Urban Nomads’ Tattoo Aftercare Oil is a 100% natural skin oil made for tattoo aftercare. The product is not tested on animals with no synthetic additives and made with only organic oils. Produced in Spain, the oil is guaranteed safe for sensitive skin and sensitive areas like lips and around the eyes. It won’t clog pores as it easily spreads over dry skin without comedogenic ingredients and absorbs quickly. It is naturally scented with organic bergamot orange oil which works in conjunction with argan oil, sunflower, chamomile, calendula, rosemary, and lemon. The natural oils are full of vitamins E and C to enrich the skin as it moisturizes and protects. The oil can be used at any time and on any type of skin, tattooed or not. It is marketed for hair as well as skin because of its powerful and natural ingredients, safe for use all over the body.

Urban Nomads distill their special oils into tinted glass bottles to ensure the longevity of the product. The 30 ml bottle is meant to be used for the four week period of the healing process after receiving the tattoo and can be used continuously afterwards. The oil can be purchased and used before the tattooing process occurs as well and used on the area of skin that will receive ink. Hydrating the skin prior to tattoo application, especially with a cleansing and antimicrobial product, allows for easier tattooing for both the artist and the client. A supple skin surface will help to reduce discomfort during and after the tattoo and speed recovery.

The ingredients in the tattoo oil are naturally anti-inflammatory and combine into the most effective remedy for dry and itchy skin. They work as a natural cleanser, creating a barrier between the skin and infectious and harmful bacteria. The oils are sourced from farmers local to Barcelona where the Aftercare Oil is manufactured, making it a sustainable product available for order all over the globe.

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