Star Behind Ear Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The star, since what seems to be the dawn of mankind, has always held a very strong form of symbolism. Long before humans had the technology or even could truly understand what the universe or stars were, they were associated with the heavens.

The symbolism of the stars has turned into the depiction of warfare between light, and darkness; spirit and material forces.

One of the most iconic ways the star has been portrayed is the five-pointed star. This star has a single point on top, two on the left side, and two on the right side of the figure. The Christians seemed to have adopted this star from Egypt, but the idea and symbol of a star has grown through much more than that. The five points are supposed to depict the wounds of Jesus. This star is also known as a pentagram.

Of course, actual stars in the sky do not have these jagged points. These points were made perhaps by the Egyptians who would use these stars as hieroglyphics, when looking up at the night sky and seeing stars, it almost seems as if there are lines coming from the star, thus, the jagged points that we associate with the star today.

There are many different forms of stars, and each one could mean a specific thing. As far as getting a tattoo of a star behind your ear, the most common figure is the 5-pointed, pentagram, star. This is because it is the most recognized throughout the world, this 5-pointed jagged symbol automatically registers in our brains as that of a star from the sky. Just like any tattoo, the meaning behind such tattoos is more than likely something that the tattoo enthusiast holds close and dear to them, giving it their own meaning.

Whether you have a special meaning for your tattoo or not, the symbol of a star can mean many, many things. It also pushes off a certain vibe when the image is seen. It is a positive image of course, that can show much more than just a 5-pointed star.

Star Tattoo Behind the Ear Symbolism

The stars in the night sky have helped travelers find their way home and toward civilization further back than history can describe. The stars act like a compass and show the way when we are lost. This tattoo can symbolize just that. A symbol of finding one’s way. Hope, ambition and maybe the desire to achieve high goals can be tattooed behind the ear to signify that you are not going to stop until you reach the top. Maybe you have even reached what you consider ‘stardom’.

This means that you have reached a state or status of being widely known or famous. This mostly applies to those who are in the entertainment industry or are well accomplished and have reached a high level of being recognized.

Accomplishing a goal that you have set before yourself is one of the best feelings you can get. Showing a tattoo of a star for this reason is a good indicator that you pull through with what you want, and you do not stop until you are done achieving this goal. An interest in astronomy and just being fascinated by the universe is another popular indicator of why you have a star tattoo or want one.

This tattoo is common among those who are fishermen and sailors. Those who live their lives by the sea, fishing and traveling far across the mysterious and vast waters of the world. When the compass fails, the stars will not. Those who have been lost at sea or are just really relying on the direction of things will get a star tattoo. This graphic is popular amongst many people, the star behind the ears however, is one that takes some guts to get.

Not exactly a face tattoo, the star or stars, behind the ear/ears can easily be covered up with hair and are not easily recognizable unless the person with the tattoo is standing at a sideways angle or you are looking at the back of their head and notice the stars.

The concept of having a tattoo such as stars is almost like they are being hidden in plain sight. This is also true about the stars in our universe. When we look up at the night sky, the stars are shining brightly, lighting the land before us so it is not completely dark. However, when we look up at the sky during the daytime, although those stars are very much still there, we cannot see them.

This is because the light that is being projected from the sun that we rotate around is so bright and full of light, that we can not see the stars when we look up into the daytime sky. Thus, stars are always hidden in plain sight, just as the tattoo of the star or stars behind the ear. Below are some examples of the star behind the ear tattoo, and placements as to which these stars are constructed.

Star Designs

The stars that we see in the sky, the majority of them at least, are bright, white, balls of light. When we see this graphic displayed elsewhere, the star is a burning bright yellow, or literally any other color you decide on. As for tattoos, you want them to be pleasing to the eye, whether you like the color yellow or not, you can change the color of these stars to your liking.

The star tattoo behind the ear is so perfect because the star itself is an easy, elementary, design. With the 5 points, or perhaps you want even more points and to come up with your very own variation of the star, it is an easy and applicable piece to fit in small places such as behind the ear. Many people decide to get just one star behind the ear.

Others may get that star with streaks of lines behind it, signifying that it is a shooting star. But why limit yourself to just one image of a star? Go all out and get several stars in a pattern behind the ear and throw some streak patterns in there to give it a real astronomical effect! These tattoos are often done with color added to them, a plain, black, star is cool but not as pleasing to the eye as a bright pink, or blue and green star!

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