Strength Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

Strength tattoos are some of the most popular in the world because there are so many designs to choose from and just about everyone loves the meanings that come along with strength. There are dozens of great strength tattoo variations, and most of them are for both men and women.

On this page, we will take a look at exactly why strength tattoos and their meanings are so popular these days and why one or more of them might be the right ones for you.

The idea of strength and symbols of strength serves as a daily reminder of one’s abilities and talents. Not only do they tell others what you take pride in, they also can serve as motivational pieces that you can look at every time you need an extra jolt. What’s great about this is that you can choose any type of strength tattoo symbol that you want and these meanings will usually automatically be attached to them.

Another of the many strength tattoo meanings that come with just about all of these designs is that strength comes from within and the belief in oneself. It could be that you take pride in knowing this about yourself, or it could be that you want to gain this ability to live a more complete life. Regardless, strength tattoos can serve as a constant reminder to rely on yourself more than those around you.

Bravery and accomplishment come from strength making it an integral facet of any successful individual. If you pride yourself on being a very courageous person, this might be the best strength tattoo for you. It could also be a great meaning to use if you want to have the ability to be brave in tough life situations so you can accomplish more as an individual.

The very image of the word “strength” is a symbol of prosperity and the will to persevere. If you do decide to go with the text version, you will want to spend some time thinking about the font that you want to use that will have the greatest impact and bring your strength tattoo meaning to the forefront. In most cases, people either choose their arms or their chests for these text tattoos, but it will have the same meaning regardless of where it is placed.

The word “strength” is often accompanied by other symbols that emphasize the significance of a strong will. We point this out because most people want to have tattoo designs that are unique from everyone else’s, which means that it’s a good idea to include some symbols behind or around the text. The good news is that there are plenty of great strength symbols that both add to the meanings that you want to use and can even add in some new ones.

The infinity symbol can be included, adding an element of eternity to the concept and the necessity of personal strength in one’s life. This is one of the better ways to show that you want to always be able to find the strength to get through the many tough times that pop up over a lifetime.

The symbol itself brings with it an acceptance of your mortality and you want to make the most of every day. It’s a great combo with strength since it shows that you don’t take any days off from your mission to be as strong an individual as you possibly can be.

Because “strength” is often depicted on its own as an image, a sweeping script is usually chosen to enhance its intricacy of. The line work of this script can be developed into a design that highlights the classic look of the tattoo. Some people will use a script from a book of scripts, while others will create their own to make their strength tattoos as unique as possible.

Flowers, feathers, petite birds, butterflies, and other small, pleasing motifs can also be added to create a more complex image. These are especially great to add to strength tats when you want to make them as personal as possible. For example, adding in a specific species of bird will bring with it the meanings attached to that bird, giving outsiders a bit more information about who you are. Also, obviously, these types of symbols can add to the overall look of the design you get.

Anchors are another popular choice used to accompany “strength” and represent the grounding ability of personal strength. An anchor is a symbol of willpower and the weight that holds one to individual beliefs and morals. These are great to get if you want to show that you not only want the strength to handle your own life but also to be strong when your family and friends need you.

Crosses are often added to convey Christian beliefs and can be included with the infinity symbol to portray the eternal strength found in Jesus Christ. These are great strength tattoo meanings for believers who want to combine their love of their faith with their need to be strong as individuals.

Breast cancer (or any cancer) ribbon tattoos often feature the word “strength” and represent the survival of a horrible disease. The strength comes from knowing the ability to overcome such a detrimental diagnosis. These can also be good tattoos to get if you want to show your support for someone who is going through or has gone through breast cancer treatment.

Wings can also accompany “strength” symbolizing liberation and the strength to be oneself. If you are someone who has had a very tough past and has found the strength to move towards more positive things in life, then wings could be a great way to show that.

Symbols can be used to denote “strength” as well such as images of notably powerful animals. Some animals, such as bears and lions, already symbolize strength, so the tattoo’s meaning will already be there without you having to add anything extra to make that meaning clear. These are perfect for people who already want to get animal tattoos.

A lion’s head, complete with a full mane, is a fierce hunter that represents strength and dignity. Many people are drawn to the lion’s head since it is a striking image that can look great pretty much anywhere on the body.

Other animals, such as horned bulls or growling wolves, are also examples of strength that do not need to be imaged with the word “strength”, although it can be incorporated to specify the intent of the tattoo. These animals often also come with other meanings attached to them, so ideally you choose one that symbolizes traits that you take pride in.

The strength tattoo meaning that you end up using will totally depend on the design that you choose to use. You can alter a classic design to show that you want the strength to do more in your life, or you can get a tattoo that clearly shows that you are someone who is already strong enough to deal with anything.

Since there are so many great strength tattoos and meanings, it’s vital that you take your time to choose great ones. Not only should you pick out a text font and/or images that define perfectly who you are but you also will want to make sure that the design itself fits where you want it to.

After you know what type of design you want and have a great strength tattoo meaning or two, then you will want to find a well-respected artist to do the work. They will help you to place the tattoo along the natural lines of your body and will make sure that the design draws the eye.

Strength tattoos are designs that most people end up taking a lot of pride in, so as long as you know that you will love the look and meaning of your strength tattoo when you get it, chances are those feelings won’t change in the future. All you have to choose one or two strength tattoo meanings and then find the design that suits you best.

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