Fresno Tattoo Artists

Red Wave Tattoo & Art Gallery is going to be the perfect place to get a tattoo for a lot of people in the El Paso area, but you will definitely want to look around at more shops before you make your final decision. Some of the studios will have a lot of open space, some will have better tattooing tools, and some will have a great mix of artists for their clients. What you want to do is find the shop that you think you will be most comfortable in regardless of your needs. That extra little bit of research can help you to increase your chances of having a good overall tattooing experience.

There are also quite a few talented tattoo artists in Fresno, so you could choose to search by artist rather than by studio. Some of the most well-known tattoo artists in the Fresno area include Matt Raber, Cat Houngsombath, Ryan Carr, Sean de Hart, and many more. These are the type of artists that you want to work with because you know that they have experience with many different types of tattoos and they have learned how to be patient and work with their clients over their many years of tattooing.

If you are searching around for the perfect tattoo artist in Fresno to make your design, there are a few things you want to specifically look out for. The key thing is finding an artist who has a style that you feel will match the overall look you’re going for with your design. You also want to find someone who is easy to work with, which is definitely easier to do these days thanks to all of the different review websites that are out there. Finally, you want to physically go to the shops where these artists work to see if you get along. Ideally you will find a tattoo artist in Fresno who is talented, friendly, and who is known for making the type of tattoos that you want.

What’s awesome about getting a tattoo in Fresno is that you have plenty of options to choose from, so you should be able to find a great shop and a great artist to work with if you take the time to do some research. There are more shops and more artists popping up all the time in the city, so the competition is fierce, which means that they all want to do the best job on your tattoo that they can to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some of the best Fresno tattoo artists and shops according to our research. If you think we should add anyone to the list or if you see anything that should be edited, contact us by clicking here

Fresno California Tattoo Artist 19Fresno California Tattoo Artist 20

Rush Inkart


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 21Fresno California Tattoo Artist 22

Audie Fulfer Jr.


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 17Fresno California Tattoo Artist 18



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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 5Fresno California Tattoo Artist 6

Cat Houngsombath


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 7Fresno California Tattoo Artist 8

Jose Fernandez

Tattoo Styles: Portrait, Realism, Black & Grey, Custom Script

Tattoo Profile: Currently a free-lance tattoo artist who’s primary focus is in providing my clients with quality art, professional service and a clean sterile environment. I specialize in realistic tattoos and add my personal touch to every piece to make it unique. My work is mostly influenced by Gothic art, architecture, portraiture, surrealism, and nature.


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 9Fresno California Tattoo Artist 10

Alex Solis


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 11Fresno California Tattoo Artist 12

Laura May


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 13Fresno California Tattoo Artist 14

J Christopher Esparza


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 15Fresno California Tattoo Artist 16

Ryan Carr


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 1Fresno California Tattoo Artist 2

Devan Piccolo


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Fresno California Tattoo Artist 3Fresno California Tattoo Artist 4

Michael E. Bennett


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Smiley 1Fresno Tattoo Artist Smiley 2

Fresno Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio

Address: 418 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93701

Phone: (559) 237-5125

Tattoo Profile: Fresno Tattoo and Body Piercing is an award winning art studio located in central Fresno. Our knowledgeable licensed and certified staff provides a welcoming and sterile environment for your artwork and piercing needs.


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Peeze 1Fresno Tattoo Artist Peeze 3

Fresh Ink

Address: 564 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

Phone: (559) 374-9535

Tattoo Profile: Tattoos, Custom Art, & Script…Only Place to get it freshly tatted!


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Frankie Moreno 4Fresno Tattoo Artist Frankie Moreno 2

Nightwitch Body Art

Address: 2816 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93703

Phone: (559) 475-0126

Tattoo Profile: Please look through the artist’s page to learn a little about him and to see examples of his work. You will be truly amazed at what he can do, but come to the shop and look through his portfolio to be really WOWED.


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Audie Fulfer Jr 1Fresno Tattoo Artist Audie Fulfer Jr 2

High Class Tattoo

Address:6503 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, California 93710

Phone: (559) 222-2252

Tattoo Profile: We are a high quality tattoo and piercing studio located in Fresno, Ca! Delivering everything from traditional tattoo work to realistic to bio to new school! Serious inquires only.


Fresno Tattoo Artist Everett Verdialez 1Fresno Tattoo Artist Everett Verdialez 2

Faithful and True Tattoo Studio

Address: 61 N Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721

Phone: (559) 442-4545

Tattoo Profile: Faithful and True Tattoo is a custom tattoo and art studio located in downtown Fresno, California. Owned and operated by artist Everett Verdialez, Faithful and True offers custom tattoo pieces as well as a wide selection of flash designs. Walk-ins are always welcome!


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Jason 4Fresno Tattoo Artist Jason 3

Bound by Tradition Tattoo

Address: 530 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

Phone: (559) 233-4200


Fresno Tattoo Artist Jake 3Fresno Tattoo Artist Jake 4

Clovis Ink

Address: 91 W Shaw, Ste 1, Clovis, CA 93612

Phone: (559) 322-7159

Tattoo Profile: The first tattoo shop in the history of Clovis Ca, working to make your life a little more enjoyable, and thank you for your support.


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Rico Saldivar 1Fresno Tattoo Artist Rico Saldivar 2

Redwave Tattoo

Address:7277 N Blackstone Ave #102, Fresno, CA 93650

Phone: (559) 439-7256

Tattoo Profile: As your proud hosts of The Fresno Tattoo Expo we at Redwave strive to maintain a higher standard of tattooing & piercing with an experience that sets us apart and speaks volumes in the Central Valley. No tattoo or piercing is too small and we eagerly await the honor of becoming part of your lifes timeline in ink & art.


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Danny the Machine 3Fresno Tattoo Artist Danny the Machine 4

Don’t Tell Mom Tattoo

Address: 1140 N Van Ness Ave, Ste 104, Fresno, CA 93728

Phone: (559) 489-0421

Tattoo Profile: Please visit us in person for a consult so your artist can see the size, location and detail of the tattoo you want! Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are always welcomed! Shop Minimum is $60 and each artist will charge by the hour or by piece depending on what you want.


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Joshua Newman 3Fresno Tattoo Artist Joshua Newman 4

Moonchild Tattoo

Address:340 E. Olive Ave, Fresno, California 93728

Phone: (559) 476-7519


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Greg Sumii 2Fresno Tattoo Artist Greg Sumii 3

Liquid Fetish Tattoo

Address: 1416 Broadway, Fresno, CA 93721

Phone: (559) 266-4653

Tattoo Profile: Committed toward tattoo industry education and merging the worlds of ink, art, and beauty.


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Zoombie 2Fresno Tattoo Artist Zoombie 4

Zoombie Nation Tattoo Studio

Address: 1826 Van Ness Ave, Fresno, CA 93721

Phone: (559) 978-3271

Tattoo Profile: High quality tattoos • clean and sterile• attention to detail • you will LOVE your tattoo• diverse in All styles


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Jim McQuaid 2Fresno Tattoo Artist Jim McQuaid 1

Skin Decor Tattoo Studio

Address: 5048 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93710

Phone: (559) 225-2284

Tattoo Profile: Skin Decor Tattoo studio is full-service tattoo and body piercing studio specializing in unique custom tattoos and a full assortment of body jewelry.


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Ray Smith 1Fresno Tattoo Artist Ray Smith 3

Tower Tattoos

Address: 716 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA 93728

Phone: (559) 233-7656

Tattoo Profile: Tower Tattoos is a National Award Winning studio in Fresno, California.


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Fresno Tattoo Artist Noe Lopez 4Fresno Tattoo Artist Noe Lopez 3

Contra Tattoo

Address: 1040 N Fulton St, Fresno, CA 93721

Phone: (559) 452-1003

Tattoo Profile: Tattoo Artist In Fresno CA Owner and Operator of Contra Tattoo, specializing from neo traditional tattoos, Realism tattoos, black and grey tattoos, colorful tattoos, and portraits. These Tattoo Artists are some of the Best Tattoo Artists in Town. They are Respected Tattooers in the industry, working in one of the Best Tattoo Shops in Fresno CA.


Whether you live in Fresno, plan on moving to the city, or you just want to know about it for any other reason, we’ve got you covered! It is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the country, and the city contains some of the most beautiful natural landscapes. There’s no such thing as a city for everyone, but Fresno is a place that most people come to love.

Located in Fresno County, California, Fresno is currently the home to about 500,000 people. Compared to most other popular California cities, Fresno is considered to be quite an affordable place to live, which is pretty surprising considering its location and the fact that it is pretty much universally seen as a beautiful, modern city.

Below you will find some of the many reasons why so many people love living in or visiting the city of Fresno, California.

Fresno is a Big-Time Sports City

People often don’t think of Fresno when they are talking about California sports, but the truth is that people who live in Fresno absolutely love cheering on their local teams. Considering the fact that it is not a big city, Fresno surprisingly has quite a few teams to watch.

Easily the most popular sports teams in the city are the Fresno State Bulldogs, especially the football team. Each home football game is attended by thousands of red-shirted fans who are more than happy to scream their lungs out for their team. They also have highly-ranked basketball, baseball, and track programs, so sports fans have something to watch all year.

Other popular Fresno sports teams include the Fresno Fuego (soccer), the Fresno Monsters (hockey), the Fresno Grizzlies (baseball), and all of the sports teams at Fresno City College.

Fresno is Great at Showcasing Local Talent

It’s unfortunate that many cities around the country don’t support their local artists the way that Fresno does. They hold the annual Rogue Festival, which is a way for residents and visitors to see a ton of great local talent from many different artistic fields.

The Rogue Festival isn’t a small event, either. You can see some performances in downtown Fresno others can be seen in the Tower District. If you are an artist yourself or you simply want to support the locals, the Rogue Festival isn’t an excellent event for you to attend.

Fresno is a Very Well-Known for Its Mexican Food

Considering that Fresno was once a Mexican city, it should come as no surprise that people often rave about the Mexican food there. We’re talking authentic Mexican dishes, not the type of stuff that you find at certain Mexican fast food joints.

If you’re a fan of Mexican food, you will probably be in heaven in Fresno. There seems to be at least one genuine Mexican restaurant on each block, so you will definitely have options to choose from if you visit.

Fresno Has Its Very Own Mardi Gras Parade

That’s right, you can get a Mardi Gras experience somewhere other than New Orleans! Fresno puts together this annual celebration so locals can throw their beads and listen to some great music without having to leave town. It has been held every year for over two decades now and word is that it continues to get better.

Held in the Tower District, Fresno’s Mardi Gras event usually has a unique theme that residents vote on, but for the most part it is like the festival held in New Orleans. There are musical events, great Cajun food, and more great fun for the entire family. Of course, at night the parties get a bit crazier, making for a great time for couples and friends.

Fresno Has Tule Fog

Unlike most other parts of California, Fresno is not known for being the sunniest place on Earth. Sure, there are some long stretches of beautiful, sunny days, but residents also know that they’ll sometimes have to deal with long periods of fog. This fog is called Tule fog, which hangs very low and is only found in Fresno and surrounding cities.

Even though fog is seen by many to be a minor nuisance, it can be a problem for some in Fresno. Since the fog is so low, it can lead to accidents on the road and it can ruin outdoor events.

With all of that being said, it should be noted that Fresno only has Tule fog for about a quarter of the year, so it’s not the type of thing that residents are thinking about all the time.

Fresno is Famous for Its Agriculture

Fresno would not be as well-off as it is without its agricultural production. In fact, the city’s economy very much depends on its farms and the products that come from them. There are a lot of cities that depend on their agricultural production, but Fresno is right near the top of the list.

Not only is agriculture an important part of Fresno, it’s also well-known outside of the city. It has won quite a few awards for its produce and is considered by many to be the top agriculture spot in the United States.

Is Fresno a Great Place to Live?

Fresno does seem like the type of place that a lot of people would love. It’s not overly crowded, it’s affordable, and there are enough events going on throughout the year for people of all ages to enjoy.

Whether it is right for you really comes down to your personal preferences. If you need full-time sun and 70 degree days in your life, you might find that other Californian cities are better for you. Another reason why people might prefer another Californian city is if they want to be closer to the coast since Fresno is in central California.

For just about everyone else, though, Fresno could be the perfect choice of city to call home. It has a rich history that can be felt throughout the city, but it is also very modern. It strikes that balance that a lot of people are looking for when they are seeking out places to live.