Spiral Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

At first glance, the spiral tattoo can be just another simple, hypnotizing design. When looking into it more closely, however, you will find that the spiral tattoo is much more than just a design but holds strong significance and symbolism in the world as we know it.

Not only does this symbol look unlike any other, it can be incorporated in many different ways. Believe it or not, the image of a swirled, spiral, is pretty ancient. The spiral falls into the category of ‘ancient symbols’. In the spiritual world, the spiral is actually the oldest symbol that is used for ancient spiritual practices and rituals.

This symbol represents spiritual growth and the development of evolution. Images of the spiral are seen everywhere in life, from plants and minerals to animals and our very own anatomy, life, death, and all that is in between above and beyond is all within the spiral of time. It is a reminder of our own spiritual path and adventure through the lives we lead. Spirals can represent balance as well as change, a way of centering the mind to a peaceful state. Below are examples of the spiral tattoo and different variations of how it can be done.

Luna Goddess Spiral Tattoo

The Luna goddess spiral is one that has been used throughout ancient history and time. This symbol is very dear to those who are into spirituality, especially if you are a woman. What this design is, is the outline of a woman with her hands above her head and connected together. In the middle of her body, however, near her hips, is the spiral. This spiral like every symbol of the spiral represents many things.

This spiral in particular is special to womanhood in the sense that the spiral is the giver of all life. Because women are the ones that give birth and hold the baby in the womb. The spiral represents the genesis of light that is within the darkness of the womb. The woman with the spiral represents all things that are life. The great mystery of the world and the creation of life all reside within the womb of the woman.

This image can be done in a couple of different ways and adding color is completely up to you. Another version of the Luna goddess spiral is instead of just showing the one spiral, there are multiple spirals throughout her whole body as if the woman is made up of these symbols all being contained within her frame.

Celtic Triad Spiral Tattoo

If the one image of a spiral is not enough or you just want to show pride in your culture, the Celtic triad spiral is a great recommendation. This symbol goes by a couple of different names such as the triple spiral and the triskele. A triad is a conversion of three things, in this case, it is the spirals. All done with one line, these spirals are all connected together in a group creating three separate mini spirals.

Just like the single spiral, these three spirals all represent many things. The mind, body, spirit, the spiraling forces of time are just a few examples. These spirals represent life, death, and everything in between. This symbol can be found in many places during the times of the Ancient Celtic, it is both a hypnotizing and alluring symbol that will never run out of style or meaning. The classic black ink used for tattooing the image is fine, if you would like to add color, a suggestion would be to add green, due to the Celtic origin.

Golden Spiral Tattoo

This is also widely known as the Fibonacci spiral. Named after Leonardo Fibonacci, this tattoo concept is appreciable to those who have a deep love for the world of mathematics. The golden spiral is a very complex pattern of numbers that stretches on forever. On a scale and chart, the numbers descend in a spiral that never ends. This spiral and symmetry is seen throughout nature and our everyday lives. A tattoo such as this can have the spiral displayed on the golden spiral chart, it can also be incorporated in many objects and ideas.

As long as the spiral is present, the spiral can take the form of just about anything that is in a twisting kind of design. The tubular waves of water flowing in a spiral can represent one of the most important elements on earth and its power of.

Music Note Spiral Tattoo

The ‘treble clef’ music note is one that almost everybody recognizes and associates with music. The design of the treble clef itself has almost a spiral-like effect about it as it is. Adding a spiral within the music note that then goes onto a continuous line to create the rest of the treble clef, can be a very unique and creative design.

Music is important to many of us, it is a distraction and a way of letting loose. What better way to express your passion for music than getting a music note tattoo? Having the spiral within the design shows your never-ending love for music and the endless possibilities it can bring.

Tree of Life Tattoo

Having the spiral start out as the base of a tree trunk is another option for a spiral tattoo. Since the tree has a great deal of symbolism behind it as well that pertains to life and growth, the spiral is a perfect image to combine it with.

Trees can signify the beginning of a fresh start. Since trees are so mighty and powerful, they seem to live forever. As the spiral starts to expand from the trunk, the tree grows larger and branches out. This is a very true statement not only about trees but life as well.

As we get older, we get wiser and grow not only in strength but with character. This tree of life with the spiral at the bottom is a spiritual symbol of enlightenment. The tree also helps explain the spiral as well. Placement for this tattoo can begin just about wherever you would like.

Popular places to have this inked out at however would be the back of the leg on the calf muscle, the forearm leading from the wrist on up, or even on the upper thigh. Trees also make for great side pieces as well, depending on how large you want the graphic.

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