Colorado Springs Tattoo Artists

Colorado Springs Tattoo Artists

Featured Colorado Springs Artists Eddie V Kara Kozlowski Michael Culley Steve Bauer Matthew Fillmore View All Colorado Springs Artists Click Here for a Tattoo Artist … Read more

Oregon Tattoo Artists

Oregon Tattoo Artists

Featured Oregon Tattoo Artists Shelly Dax – Cottage Grove, OR Alice Kendall ā€“ Portland, OR Jessi Preston ā€“ Portland, OR Winston The Whale ā€“ Portland, … Read more

Kansas Tattoo Artists

Kansas Tattoo Artists

Featured Kansas Tattoo Artists Matt Headley – Wichita, KS Luis Leyva – Topeka, KS Chase Wheeler – Salina, KS Joe Bullock III – Leavenworth, KS … Read more

Geometric Tattoo Artists

Featured Geometric Tattoo Artists John Sultana – NYC, New York Liana Barsukova – Hamelin, Germany Liat Moshe – Cocoa, FL Dijon Nuculaj – Oakville, ON … Read more

Script Tattoo Artists

Featured Script Tattoo Artists Sam Taylor – Melbourne, Australia Matt Kong – New York, NY Ben O’Carroll – Wolverhampton, UK Davy Juicy – Hong Kong … Read more

Arizona Tattoo Artists

Arizona Tattoo Artists

Featured Arizona Tattoo Artists Mikey Sarratt – Phoenix, AZ Tony Klett – Mesa, AZ Mark Walters – Tempe, AZ Ray Angulo – Chandler, AZ Anthony … Read more

Brooklyn Tattoo Artists

Featured Brooklyn Tattoo Artists NYC Tattoo Shop – Brooklyn, NY Dorothy Lyczek – Brooklyn, NY Drew Linden – Brooklyn, NY Craig Rodriguez – Brooklyn, NY … Read more

South Florida Tattoo Artists

Featured South Florida Tattoo Artists Pooka – Miami, FL Erick Camacho – Ft. Lauderdale, FL Tatu Baby – Miami, FL Russell Widner – Tampa, FL … Read more

New Mexico Tattoo Artists

Featured New Mexico Tattoo Artists Fox Richards – Albuquerque, NM Brian Ulibarri – Santa Fe, NM Frodo Nunez – Albuquerque, NM Guido Baldini – Santa … Read more

Colorado Tattoo Artists

Featured Colorado Tattoo Artists Candice Bradley – Crested Butte, CO Mike Chasco – Centennial, CO Jher Seno – Denver, CO Frank Speaker – Denver, CO … Read more

Minimalist Tattoo Artists

Featured Minimalist Tattoo Artists Annelie Fransson – Copenhagen, Denmark JK Kim – NYC, New York Mo Ganji – Berlin, Germany Victoria Yam – Hong Kong, … Read more

Tyler Ciarlanti Tattoos

Tattoo Profile: Iā€™m Tyler Ciarlanti. I work primarily in black and grey and anything with a realistic feel to it is definitely my specialty. My … Read more

Kitty Meltvedt

Tattoo Profile: My name is Kitty, I am an artist based out of Black Dahlia Tattoo Gallery in Northeast Ohio with over three years experience … Read more

Best Washington Tattoo Artists

Featured Washington Tattoo Artists Ruby Santiago – Seattle, WA Joe Clark – Spokane, WA Jillian Karosa – Seattle, WA Justin Coppolino – Seattle, WA Kyle … Read more

Midwest Tattoo Artists

Featured Midwest Tattoo Artists Gary Parisi – Chicago, IL Sean Adams – Chicago, IL Jacob Bryan – Indianapolis, IN Nathan Galusha – Jenison, MI Robin … Read more

New England Tattoo Artists

Featured New England Tattoo Artists Melissa Baker – Boston, MA Mike Ledoux – Cranston, RI Mike Coleman – Boston, MA Jay Blackburn – Providence, RI … Read more

Ohio Tattoo Artists

Featured Ohio Tattoo Artists Caleb Ledley – Columbus, OH Daniel Gray – Cincinnati, OH Matt Carlisle – Columbus, OH Marc Warnick – Akron, OH Kyle … Read more

Denver Tattoo Artist Mike Chasco 4

Chasco Tattoo

Bio: My style of tattooing comes from my background in fine art, including a Bachelor of Fine Art and contemporary painting practice. With skin as … Read more

Los Angeles Tattoo Artist Jerry Sanchez 7

Jerry Sanchez Tattoos

Tattoo Profile: Jerry loves creating art, whether on paper or on skin, it’s always been a passion of his. He’s been drawing almost all of … Read more

Boise Tattoo Artist Jessica Dell'Erba 6

Jessica Dell’Erba Tattoos

Shop: Burn The Boats Tattoo Tattoo Profile: I’m Jessica Dell’Erba, I’ve been tattooing since 2011. Styles that I love are realism and horror. I take … Read more

NYC Tattoo Shop

Address: 42 West St. Suite 104, Brooklyn, NY 11222 Phone: (718) 500-3095 Tattoo Styles : Fine Line, Realism, Portrait, Traditional, Cover-ups, Custom Website NYC Tattoo … Read more

NYC Tattoo Artist Conan Albert 4

Conan Albert Tattoos

About the Shop: Conan Albert is one of the top artists in the Brooklyn area. He has been tattooing since 2006 but professionally since 2017. … Read more

Denver Tattoo Artist Candice Bradley 8

Candice Bradley Tattoos

Tattoo Profile: Candice started tattooing in Colorado Springs in 2011. After falling for the charms of Crested Butte, she opened Calico Queen Tattoo in 2014. … Read more

Las Vegas Tattoo Artist Daniel Eidelbaugh 13

Daniel Eidelbaum Tattoos

Tattoo Profile: Daniel Eidelbaum specializes in Black and Grey realism and provides custom drawn, personalized tattoos. Phone : (702) 862-6151 Website Instagram Send Email

Best North Carolina Tattoo Artists

Featured North Carolina Tattoo Artists Mike Harkins – Charlotte, North Carolina Kelly McGrath – Raleigh, North Carolina Rene Estrada – Raleigh, North Carolina Jason Hassel … Read more

Best Michigan Tattoo Artists

Featured Michigan Tattoo Artists Ben Petee – Plymouth, MI Josh Figueroa – Ann Arbor, MI Nathan Galusha – Jenison, MI John Madigan – Commerce, MI … Read more

Kevin Farrand Tattoos

Tattoo Profile: Kevin Farrand is a Tattoo Artist from Rochester NY. He has traveled in the U.S tattooing and continues to travel for tattoo guest … Read more

Philadelphia Tattoo Artist Doug Hand 9

Doug Hand Tattoos

Tattoo Profile: Doug is a vegan tattoo artist living in Philadelphia. He cut his teeth in NY, apprenticing to pierce in 2000, after years of … Read more

Sonia Anderson Tattoo Artist 1

Best Texas Tattoo Artists

Eric Cantu – Dallas, TX Gabriel Massey – Houston, TX Jonathan Fiore – Austin, TX Tara Quinn – San Antonio, TX James Corgill – Dallas, … Read more

Best Pennsylvania Tattoo Artists

Featured Pennsylvania Tattoo Artists John Tarrao – Philadelphia, PA Whitney Seanor – Pittsburgh, PA Jow Benkert – Columbia, PA Nick ‘The Tailor’ Solomon – Philadelphia, … Read more