Solar System Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are a few tattoo designs out there that look as cool as the solar system tattoo, but these tattoos also happen to have a lot of meaning attached to them. What you’ll find is that there are thousands of ways that you can design a solar system on your skin, yet you can always use any or all of the meanings that come with the solar system. Below we will go over some of the design options that you’ll have with solar system tattoos and a bunch of the most popular meanings that people often use with them.

The most obvious meaning that can be used with solar system tattoos is that the owner has a love for space. Let’s be honest, plenty of people look up in awe at the sky and imagine being up there above the planet. And, of course, some people actually get the opportunity to do just that. No matter the reason, people with solar system tattoo designs are usually the types that love to think about space, talk about space, and dream about what’s beyond what we’ve discovered.

If you see someone with a solar system tattoo, you can be pretty sure that they are proud of their curiosity and their openness to the world around them. This is a fantastic meaning for anyone who does not get stuck in the everyday rut and puts effort into learning and asking questions about things they don’t know. If that describes you, you should definitely look into getting a solar system tattoo to share this trait with the world.

Some people will get their solar system tattoos to show that they are dreamers who are always on the lookout for ways to make their dreams come true. These are partly used for motivation and partly used to make a statement. Those who get one to motivate themselves are trying to make sure that they don’t forget their life’s goals, while those in the “statement” category are simply telling everyone around them that they have important goals and that nothing is going to get in their way of achieving them.

The solar system tattoo can also represent peace since people look at the solar system as a collection of planets that have been able to live in harmony for an extremely long amount of time. This “unity” meaning is excellent for those who are sick of all of the aggressiveness between different countries, races, and religions and simply want more harmony in the world. An interesting way to design one of these tattoos is to actually use other peace and harmony symbols as the planets with stars and galaxies in between them.

One reason someone might avoid getting a solar system tattoo is because they worry about accuracy in their design. Well, you definitely shouldn’t worry about that if you are interested in one of these cool designs. No one is going to look at your tattoo and dissect it like that since they will understand that it is your design and it means a lot to you regardless of how it looks. Unless you are trying hard to be accurate with your design, you should put more thought into making it look great and making it mean something to you.

While some might assume that solar system tattoos should be in color, the fact is that many people opt for a black and gray version of one of these tattoos. Space it’s can be black and what’s not filled are the planets and stars, which look very cool on the skin. If you do decide to get your solar system without color, you should think about getting extra shading work done so all of the different images within the design can stand out. If you are focusing on one planet or including Earth in your design, you might want to get your tattoo in color since these are often the focal points of the tattoos and you don’t want them to blend into the rest of the design too much.

Now, with that being said, you should definitely take your time when designing a solar system tattoo. Most people want to get custom designs, which is great, but that also means that you are working from scratch. A good idea is to talk to or work with a professional artist, who should be able to give you multiple designs to choose from. Not only do you have to think about the overall look of your solar system tattoo, you also have to design it in a way that fits wherever you want to place it. If you are patient throughout the design process, you should end up with something that suits you and you alone.

Regardless of the solar system tattoo design you choose to get, you absolutely have to hire a top artist to do the work for you. They will be able to help you out with any last-second tweaks you’ll need to make and they will walk you through the entire tattooing process. You definitely do not want to just walk into a random tattoo shop and hope that they will make your design look perfect. A little bit of research on all of the tattoo artists in your area could go a long way to ensure that you end up with the exact tattoo that you envisioned.

You can probably see now why so many people choose to get a solar system tattoo over all of the other excellent tattoo ideas out there. Most of them look amazing, they have fantastic meanings, and they’re the types of tattoos that turn heads. If any of the meanings listed above work for you, you should definitely consider getting one. Just be sure to pick meanings that you’ll always be proud to have represented on your skin, make a design that you’ll always enjoy looking at, and then hire an artist who you are sure can do the design justice and make it look fantastic on your body.

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