Spine Tattoos

Spine tattoos are just now getting popular. You can get any type of tattoo that you want in this area, but it’s key that the design you choose works with the natural lines of your spine to make it look amazing. Below you will find some fantastic ideas for spine tattoos.

The leaves

The leaf is considered to be a symbol of life, among other things. What makes leaves such excellent spine tattoos is that you can very easily design them in such a way to be “sprouting” out of the sides of your spine. Most people add in a vine that goes directly down the spine, though that is not totally necessary. If you want to get even more meaning out of your leaves tattoo, you can make sure that they are leaves from a meaningful tree.

The flower

Like the leaves tattoo, the flower spine tattoo often has a stem going down the center of the spine. There are hundreds of great flower tattoo meanings out there, so all you have to do is find one that matches who you are and then get a cool design that works on the spine. After coming up with a flower that you like, then all you have to do is talk with your artist about how to best situate it on your back. You can even combine multiple flower designs into a single spine tattoo if you think it would still look great.

The arrow

The ultimate symbol of protection, the single arrow is yet another fantastic spine tattoo idea. You can keep the arrow simple and just get it straight up or down your spine, or you can take the design even further by adding gems or other items onto it. You’ll also want to think about how large you want your arrow spine tattoo to be since both can look great.

The abstract

What’s awesome about abstract tattoos is that you can pretty much guarantee a one-of-a-kind design if you don’t take it out of a book. It also means that you can design it to work with your own spine, making it look that much better. Some people get watercolor abstract tattoos, while others will opt to mix a bunch of shapes together down their spines. The key with these designs is to come up with something that means a lot to you, regardless of what it will mean to others.

The line of circles

Circles, while simple shapes, are some of the most powerful symbols in the world. They represent the circle of life, which means the owner of the circle(s) recognizes the importance of making the most of their time on this planet. As a spine tattoo, the circles can look brilliant since they make for a great pattern design. You can get a bunch of identical circles going down your spine, or you can mix up the shapes and colors as you wish.

The decorated line

Similar to the abstract spine tattoo, the decorated line allows you to mix and match elements to make your spine tattoo as unique as possible. If you have a bunch of ideas that fit a specific theme, then this type of spine tattoo might be the best idea for you. The trick is to both find images that have a special meaning for you and to make them work along the line of your spine. Since these are usually more complicated designs, be sure to work with an artist who has experience working with complex, unique designs.

The butterflies

Why get just one butterfly on your back when you can get a bunch of them flying up or down your spine? If you were looking for a tattoo design that symbolizes your ability to change, then this is the perfect choice for you. While single butterfly tattoos are often quite detailed, many people who get the butterflies spine tattoo opt to keep each butterfly image simple so it has a more uniform look. In fact, many people choose to get this entire spine tattoo in black ink.

The mandalas

The mandala is an extremely popular tattoo right now, but the spine area gives people a chance to put several attractive mandalas in a line. You can start out with one large one at the top of your back and have them get smaller as they move down the line, or have them all one size. The mandala represents completeness and eternity, which is a tattoo meaning that plenty of people love.

The tribal

If you want a very cool-looking spine tattoo and can’t think of any new ideas, the tribal tattoo is usually a safe option to go with. On the spine, these are usually quite detailed tats that can take a while to make, but are designs that people can be proud of for the rest of their lives. There are thousands of great tribal styles that you can choose from, so make sure that you choose one that would look good on your spine and that has a meaning that can work for you.

The bones

There’s no better place to get a spine tattoo than on the spine, right? Some people recognize the importance of the spine itself so they option to get a bones tattoo directly over their actual spines. These skeleton designs can look amazing when an experienced artist does the work. You can get a very realistic spine that goes from your neck to the bottom of your back, or you can keep it simpler by getting the spine tattoo a bit thinner.

The mechanical spine

Cyberpunk and 3D tattoos are all the rage these days, so it’s no surprise that many people end up going with a mechanical spine tat over all of the other design options out there. A popular version of this one is to get the “ripped skin” look with a mechanical spine underneath. Expect these designs to be more expensive than the others mentioned on this page since they usually have quite a bit of detail.

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