Most people just think of the equipment used when they are thinking about tattooing, but the fact is that the tattoo furniture in the shops is just as important as the needles. Tattoo shops have to buy a lot of furniture to run a solid business these days and that furniture needs to be of good quality. On this page we are going to take a look at some of the most important pieces of furniture found in tattoo shops these days and the purposes they serve for artists.

Arguably the most important piece of tattoo furniture is the tattoo chair, which can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some chairs are made for maximum comfort, while others are made for their maneuverability. Ideally the shop you go into has the top chairs available right now, but in most cases shop owners choose the best for what they afford and those chairs might lean more towards comfort or they may be the ones that have better adjustment settings.

There are tattooing chairs for the shop and for going on the road, so those in the business need to figure out which kinds they need and how many different types. The fact is that there are now dozens of tattoo chair manufacturers out there that sell every type of chair you might need, but that actually creates a problem for some folks. It can be hard to pinpoint the exact chair that you want with all of the features you need with such a flooded market. Ideally you’ll know the exact chair that you need and who makes it to speed up this process.

The artist’s stool is also an extremely important piece of tattoo furniture since the artist will be spending most of his or her time in it while doing their work. Some artists like the feel of thick leather, especially when doing more complex and involved pieces. Other artists like the classic wooden stool because it allows them to slide around when they need to. It really comes down to personal tastes in most cases, but you also have to think about how each stool will work with the tattoo chairs that you have.

Artists and shops also need to have tattoo arm rests. These are extremely important because the artist needs to be able to rest their forearms while their wrists are moving. Without the arm rests, artists would have a much higher chance of slipping, which would obviously be a huge problem. Shops looking to buy arm rests will usually choose the ones that work best with the stools and tattoo chairs that they own or are going to buy.

Yet another piece of tattoo furniture that artists can’t live without is the storage cart. These carts can hold everything the artist needs while they’re working on a design. The two keys to these carts are that they can hold a lot of heavy items and they can roll on the floor for easier movement and access.

The tattoo tray is yet another indispensable piece of tattoo furniture that artists need while they work. Most people will look at the trays and think they aren’t too important to the process, but they make life so much easier on artists. The trays can hold a bunch of ink, paper towels, and the needles when they’re not in use. If artists didn’t have these, especially in larger shops, the entire tattooing process would take so much longer to complete.

Floor lamps are also key parts of most shops since they allow artists to get a clear view of where they’re working. The key to these lamps is that they are angled straight down to give the artist as much light as they need. Some of these lights are at a fixed angle, but there are also some high quality lights that are adjustable and have different lighting settings. You don’t have to get the cream of the crop when it comes to floor lamps, but you do want to get lamps that will last.

Just about every tattoo shop around has all of the items listed above, but the quality of those items will be different from shop to shop. As someone who is looking to get a tattoo done, you will want to look around in the shops that you visit to see what type of furniture they offer their artists and their clients. The quality will usually tell you quite a bit about the business. Remember, the best shops recognize the need for good quality furniture, so find one that at least has comfortable seating for their clients.

What’s pretty great about tattoo furniture these days is that it continues to get better and more companies are popping up every year. Sure, that can cause a little more confusion when you are trying to find a specific type of furniture, but it also means that the quality of the best stuff will continue to get better. And even better than that, the tiers below the top quality equipment will continue to get better, too.

Shops on a budget have to figure out how they can spread their money around on their furniture. It’s always important to get the best that you can afford, but one thing that shop owners should never skimp on is the chairs. Get some good chairs and focus on upgrading the rest of your furniture later on.

As you can see, there is a lot of tattoo furniture that artists and shops have to buy in order to have a complete business in place. That doesn’t mean that all of them will have good furniture, but it does mean that you know what to look for when you go into one of those shops. It’s nice to see all of this furniture getting better as the years go by, and that should be a continuing trend since it seems like the tattooing industry is flourishing more than it ever has before.