If you have ever been inside of a tattoo shop, chances are you’ve seen some tattoo flash books, though you might not have known what they were. These books have been vital to tattoo shops around the world for decades now, and they serve multiple purposes to these businesses. Below you will find out what tattoo flash books are and why they are so important to the tattooing industry.

Originally tattoo flash books were made to give tattoo artists some quick designs to give people who walked in looking for some cool tattoos. They allowed these shops to make quick money because people would walk in, see something they liked in those books, and the artists would be able to quickly create the tattoos. Most of these designs were small, but what really helped the artists was that they were so used to making them that they could get each one of them created in no time at all. Obviously this was good for business because they could get more people in the door and they always had people in their chairs.

There are still a lot of shops that depend on this type of “rapid tattooing,” but it’s not as popular as it once was. It’s now seen as a pretty bad idea to just walk in a shop and get a tattoo because it looks good in a flash book. You might end up with a cool tattoo, but you also up the chances of ending up with ink you’ll regret having later on in life.

As the years have passed, tattoo flash books have taken on a different role in the tattooing world. Most people want original tattoo designs, so the books are used more as references than anything else. You can look through some flash books to get inspired and then create your own unique design from that inspiration. Sometimes people will use part of the designs found in the books and then make small changes to make the designs their own.

For tattoo artists, tattoo flash books are fantastic for a number of reasons. First off, they give customers something to look at while they are waiting to talk to an artist. Secondly, the books themselves can give customers some ideas for their tattoos so less time is spent spit-balling with the artists. It’s a win-win for the industry because it’s good for the shops’ business and it is a very good resource for the artists’ clients.

There used to be only a few companies making tattoo flash books, but these days you can find many books by many companies that cover a whole host of themes. It used to be that only shops would carry these books, but nowadays anyone can order the books online for themselves. Some people get them because they are collectors and they like to look at all of the different styles that are out there, and others get them to give them ideas when they want to get tattoos. It’s a flourishing business now because tattoos are so popular and people are coming up with some cool new ways to get inked.

In some cases tattoo flash books come with outlines that artists can use if customers decide that they want the designs found in the book. This makes the entire tattooing process much faster because all the artists have to do is take those outlines, put them on the skin, and then fill in the important details. That doesn’t mean that the artist’s job is going to be easy, but it definitely speeds up the entire process.

Sometimes people will love designs found in the tattoo flash books, but instead of getting the exact designs, they will make minor or major changes to them to make them their own. You can even combine two or more of the images that you find in the books to make a unique tattoo. While this will work for some people, others prefer to just skim through the books until they are inspired and then they will create their own designs from scratch. Both methods work and neither is better than the other, so it’s up to you to decide how you want to make your next tattoo.

Even though there are still a lot of different tattoo flash books being made today, most people opt to get their tattoo ideas online since they can easily search around for ideas based on the themes that they like. Even though they’re not called “tattoo flash books” online, these resources serve the exact same purpose as the books. You look through a bunch of pictures of tattoos until you find something that you think will be meaningful and will look great on your skin, and then you head on over to the shop. Again, there’s no right or wrong way to choose your next tattoo, so it really doesn’t matter if you use the physical books or you find your inspiration online.

In some cases you can get a good idea of what an artist specializes in by the tattoo flash books that they have in their shop. If you see that most of their books are filled with skulls and other dark subject matter, then that’s probably what they prefer to make and what they have the most experience with. Of course, there are also plenty of artists who have experience making a nice variety of tats, but the books can give you an idea of what they specialize in.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of what tattoo flash books are and why they still play a pretty important role in the modern tattooing world. They are great resources for the artists themselves and even people who are not into tattooing often find that they really like the artwork found in these books. The truth is that we don’t necessarily need the books anymore, but there are plenty of people out there who still love to look through them, and plenty of tattoo shops that find them to be an invaluable resource.