Simple Tattoos

Looking for simple tattoos that are meaningful? Take a look at the list below for some of the best simple tattoo ideas out there.

The heart

If you’re looking for one of the simplest designs that has a heavy meaning, then look no further than the heart tattoo. To keep it extremely simple, just get the outline of the heart anywhere on your body and anyone who sees it will know that you have or want love in your life. What’s great about the heart tattoo is that everyone recognizes what it means regardless of how big it is.

The sun and moon

The sun and the moon both have their own meanings individually, but together they usually say that the owner of these tattoos loves life. Just like with the simple heart tattoo, you can get your sun and moon tattoos as just outlines in black ink. Some people even keep them together by filling in half of the sun with the Pac Man moon shape.

The simple tree

Believe it or not, just about every tree on earth has some type of meaning that people have used when getting tattoos. If you want to go with a simple tree, choose one that does not have to be overly detailed to be fantastic. You can keep your tree all black or add in a bit of color to liven it up. These tree tattoos are great on the wrist, the ankle, the foot and the neck.

The bird outline

Birds represent many great things, including freedom and beauty, so they rank pretty high up on every tattoo rankings list out there. And, of course, that includes this list of simple tattoos. Now, unlike most bird tattoos, when you want to get a simple design you will look for a bird that has an excellent meaning that works for you, and you will want it to look good as an outline or silhouette. After you’ve come up with your bird, all you have left to decide on is where you want it to be drawn on your body.

The flower

Most people who get flower tattoos want to get them big and colorful so it’s easier to see the type of flower that it is and because they’re naturally seen as being beautiful tats. However, they also work quite well as simple tattoos if you want to get a small flower on your body. Most people get the more recognizable flowers, such as flowers or tulips, as simple tattoos, but really you can use any flower that you want. Again, be sure to check out each flower’s tattoo meaning so you can have a flower tattoo that is meaningful to you specifically.

The mountains

Mountains can represent a bunch of things, including adventure and a higher power. It might be surprising to read but mountain tattoos often look better when they are stripped up detailed and drawn as a simple set of lines. Sure, you can add in a bit of detail regardless of where you get your mountain tattoo placed, but the fact remains that no meaning is lost when you take away some of the elements found in larger mountain landscape tats.

The hand/foot prints

If you are looking for a simple family tattoo, a hand and footprint design might work for you. You could get slightly larger hand or footprints for the adults and smaller designs for the children, or you can get them all in the same size. If you want to take it to the next level, you can have everyone’s names written inside of the prints. Once again, these are just outlines, so they are simple to make yet can have extremely strong meanings to their owners.

The paw prints

Are you a lover of dogs or want to memorialize a past pup? Well, this is a fantastic simple tattoo for you then! Some people take these designs one step further by using their own dog’s exact paw print to make it even more unique. These work well as wrist tattoos, back tattoos, or even as finger tattoos. Most people decide to put their paw print tattoo in a place they can see it regularly since the thought of that dog or dogs in general lifts their mood.

The meaningful word

If you have a single word that would make an excellent meaningful tattoo, then that’s about as simple as tattoo designs get. An example of this would be “courage” for those who think of themselves as being courageous or want to show more courage in their lives. The key here is to choose a word that has always and will always hold a special meaning for you. After you come up with the word you’ll need to think of a font to use and if you want to get any shading work done.

The snowflake

This is actually a really cool simple tattoo. Not only do snowflakes make for some nice tattoo designs, but they also have really great meanings. If you get a snowflake tattoo, you are telling the world that there is no one else like you on the planet. Solitary snowflakes work really well to represent the owner, but if you want to get a bit more work done you might want to opt for a snowflake bracelet tattoo.

The ship’s wheel

If you want to show that you are in command of you own life, then the simple ship’s wheel tattoo might just be the right design for you. This is yet another personal tattoo that represents your being control of your own life. It can also mean that you love the sea, so it’s not surprising that so many people opt for the ship’s wheel when they’re choosing a simple tattoo. We recommend seeking out a good artist to work on this design since most people want their wheel to be unique.

The cup of coffee

Millions of people around the world love coffee more than just about anything else, so it’s not surprising at all that there are so many cups of coffee tattoos out there. If you have a favorite cup that you have used throughout the years, then be sure to show a picture of it to your tattoo artist so they can draw that shape into your design.

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