A lot of people don’t think about the tattoo chairs they’re sitting in while they’re getting ink, but these chairs are an extremely important part of the tattooing experience. In most cases tattoo artists take a lot of time to pick out great chairs for their clients to sit in while getting inked, though shopping for chairs is a bit tougher these days since there is such a huge selection. On this page we are going to take look at why tattoo chairs are so important and some of the things that shops and artists look for in their chairs.

Since tattooing continues to grow in popularity as the years go by, more and more companies are making tattoo chairs for artists to buy. That is either a good or a bad thing, depending on who you ask. It’s a good thing because it means there’s more competition and there will be better and better chairs being made as the years go by. It could also be a bad thing, though, since it makes finding the best chair for your needs that much tougher.

One downside of there being so many tattoo chairs is that it’s hard to find the best ones to add to shops and it also means there are more that are just bad quality chairs. As more artists entered the industry companies knew that they could make a wide range of chairs and chances were they were going to sell. Well, some artists simply don’t have the money for high-priced chairs and they could end up with some uncomfortable or nearly unusable chairs and are stuck with them.

When tattoo shops are buying tattoo chairs, they have to think about a number of factors. They have to get chairs that blend in well with their shops and they also have to end up with chairs that the majority of their clients are going to be happy with. Oh, and they need chairs that they are going to be comfortable working around for many years to come. It’s a lot to think about and some shop owners find it more difficult than others to find the perfect ones for their needs.

Comfort is usually the most important thing to artists when they are buying their tattooing chairs. They want their clients to feel relaxed during the tattooing process and a good chair can do a lot of that work for them. They also want to be comfortable themselves since they will be leaning on different parts of the chair depending on the type of tattoo they’re doing. Comfortable chairs are important for all tattooing, but artists really know when they’re money has been well spent when they have large pieces to make.

One of the features that most artists can’t live without is adjustability since they want to be able to maneuver the chair around when they need to. Being able to quickly swivel the chair and lock it into different positions is vital for modern tattooing. If a chair is rooted to its spot and isn’t able to adjust at all, artists have a much tougher job on their hands.

On top of the client’s comfort, it’s important that the artist is also comfortable while working with and around the tattoo chair. The fact is that they need to have a steady hand throughout the process and a poor quality chair really can affect the jobs that they do. Most shop owners recognize the importance of keeping their employees comfortable on the job, so they will pay a little extra for the better quality chairs. If they don’t, they will not be able to keep their best artists around for very long.

Stability is another extremely important factor when shops and artists are picking their tattoo chairs. A chair can be extremely comfortable, but that won’t matter at all if it keeps moving around while the artist is trying to make a design. Even a little bit of movement can cause some terrible accidents, so people looking to buy these chairs should always take the time to make sure that they lock completely into place while people are sitting in them.

There are also tattoo chairs that are made to be portable for artists to take on the road with them. These are never going to be super-high quality like the ones found in the best tattoo shops, but the good ones are stable and they are comfortable enough. The key to portable tattoo chairs is that they are durable, stable, and light enough that one person can quickly fold them up and move them when they need to.

While every artist and shop would love to have the most comfortable and stable tattoo chairs possible, the fact is that only some places can actually afford the very best chairs. If you are a shop owner or you are looking to buy a chair for your private jobs, just get the best in your price range. As we pointed out earlier, you now have way more options than there were 10 years ago, so you should be able to find chairs that are in your price range and are high enough quality to work for you. You definitely shouldn’t just buy the cheapest out there because chances are you and your clients will not be happy with your choice and you will actually end up losing some business.

If you are an artist or you run a shop and are interested in getting a new tattoo chair or two, be sure to do a lot of chair comparisons before you commit to one. You’ll want to find chairs that match the look and feel of your shop, that create a comfortable place for your clients to sit while getting inked up, and that you can easily work around. Many people don’t think about the chairs that are used during the tattooing process, but hopefully you can now see why they have become so vital to this industry.