Special Forces Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The special forces consist of those who are in the military doing special operations. These are unconventional operations that are carried out by members of the special forces who use unconventional methods and resources.

Those who are in the special forces are known to be very low profile and aim to obtain large advantages of speed, surprise, and violent actions that are to be brought upon the target. The special forces must adapt to any change in environment and weather. These men and women are said to be the biggest badasses in the military world. They are chosen to complete some of the toughest jobs. These special force members include those of the NAVY Seals and the Green Beret.

Some of their jobs include Force recon and the Coast Guard’s maritime security patrol. This adds on to the more covert reconnaissance and guerilla tactics, targeted strikes to the military’s arsenal. The jobs of the special forces include five primary tasks and missions. These missions included unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism.

Under these categories, are jobs designed especially for the special forces. Combat search and rescue, counter-narcotics, hostage rescue, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian demining, information operations, psychological operations, manhunts, and peacekeeping are some of the high-level special force jobs.

The special forces tattoo can be a number of different designs. Due to some members of the special forces being in the Department of Espionage, and other undercover type of jobs, a tattoo of a seal trident for example would not be a very wise decision to get tattooed if you are still on active duty.

Although there are people in the special forces who may have a lot of tattoos, unit-identifying tattoos are very discouraged and frowned upon. A unit-identifying tattoo can quickly be spotted, if you are on an undercover job, you will be completely exposed and more than likely taken as a prisoner or killed.

The younger generations have been known to get a tattoo pertaining to their special force, they are then immediately scolded by the older generations and told to get the tattoo removed or covered up as well as possible. Tattoos in the military have been spreading more than ever and certain laws have been eased up when it comes to having tattoos and being in one of the United States military branches.

This is not to say that you absolutely can not have a special forces tattoo. Many people have them, but first, take into consideration of a couple things. Were you ever in the Special Forces to begin with, or are you currently serving in the Special Forces? How long do you plan on serving the country for the special forces, or how long have you served for the country? With all due respect, the special forces tattoo is one that you must earn. Being a rookie with a brand new special forces tattoo will more than likely draw negative attention from your peers and higher-ups.

Once you are at the age and level of either retiring from the military, getting ready to retire, or have been wounded serving your country and unable to come back, then would be a good time for you could get a special forces tattoo. This is simply due to the fact that when you retire, you are done for good. You no longer have to hide the fact that you are in the special forces of an opposing enemy. There is nobody else to fight, so you can decide on whether you want to wear your special forces tattoo as a way of remembering the love for your country and the devotion you put in to help protect it.

Green Beret Design

If you have decided on whether you want your special forces tattoo, a classic design is the green beret or the green beret incorporated with a skull. These are both symbols that any green beret would know of. The symbol of simply an image of a green beret hat, with two arrows crisscrossing in both directions going through, behind the graphic of the hat is a popular concept if you do not want the skull in place.

This tattoo can be colored in with a dark olive green such as that of the green beret hat, or it can be done in black ink. This tattoo can be placed in many places of the body, depending on whether or not you want it to be seen to the public or not, the options are endless. The upper arm, the forearm, and the chest are well-known areas. If you would like to add text to this tattoo, adding in the time that you served in the special forces is a great idea. For example: U.S Army Special Forces 1970-1994 could be placed in script above the image.

Green Beret Skull

The green beret skull graphic is one that many of us may have seen. Those in the special forces have most definitely seen this image before. This is the image of a skull with a menacing grin wearing a green beret hat. This image can be accompanied by two arrows crisscrossing behind it, just like the symbol without the skull. Other graphics such as grenades, shields, daggers, and guns are often added to the design to give it a real edgy look.

This tattoo can be colored in, usually, the colors consist of a lot of shadowing, black, dark olive green for the beret, and maybe even red eyes to glow from the sockets of the skull. A knife of some sort being held between the skull’s bony teeth is another add-on.

This tattoo is most commonly seen somewhere on the chest, perhaps the back even. Since it is a large graphic, wherever you decide to place this should be a spot where there will not be any other tattoos bumping into it. To honor your years of service if you have retired, just as above, you can write in script the years you served. ‘Death Before Dishonor’ is another widely known phrase within the military community.

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