Strawberry Tattoo Meaning, Designs & Ideas

The bright red strawberry is a colorful choice for a tattoo, particularly for women. This tattoo often represents love, passion, or sensuality. Strawberry tattoos can also symbolize good fortune and rebirth.

In this article, we’ll look at the different reasons a person may choose this fruit for a tattoo.

All About Strawberries

Though wild strawberries grew long before, the modern strawberry was not cultivated until the 1700s in France. Today, strawberries are consumed all over the world. Often enjoyed fresh, they can also be made into jam, baked in pies, or served with cream.

Strawberries are juicy and have a sweet yet tangy flavor. High in vitamin C, strawberries are bright red in color and have an enticing aroma. The strawberry plant has green leaves and white flowers.

You may be surprised to know that the strawberry is not actually a berry in botanical terms. It is called an accessory fruit!

Strawberry Tattoos

Tattoos of strawberries are most often done in color to showcase the bright red color. These tattoos tend to be smaller in size. Most commonly, tattoos will be done of the whole strawberry, though occasionally, you will see one that has been cut in half. 

Women tend to get strawberry tattoos more often than men. Some tattoos just feature the strawberry itself, while others incorporate the flowering vine and leaves. You may see a strawberry with a bite out of it or even a strawberry with a face on it!

Pleasure and Enjoyment

A strawberry tattoo can be a symbol of pleasure or hedonism, the belief that pleasure is an important goal in life. Although strawberries do have nutritional value, they are more commonly eaten because they taste delicious! 

The strawberry represents doing something for the sheer pleasure of it, just because you enjoy it. Of course, a person may choose a strawberry tattoo simply because they love the fruit!

Rebirth and Renewal

In many parts of the world, the strawberry is the first fruit to appear during the growing season. Similar to how the robin is a sign that spring is beginning, strawberries are a sign of summer arriving.

Some Indigenous cultures have naming ceremonies during this time of year. Babies are given their names at the same time that the strawberries are starting to appear.

The strawberry tattoo can symbolize a person’s rebirth or a sense of a new beginning. It can represent a fresh start in life and optimism for the future.

Perfection and Righteousness

During medieval times, which lasted from approximately the 5th to 15th centuries, wild strawberries were a symbol of righteousness and perfection. Christians believed the fruit was representative of a drop of blood from Christ and the three leaves a symbol of the Holy Trinity.

Strawberries were depicted on pillars, columns, and altars within churches. The Virgin Mary was also illustrated with the fruit, representing all things good and virtuous. Some Italian and German artists during this time used the strawberry in their paintings to symbolize decency and morality.

A tattoo of a strawberry may be a representation of a person’s Christian faith. It may also show their interest in medieval history and art. This tattoo can display the individual’s desire to follow their moral code and to be a good person.

Good Luck and Prosperity

For some people, the strawberry signifies good fortune, abundance, and prosperity. In Bavaria, farmers had a tradition of giving strawberries as an offering to legendary elves. They believed that these elves would bless their cows and bring a good milking season.

A person with German–or more specifically–Bavarian heritage, may appreciate this legend and opt for a strawberry tattoo because of it. They may think it will bring them good luck in the future.

Fertility and Femininity

The strawberry is also a symbol of both femininity and fertility. When cut down the middle, the inside of the strawberry can resemble female genitalia. The seeds on the outside of the plant are also representative of a woman’s fertile nature.

A woman may choose a strawberry tattoo because she embraces the feminine aspects of herself. If she is trying to conceive, she may feel that the strawberry tattoo will bring her luck when it comes to fertility!

Passion and Temptation

The French believed that the strawberry acted as an aphrodisiac. The fruit was given to both partners on their wedding night in hopes that it would bring them pleasure.

The strawberry appeals to the senses–its juiciness, round shape, appealing smell, and delicious taste all contribute to it being a symbol of temptation. The scent of strawberries is often used in perfumes, lip balms, and other body products.

A tattoo of a strawberry can represents an individual’s sensual desires.

Love and Romance

In ancient Rome, strawberries were associated with Venus–the goddess of love. The fruit’s red color and heart shape made them an obvious choice for a visual representation of love. 

Today there is a strawberry festival that takes place in Nemi, Italy. The legend states that after Venus found out her beloved Adonis had been killed, she cried. The strawberries that grow in Nemi are said to be born from the tears of Venus.

Strawberries are a common symbol of romance as well. Chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne are a favorite for Valentine’s Day or for celebrating wedding anniversaries. 

A strawberry tattoo can be illustrative of a person’s romantic relationship. Some tattoos feature two strawberries which is often a depiction of the love between two people.

Native American Culture

The strawberry is prominent in some Native American beliefs and practices. It symbolizes health and its leaves can be used to make medicinal teas. Its heart shape also represents peace and forgiveness and is sometimes called the heart-berry. 

A person may choose a strawberry tattoo as an illustration of a part of their heritage and culture. The tattoo may represent the person’s peaceful nature or desire for good health.

Featured image by gina pina, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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