind you of the meaning that you associate with your seagull feather tattoo.

The seagull tattoo, though not as popular as an eagle tattoo, is one that represents things ideas and characteristics that mean something to you. Therefore, it’s really important to make sure that you are going to a tattoo artist who has experience in the kind of tattoo you are looking for. If you are looking for your own seagull tattoo, but aren’t sure where to go, let the team at Tattoo SEO know about it and we can give you a recommendation. Happy hunting!

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