Still, I Rise Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

The phrase ‘Still I Rise’ is one that is most recognized in the poem ‘Still I Rise’ by Maya
Angelou. Published in 1978, ‘Still I Rise’ consists of 32 short poems. Separated into 3 different parts, the poem’s main message is that of rising above the struggles and difficult times that may pass you. Maya Angelou is originally known for her award-winning 7 autobiographies that she had published.

Within all of her work, her two most popular poetry pieces were entitled ‘Phenomenal Woman’ and ‘Still I Rise’. Within the volume of poetry in which these two poems are found, she speaks for her race and her womanly gender as well as the courageous resilience of her community. The poems received so much attention that the United Negro College Fund used ‘Still I Rise’ as the center of an advertising campaign.

Although this poem and phrase were made popular through the works of Maya Angelou, it does not necessarily mean that you have to be an expert or know everything, or anything about Maya Angelou. We do owe her thanks however, without her empowering so many people through her creativity and words, we would have a less realistic meaning of what ‘Still I Rise’ truly means.

This phrase is not only for women and the African-American community but men and others of any race are equally entitled to sport this phrase. Like many phrases and tattoo concepts, they all hold true to the person owning them. Everyone has different views and opinions on things, a tattoo such as this could mean a number of different ideologies to the individual. Whatever your reasoning, this is a self-empowering phrase that is a sign of determination and perseverance.

Down below are examples of the ‘Still I Stand’ tattoo, the different meanings behind them, and unique, creative concepts that people have gotten in retribution for the brave phrase.

Overcoming Obstacles

We all have our own struggles and tribulations through this roller coaster of the life we live. These obstacles and hard times that fall in our way can either make you or break you. Overcoming something that has been an issue in your life gives us a great sense of self-pride and accomplishment. We are all dealt with our own hand of cards, we must use these cards to the best of our abilities and make the most of them.

The phrase itself ‘Still I Rise’ indicates that something must have happened that was not particularly good. Tattooing this phrase can remind oneself of who they are and how far that they have made it from whatever it was that happened to them in the past. To others, it shows that the individual is a strong and determined person who does not give up very easily.

Those who have struggled with an addictive substance of some sort and never thought they would be able to overcome their demons but end up doing it through the power of will and hard work get this tattooed because it is the perfect example of rising above. Getting over something that is harmful to you but hard to resist is one of the hardest things to really do.

Inside you know that this substance is destroying your body and spirit but can not do anything about it because you want to keep chasing the feeling of whatever this addiction causes. That being said, those who are fortunate enough to stand up for themselves get rid of all of their demons and make a life-altering change to their life are the ones who rise above it all.

For many people, love is a cherished and precious thing to have in your life. Some of us however fall in love with the wrong people. These are the people that seem like a good idea at first but once time goes on their true colors start to show. Domestic abuse is a tragic pattern of violent behaviors toward someone you may be in a relationship with such as marriage, or just dating. Being abused by someone you have strong feelings for and love can be one of the worst things that can happen to someone. Although the abuser is not worthy of your love, being in that situation is not always as easy to get out of as it seems.

This abuser could threaten you with your life or someone close to you, they could come back and destroy your property, or even kill you to the point of murder or suicide. Getting out of a toxic relationship is something to be proud of and most importantly learn from. A tattoo of the phrase ‘Still I Rise’ is a helpful reminder of where you have been and to not allow anyone else in your life that treat you that way. Or if they do end up treating you badly, it is a reminder to snap yourself out of it and stand up for yourself, no matter the consequence.

Image and a Phrase

The phrase ‘Still I Rise’ is a strong message that looks great as a tattoo by itself. There are numerous ways to display this text with different fonts. If you already have a font picked out for this phrase but want a little something more to go along with it, an image of your liking is always an excellent way to go. Considering the phrase itself and its meaning of overcoming and rising above influences and obstacles, images such as flowers are a popular and unique way to express just that.

Since flowers start by growing from the dirt and blossoming into something beautiful, it signifies that you as well were at rock bottom and rose above everything that got in the way, the harsh weather you had to go through, the conditions in which you were placed, all made you who you are today. Using a graphic of a flower of your liking, a rose is a popular flower to use, you can place the phrase either wrapping around the flower in script or having the phrase written along the stem leading up to the flower itself.

Depending on where you decide to place this and how it is placed will determine which direction you should take. For example, if you get this tattooed on your forearm, it would make sense for the flower to go up your arm with the phrase ‘Still I Rise’ wrapping around the image for a more notable effect.

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