Stay Strong Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

There are a lot of great motivational tattoos out there these days, but the Stay Strong tattoo seems to be right there near the top of the list. It is a great way to have a constant reminder to get through all of the tough times in your life while also having the added benefit of motivating other people who happen to see the text.

Below we will go over some of the different meanings that can be used with the Stay Strong tattoo and a few of the things you’ll want to keep in mind when designing one of these tattoos.

The primary reason why people get their Stay Strong tattoos is to remind themselves to think positive thoughts regardless of what they are going through in their lives. Anyone who has had tough times in the past and had some trouble getting over those hurdles might find this tattoo to be perfect for them. These two words can be enough to get you past any future troubles you have simply by looking at them.

While most people get their Stay Strong tattoos to motivate themselves, others will actually get them to motivate others. In most cases, these people have also had some trouble getting past those tough moments but have found these words to help them. They want to pass on the message that we really can depend on ourselves to feel better no matter what is thrown our way. Of course, even if this is the reason why someone gets a Stay Strong tattoo, they can always use it themselves when they need it.

Unlike many other inspirational tattoos, the Stay Strong tattoo is one that absolutely anyone can get since it is not directly tied to anxiety or stress. We all have difficulties in our lives that we need a little help overcoming, so this tattoo really can be worn by anyone who likes the idea of having a little bit of motivation on their skin. It might not seem like it, but the Stay Strong that can be a real stress reliever when you need it the most.

As is the case with just about every text tattoo, you will want to think long and hard about the font you will use in your Stay Strong tattoo. You don’t want to use a font that is too flashy with this type of tattoo, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with making it as attractive as you want. What we always recommend is searching through some font families online, choosing a couple that you like, and then looking to see how Stay Strong looks in each of those sub-fonts.

Most people will choose to stick with just the two words in their Stay Strong tattoos, but you can definitely add in some symbols or images if you can find a way to make them blend in well with the words. Hearts are very popular in these types of designs, but you can also personalize the tattoo by including symbols or images that reflect who you are through their meanings. This is an especially good idea if you plan on this being your only tattoo and you want to pack in as much meaning as you can.

The wrist seems to be the most common area where people choose to place their Stay Strong tattoos. The words fit very well on the top or the bottom of the wrist, or you can even use a larger font that allows you to wrap the design around your wrist. The reason why so many put these types of tattoos on their wrists is because they want to be able to look down at it whenever they need a little bit of motivation.

Another great place to put a Stay Strong tattoo is higher up on your arm in the forearm area. This is a good idea if you are choosing to use a larger font or if you simply like the look of it higher up your arm. Most folks opt to put these designs on the inside of their forearms so they can easily read them when they need them.

Most people choose to get both of the words in their Stay Strong tattoos in the same location, but some choose to break up the two words. You can do this by placing one word on each of your arms or legs, or you might opt to share the tattoo with someone close to you. If you do opt for the matching tattoos variant, make sure that both of you get the words in the same location and in the same font; you can add different symbols on your own tattoos if you want to make them a bit different.

If you don’t want to place your Stay Strong tattoo on your arm or you just don’t have the room for it, you might want to consider getting it as a collarbone tattoo. This is an excellent choice for those who don’t necessarily want others to see their designs. It also seems to be the perfect length for the collarbone, so you don’t have to worry about it stretching out too long or looking odd in that area of your body.

Yet another place that works well with the Stay Strong tattoo and most other text tattoo designs is the rib area. Most people do put tattoos with more words in this area, but when placed correctly the Stay Strong tattoo can look great there.

As you can see, the Stay Strong tattoo is an excellent inspirational tattoo for those looking for a simple design with a very powerful message. Yes, it’s a very simple tattoo that has no mystery behind it, but that is actually exactly what people want with these types of motivational designs.

If you do decide to get a Stay Strong tattoo, be sure to take your time when choosing a font and get a good tattoo artist to apply your design for you.

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