Best Texas Tattoo Artists

1. Eric Cantu – Dallas, TX 2. Gabriel Massey – Houston, TX 3. Jonathan Fiore – Austin, TX 4. Tara Quinn – San Antonio, TX 5. James Corgill – Dallas, TX View All Texas Tattoo Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! Texas is home to some of the most talented tattoo artists in … Read more

Best California Tattoo Artists

1. Jhon Gutti – Long Beach, CA 2. Samantha Sue – San Francisco, CA 3. Justin Warn – Anaheim, CA 4. Kiki Burghardt – Oakland, CA 5. Adolfo Vicious – Los Angeles, CA View All California Tattoo Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! California is a hub for a lot of things that … Read more

Best Pennsylvania Tattoo Artists

Featured Pennsylvania Tattoo Artists 1. Danny Lepore – Philadelphia, PA 2. Whitney Seanor – Pittsburgh, PA 3. David Moyer – Philadelphia, PA 4. Nick ‘The Tailor’ Solomon – Philadelphia, PA 5. Doug Nedzesky – Pittsburgh, PA View All Pennsylvania Tattoo Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! Danny Lepore Instagram Send Email Danny Lepore … Read more

Best New York Tattoo Artists

Featured New York Tattoo Artists 1. Alex Bovenzi – Rochester, NY 2. Charles Nicoli II – New York, NY 3. Adam Francey – New York, NY 4. Toby Zeigler – Rochester, NY 5. Donny Arthur – Buffalo, NY View All New York Tattoo Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! If you are in … Read more

Best Florida Tattoo Artists

Featured Florida Tattoo Artists 1. Shane Olds – Orlando, FL 2. Kelly Carlisle – Orlando, FL 3. Jennifer Lynn – Tampa, FL 4. Lauren Thurston – Tallahassee, FL 5. Julio Betancourt – Miami, FL View All Florida Tattoo Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! Florida is also known as the Sunshine State and … Read more

Best Orange County Tattoo Artists

Featured Orange County Tattoo Artists 1. Charlene Ngo – Huntington Beach, CA 2. Kyle Crowell – Anaheim, CA 3. Beto Pineda – Huntington Beach, CA 4. Matt Cannon – Anaheim, CA 5. Robert Portuguez – Anaheim, CA View All Orange County Tattoo Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! Orange County is known to … Read more

Best Bay Area Tattoo Artists

Featured Bay Area Tattoo Artists 1. Samantha Sue – San Francisco, CA 2. Jason Storey – San Francisco, CA 3. Danielle Silva – Oakland, CA 4. Henry Wyatt – San Jose, CA 5. Joe Paul – Oakland, CA View All Bay Area Tattoo Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! The Bay Area is … Read more

Best East Coast Tattoo Artists

Featured East Coast Tattoo Artists 1. Andrew Black – Charlotte, NC 2. Mike Coleman – Boston, MA 3. Eric Dougherty – New Jersey 4. Shannon Pagliarini – New Jersey 5. Nick ‘The Tailor’ Solomon – Philadelhia, PA View All East Coast Tattoo Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! If you are in search … Read more

Realism Tattoo Artist NYC

Royal Jafarov Instagram About Royal: Royal works out of a private studio where he is focused on doing great work for his clients instead of promoting himself. This is the sign of a great artist and one you should be waiting in line for. Royal is an extremely talented tattoo artist that does some of … Read more

Realism Tattoo Artist Memphis

Here a few of our favorite realism tattoo artists in Memphis. If you’d like to see more artists in the Memphis area, click here Jake Meeks Instagram Send Email About Jake: Jake is a tattoo artist that can handle most any style you ask of him. He is extremely proficient in realism tattoos and does … Read more

Japanese Tattoo Artists Chicago

Rhyno Instagram About Rhyno: Rhyno is best known for his Japanese tattoo work. When it comes to traditional Japanese tattooing, you won’t find many more that have more experience than Rhyno. No only does Rhyno specialize in Japanese tattooing, he is able to cover a wide variety of other styles as well. Just reach out … Read more

Realism Tattoo Artist Chicago

Here a few of our favorite realism tattoo artists in Chicago. Gary Parisi Instagram About Gary: Gary has been tattooing beautiful realism pieces for over twenty years. He mentored under the tutelage of Mike Curuz at the age of 17 and took off from there. His first gig as a full time tattoo artist was … Read more

Worcester Tattoo Artists

Featured Worcester Artists Nate Euvrard Justin Buduo Shane Murphy Angel Santana Gerald Bellmore View All Worcester Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! One of the most frequented tattoo shops in the Worchester area is Miraculous Creations because it has a long history of offering excellent customer service and, more importantly, they have some … Read more

Watercolor Tattoo Artists

Featured Watercolor Artists Amanda Wachob – NYC Rick Unger – Denver, Colorado Eric Cantu – Dallas, Texas Laura Davie – Seattle, Washington Jenny Vidovic – Seattle, Washington View All Watercolor Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! Perhaps you have been considering getting your first tattoo, or maybe you are trying to think of … Read more

Washington DC Tattoo Artists

Featured Washington, DC Artists Fernando Gonzalez Kevin Avila Roger Anthony Liana Joy Jermaine Taylor View All Washington, DC Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist Recommendation! Laughing Hyena Tattoos is one of the areas highest rated tattoo shops for a number of reasons. Importantly, they keep their shop extremely clean and sterile so you never … Read more

Vancouver Tattoo Artists

Featured Vancouver Artists Nomi Chi Craig Moston Baily Howatt Glenn Thorn Ryan Tsutsumi View All Vancouver Artists Perhaps the most well-known tattoo studio in Vancouver, British Columbia is Adrenaline VanCity Granville, which is one of three Adrenaline locations in Canada. There ae actually two locations in Vancouver alone, which is why so many people have … Read more

Tucson Tattoo Artists

Featured Tucson Artists Ry-Tang Raquel Cota Molly McKing Dre Garcia Russ Weber View All Tucson Artists If you’re into tattooing and you either live in Tucson or you’ve visited, chances are you’ve heard of The Painted Lady. They take pride in keeping their shop clean and welcoming, and they also happen to do an amazing … Read more

Traditional Tattoo Artists

Featured Traditional Artists Blake Owens – Nashville, Tennessee Erik Anderson – Lincoln, Nebraska Matt Howse – San Francisco, California Jacob Bryan – Indianapolis, Indiana Gypsy Drew Linden – Brooklyn, New York View All Traditional Artists Towards the end of the 19th century, the birth of the electric tattoo machine was a revolutionary turn in the … Read more

Toronto Tattoo Artists

Featured Toronto Artists Veronica Green Liza Musselman Elless Mullen-Selbie Angie Fey Peter Belej View All Toronto Artists One shop that has been quite popular in Toronto for a while now is Chronic Ink Tattoos, which quite a few people think is the best tattoo studio in the area. This is a great place to go … Read more