Sister Tattoo Ideas Meaning, Design & Ideas

Best friend tattoos have taken off in popularity in recent years, but sister tattoos are not too far behind. In fact, it could be said that sister tattoos are just a little bit more meaningful because the two siblings have been able to keep a strong bond for their entire lives. This also means that people who are looking for sister tattoo ideas want to find the perfect mix of design and meaning so they can be proud of their tattoos for the rest of their lives.

Below you will find just some of the hundreds of great sister tattoo ideas at your disposal. You can use just one of the ideas or mix and match them based on the relationship that you have with your sister(s).

The Split

Whether you get to see your sister/sisters often or not, finding a design that you love and splitting it between you is both meaningful and leaves a lot of room for an artist to create. Take a large, sprawling tree design and split it between your two forearms. Your half alone will look gorgeous, and combining it with the other half is a physical manifestation of the connection you have with your sister.

The Flower

The flower tattoo is a very cool choice as a sister tattoo because you have so many design options to choose from. You could each get your favorite flower in the same location, or you can get matching flower outlines. You can go in any direction, which is why the flower tattoo continues to be one of the better options when sisters are looking for designs that they can get together.

The Big Sister, Little Sister

This sister tattoo is simple and to the point. The main part of this tattoo usually contains the words and pictures of a taller and smaller sister (one on each sister). Many people who get big sister, little sister tattoos like to put their dates of birth above or below the words. That’s just one of the ways that you can dress up this type of tattoo, though, since you can really decorate it any way that you like.

The Matching Quote

Siblings often have favorite quotes that they have been saying since they were children, which is why the matching quote is a fantastic sister’s tattoo idea. The main thing you’ll need to think about is what quote you both like equally. It can be a quote from a movie that you both love, or it could be something that you made up. The more unique it is to the people getting the matching quote tattoo, the better.

The Favorite Band

Sisters, especially those that are close in age, often have the same taste in music. One of the two (or more) sisters will introduce the other to a band and they will go on to buy all of their albums and learn all of their songs. It creates a new type of bond, and that bond can be kept forever by getting the band’s logo or name as a tattoo. This is an especially great idea when the sisters already like the design of the band’s logo.

The Best Friends

Not all sisters are best friends, but plenty are. What’s great about this sister tattoo idea is that a whole new group of tattoo designs will be available to you. If you look up “best friend tattoos,” you will see that there are plenty of great ones with some fantastic meanings. If you and your sister(s) are the best of friends, you should choose a tattoo design that defines your relationship in the best way. Or, you could always decide to just get the words “best friends” tattooed in the exact same spots on your bodies.

The Butterfly

The butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos for women in the world, so it’s definitely an excellent option as a sister tattoo idea. Again, you really can go in any direction with this tattoo design. Many sisters decide to get the same butterfly design in the same places on their bodies, but they shade their tats with different colors. Other sisters will get matching butterflies with some other designs around them to make the “sister tattoo” meaning that much clearer.

The Heart Tattoo

The heart is the universal symbol of love, and that includes sisterly love. Many sisters decide to get two hearts apiece that are intertwined to show that someone else has that tattoo. Others will stick with simple heart designs but will be sure to add their sisters’ names atop the tattoo. Another way to add even more meaning to the heart tattoo is to only get half of the heart each to show that you are only complete when you’re with each other.

The Connecting Hands

These days sisters love to get tattoos that connect from one arm (or hand) to the other, which is why the connecting hands tattoo has grown in popularity. This can be pretty much any design, but the one common factor is that a hand needs to trail off so it can “connect” to another hand. It is one of those “incomplete” tattoos, which means it’s a great one if you want to show that you are only complete when your sister is around.

The Matching Arrows

The matching arrows tattoo is a classic tattoo design that can be used for a variety of reasons. When it is a sister tattoo, it basically represents the sisters fighting through life together or always having each other’s backs. You have a number of design options with the matching arrows tattoo, including getting two arrows crossed or just one arrow apiece. The arrows can be heavily detailed or they can be made up of just a couple of lines.

The Birthday

This one is short, sweet, and painless. Getting your sister’s birthday tattooed on your body shows that you’ll be carrying her with you everywhere you go. Pick a style of font that you both agree with and go into the tattoo shop together to get each other’s birthdays inked on the same part of your body. A few numbers on your upper hip or along your collarbone are discreet but still easy to show off. This is one of the more personal sister tattoo ideas out there because it isn’t necessarily meant to be shown off to the world.

The Jewelry

Find a piece of jewelry that you both have been fighting over for years. She steals it and takes it to college, you steal it back and take it with you on your trip to Europe, it goes on and on. If you both love it so much, then you both should be able to wear it any and all the time. So get the ring or necklace you fight over tattooed on you both. It’s a unique style, and you won’t have to bicker with your sister over who that bracelet belongs to anymore.

The Inside Joke

Having shared so much over the years, you are bound to have more than a few things that only make the two (or more) of you sisters laugh. A clever little phrase or a word that has a secret meaning just for you girls is easily applied with some artistic touch to your foot or ankle. The only drawback here is that people will want to know the story of what it means, and they may not find it as funny. But that’s not what’s important here.

The Matching Wrist Tattoo

We’ve already listed a couple of sister tattoos that can be on the wrist, but the truth is that you really can get any matching tattoo on the wrist. The reason why the wrist has become such a popular place to get sister tattoos is because it shows that you are proud to get matching tattoos and will show it off as much as you can. It takes any tattoo’s meaning to a whole other level when you are willing to show it off at all times.

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