Skyline Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Skyline tattoos are some of the most iconic pieces you can find today. They are immediately recognizable and show the pride you have for your city. If you want to represent a city that you grew up in or a city that you moved to and have fallen in love with, then a skyline tattoo might be the perfect tattoo for you.

The reason that most people get an iconic skyline tattoo to represent that city is that most people find skylines to be very identifiable. This doesn’t mean that you have to be from that city but usually, when you see a skyline tattoo, it means that the person has some sort of roots there. Even people who grew up in the surrounding area of a major downtown will get that skyline because it shows everyone you are from around that area. This can be the case with skylines such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego and Seattle. These are all skylines we have seen in movies or in millions of paintings and drawings all around the world.

A skyline tattoo consists of beautiful skyscrapers along with quintessential and sometimes historic landmarks. These skyscrapers and stunning landmarks display a location that a person wanting to get a skyline tattoo wants to proudly claim as their home or favorite place to visit. For example, if you see the Chrysler Tower and the Empire State Building in a skyline tattoo, you can probably assume that the wearer is from New York or at least has some roots there. If you see a massive needle piercing the sky from an odd-looking floating UFO as part of a skyline tattoo, then it would be safe to say that the wearer hails from Seattle.

Another reason people choose to get skyline tattoos is to represent their favorite vacation spot or destination that is significant to them. If you like to take yearly trips to Boston for St Paddy’s Day, then maybe you will choose to get the Boston City Skyline as a forearm tattoo. Then every time you look down, you remember how much you love that city and can’t wait to return.

Some people even get skyline tattoos of cities they have never been to but have always wished they could go to. Whatever your motivation for choosing a skyline tattoo just make sure that the skyline depicts iconic skyscrapers or buildings that are immediately recognized as being part of a particular city.

A popular tattoo to show your respect and honor to the victims of 9/11 could be a skyline of New York showing the once-famous World Trade Center buildings. People who are from New York, or have family out in New York will sometimes get this tattoo to show reverence for what happened during 9/11 and to remember what happened that day.

This can be a popular tattoo, especially with service men and women like firefighters and cops who served that day to help people or who knew people who served. You don’t have to be from New York to get the Manhattan skyline with the original twin towers though. People who honor and respect the men and women who died on that day will also get the skyline tattoo as a sign of respect.

A skyline tattoo not only shows where you are from, where you want to go, or where you love to visit. It also sheds a little perspective on who are as a person. A person who gets a famous East Coast skyline is guaranteed to contrast with a person who gets a famous skyline of the West. This can also be a way to represent your personality. Such as someone from the Midwest with a tattoo of the famed St. Louis Arch.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a skyline tattoo is what time of day you want to represent your city. You can choose a nighttime setting which will be sure to show the magnificent lights of the city. This night view will also most likely be a darker tattoo with accents of white and negative space. A nighttime tattoo can also show that you are more of a night owl and you own the city at night. If you just love how a city looks on a photo, picture or video at night, then getting a skyline tattoo in a night-time setting might be perfect for you.

You can also choose to get your favorite city skyline tattoo done in a daytime setting. This will be sure to show the charm of the city and also look brighter as a tattoo. This can also show that you are a morning person and appreciate the beauty of a sunrise on your favorite city.

Some people choose to get extremely detailed, portrait-style skyline tattoos that can fill an entire back. These can show every important detail down to a street light in front of your favorite landmark. Others will choose to just get one main building that is iconic to the city with a few other buildings around it. Some people even choose to just get an outline of a skyline without much detail as a simple representation of a city that is meaningful to them.

There are so many creative, simple, detailed and elaborate ways to get a skyline tattoo. Whichever style you choose will be no doubt a wonderful first tattoo or addition to your current tattoos. You can choose to get a skyline of a city that you are from or a city that you love to visit. An iconic skyline tattoo with the Golden Gate Bridge is sure to show everyone who sees it that you love or maybe from San Francisco.

Be sure when you are choosing your skyline tattoo to include iconic buildings, skyscrapers or landmarks. This will be sure to let everyone know what city you are representing. Be sure to bring in your favorite skyline photo to your tattoo artist, or let them draw you a custom design. Don’t forget to specify whether you want a daytime or a nighttime skyline. Remember whichever you choose keep it unique to you and it will be sure to please you and everyone who sees it.

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