St. Michael Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas

Saint Michael the Archangel is a popular topic when it comes to getting a religious tattoo. He is known to be the leader of all angels and leads the army of God. Saint Michael is a warrior and when you see this tattoo depicted, you are more than likely going to see Saint Michael with a sword in hand. Whether he is fighting a beast or just standing there, the Saint Michael tattoo is a cool-looking one.

In this post, we plan to talk about Saint Michael and the different versions of this tattoo we see. We will also discuss what Saint Michael means to different religions and what he symbolizes for those thinking of getting a tattoo. We hope by the end of this post you have a better understanding of the leader of the angels.

About Saint Michael

The name of Michael means ‘Who is Like God?’ Archangel means leader of angels. Many will argue that Saint Michael was Jesus Christ himself because he is the only being similar to God in that he is a divine being and Jesus is also the leader of the angels. However, for the purpose of this article, we will stick to what we know.

There are four duties Saint Michael the Archangel is responsible for. The first is to combat Satan. The second is to escort the faithful to heaven at the hour of death. His third job is to be a champion of all Christians in the church. Finally, his last duty is to call men from life on earth to their heavenly judgment

Saint Michael is only mentioned a few times in the bible. One of the times he is mentioned is when they talk about Michael guarding the tomb of Moses in which he has battled Satan many times for the rights to the body.

Another time, and probably the most infamous, is when he battles Lucifer and his army of angels.

Saint Michael versus Lucifer

The story of Lucifer’s fall versus Saint Michael was a glorious victory for Saint Michael and his army of angels. For the victory, Saint Michael was awarded command of the legions of heaven and to be made a prince. The angels happily accepted and acknowledged Michael as the leader of the angels and did whatever they were told.

The story of the battle with Lucifer starts with the creation of Earth. There were only angels around at that time as man had yet to be created. Lucifer and a group of angels had rebellion in their hearts and there was no excuse because God had created the angels with great wisdom and nothing clouding their judgment. He knew exactly what he was doing and so there was no forgiveness.

Because Lucifer was present at the time of Adam and Eve, it is said that a revolt had already started. Something to note is that Lucifer was created as a Seraphim which was the highest order of angels while Saint Michael was an Archangel and one of the lower choirs of angels. Therefore, having Michael lead the battle against Lucifer was telling. God always used the lowest or weakest to combat the highest and strongest to shame them. This was the case with Lucifer.

In this story, Saint Michael the Archangel and his army of angels defeated Lucifer and his army and sent him away forever. In this sense, Saint Michael is the protector and you will see this image in many tattoos.

Because Saint Michael is written frequently within the religious texts of the three Abrahamic religions, there are many legends of his courage as a protector. The archangel is seen as both a healer and a defender of justice. He is often pictured with a sword, ready to pierce into the heart of evil in order to defend the earth and heavens. He has broad sweeping wings and armor, often with bold beams of sunlight shining in the background.

Often, a cape is added, emphasizing his authority as a warrior and the most prestigious of the archangels. Images and scenes of Saint Michael are most often rendered in greyscale in order to preserve the dignity and significance of his attribution to God. The black and white tones help to preserve his image and the countless memorials that have been dedicated to him.

Saint Michael Symbolism

Saint Michael is the Catholic, Anglican, and Lutheran representation of the archangel Michael. Michael is a figure in all of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and becomes a uniting figure of the three. He is an image of Satan’s defeat, leading him to become an example of courage, bravery, and justice. Saint Michael is a strong, righteous symbol of a warrior and champion in the fight for good against evil.

Saint Michael Tattoo Variations

Saint Michael tattoos are usually larger pieces because of the detail involved. Thick clouds, representing the heavens, are generally designed in the background along with beams of light to indicate the archangel’s glory. Winged demons are sometimes added through which Michael pierces, or is about to pierce, with his valiant sword or spear. He is also often depicted raising his weapon triumphantly in the air, showing his valor as a warrior.

The prayer to Saint Michael, any words or lines such as “defend us” or “protection”, can be added to the scene. The prayer is unique to the Catholic religion but can be appropriately added in any case.

Saint Michael Defeating Satan

One image that is very common when seeing a Saint Michael tattoo is one of him defeating Satan. This image is a very powerful one when looking at religious tattoos. It’s the image of the moment Lucifer was cast to hell. In this, Saint Michael represents victory, ultimate justice and great bravery. He is the righteous warrior who took out Lucifer and led the army of angels to victory. When you think about the powerful image this portrays, it’s no surprise many people would look to have a Saint Michael tattoo on their body.

Saint Michael Angel of Death Tattoo

Saint Michael is also known as the Angel of Death and escorts those worthy to Heaven. You may see the Saint Michael tattoo and notice him with a person under his wing or looking as if he is protecting someone. This might be Saint Michael taking this person to the gates of heaven. This is another example of Saint Michael as a leader. He is also known to strike down those that are evil men and spirits so the Saint Michael tattoo can also represent retribution and judgment.

Saint Michael the Guardian Tattoo

Saint Michael the Guardian tattoo is very common as well. Saint Michael is often called upon for times of need and times when we need protection. You might see Saint Michael standing in front of someone or leading the angels into battle. This tattoo symbolizes Saint Michael the protector.

The Saint Michael tattoo is a powerful image and when it is tattooed by the right person, it can end up being a piece that you will be proud of for as long as you live. It is important to know about this subject before getting the tattoo because depending on what religion you follow, the message might change. However, it seems to be clear that Saint Michael is a warrior and is out to protect the good in this world and will always be there to battle evil.

If you decide that you want this tattoo, then we say you should do your research and look for an artist who specializes in realism or black and grey tattoos. These are old images and should almost be treated as art, so it is important to see the right artist. If you are having trouble deciding on what artist to see, we suggest shooting us a message. We have years of experience in matching customers to artists. We want to make sure your vision comes to life.

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