When looking to get at a tattoo to accentuate parts of your body, the side boob tattoo is a great one to choose. The subtle tones and dainty tattoos that seem to be used more often are great choices for a small and cute tattoo.

Side boob tattoos have long been a way to show off their form. There are numerous designs to choose from and many ways to get the tattoo you’ve been dreaming about. The nice thing about the side boob tattoo is that it can be hidden if you want or you can show it off in a bathing suit. The choice is yours and we’re here to help give you some examples of what direction to go it.

In this post we will look at the different types and styles for side boob tattoos. We will go over popular designs and talk about what these tattoos might mean to the person wearing them. By the end of this post we hope you have a better idea of why someone might want this tattoo and why they might have gotten it.

Side Boob Tattoo Placement

Interestingly enough, there are a few different places to put this tattoo. Depending on the size of the tattoo you want will impact the placement of the side boob tattoo. When using things like script and other forms of text, the tattoo can follow along the natural curves of the body and when looking at a bigger tattoo, they will most likely follow the same pattern but potentially start more centered and drift around the rib cage. Placement will be important so make sure your tattoo artist talks is over with you before you get started on your next tattoo.

Side Boob Tattoo Variations

There are many variations of the side boob tattoo that are popular in today’s culture. It really depends on the message you are trying to send and what image you had in mind. Many of these images have meanings beyond what it looks like. Some of these images have meanings that span hundreds of years and some are newer ideas, either way, your best bet in finding out what they mean is by asking somebody with the tattoo.

Even though you might think the side boob tattoo might be an easy idea to come up with, it might not be easy to get a design that fits the body in a perfect way. This is why you should take your time and work with your tattoo artist to find the design and placement that works for you.

Feather Side Boob Tattoo

The feather tattoo is a great choice for the sider boob tattoo as it has already has flowing characteristics and flows with the curves of the body. The way the feather can be tattooed looks natural in running along the ribs. In addition to having an aesthetically pleasing tattoo, the feather tattoo holds meaning for those that wear it. The feather tattoo symbolizes traits that are found in birds such as freedom, travel, bravery and courage to name a few. To have the feather side boob tattoo has a lot of positive characteristics and looks great at the same time.

Flowers Side Boob Tattoo

Flowers always look great as a tattoo and the nice things about the flower side boob tattoo is that flowers can be tattooed in any shapes. Even in life, flower can be turned into bouquets that look like anything you want so it is no surprise that flowers can be adjusted to flow with the body in any way you’d like. You are also very likely to find a flower that has a special meaning to you. Depending on the flowers you choose for your tattoo can tell a story. Every flower seems to hold a different meaning so do your research before getting a flower and make sure the message being told is what you want it to be.

Tribal Side Boob Tattoo

Tribal designs are also a flowing style of tattoo that make a great choice for your side boob tattoo. The way the tribal tattoo flows make it a great fit in most cases. It can fit almost any place on the body and looks great as well. We suggest doing your research on the kind of tribal tattoo you plan on getting. Many look cool but you want to make sure you offend anyone that calls that tribe a home or part of their heritage. There are many different tribes with their own style of art so make sure you find the one that fits you best.

Text Side Boob Tattoo

Having text as your side boob tattoo is another choice that will work well because of the ways words can be bent to fit any idea. The nice thing is that you can use any phrase or choice of words that you would like. As long as the tattooed in a way where it follows the alignment of the body, it will most likely look great.

Crescent Moon Side Boob Tattoo

As far as fit goes, the crescent moon side boob tattoo is an excellent choice. It natural fits around the curve of the breast and in addition, it just looks great. The crescent moon represents fertility and birth cycles. It might be representative of your motherhood or you might just like the way it looks. A full moon would fit the placement very well as it’s a circle but that has never stopped anyone from getting random shapes in that spot.

There are so many other choices that fit the side of the breast perfectly. It really is a great looking tattoo and it is easily hidden if you don’t want someone to see it. In addition to working with a tattoo artist that makes good choice with tattoos, making sure you have a tattoo that means something to you is imperative. Take your time with finding your artist and if you have any questions or need a recommendation, we would be happy to help you out.

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