There are so many reasons why tattoo artists should have good tattoo gloves. Not only are they good for hygienic purposes, they also serve the oh-so important role of keeping all types of infections from getting into the tattooed area.

Some companies do make their gloves specifically for tattooing, but in most cases you will find that the gloves are made for medical personnel. That’s actually a great thing because you’ll know that if someone in a medical field would use the gloves, they definitely should be good enough to be used as tattoo gloves. Of course, just because a company says that they make gloves that are good enough to be used in the medical, profession does not mean that they are top quality. You have to do your research on the gloves you’re interested in to ensure that you get products that you can depend on.

One of the things that most tattoo artists and shops look for in their gloves is that they are powder free. The reason for this is because many people are sensitive to the powders used in some gloves, and the skin can get irritated as the tattoo is being applied. These days the majority of the top tattoo glove companies make sure that they do not include any type of powder inside of or outside of the gloves.

It’s also very important that artists find gloves that fit their hands perfectly. You can get gloves in just about any size these days, but the sizes of tattoo gloves might not be the same sizes that you’re used to with traditional gloves. It’s a good idea to test a few gloves out so you get the perfect fit. Artists will often look for tattoo gloves that are the right length and that fit snuggly rather than loosely to ensure that they stay where they are throughout the tattooing process.

Durability is also a key feature of tattoo gloves. Some gloves look amazing and work perfectly for a little while but then tear at the slightest movement. The gloves that you want to find are those that can last through any project and that could even be taken off, put back on and make it through multiple jobs if you needed them to. In many cases artists will only use the gloves that have high durability regardless of how great they are in other areas. In fact, some people will even accept a not-so-perfect fit if they know they can rely on the glove to stay intact.

Finding the perfect tattoo gloves can take some time if you’re forced to do all of the research on your own. That is exactly why we have put together this list of the best tattoo gloves out there right now. You can pick any one of them and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be satisfied, but it’s still worth it to take a look at all of them to pick them ones that suit your needs the best. Below you will find the tattoo gloves that we think are currently the best buys.

AMMEX Disposable Medical Nitrile Gloves

AMMEX has long been known for their quality tattoo gloves in the tattooing industry. What’s funny about that is that these gloves are not specifically made for tattooing; it just so happens that they are better than a lot of the gloves made specifically for inking. The gloves are tight without being uncomfortable, giving artists the feeling that they don’t have the gloves on while at the same time knowing that their hands are protected.

The Package Includes:

• 100 latex free and powder free gloves

SKINTX Black Nitrile Powder Tattoo Gloves

More than anything SKINTX tattoo gloves are known for their durability. Tattoo artists know that they can do big, complicated pieces without having to worry about the gloves tearing on them. The beaded cuffs are also a nice touch so you will never run into that terrible issue of the gloves rolling up on you.

The Package Includes:

• 100 non-sterile and disposable, finger textured, powder free gloves

Adenna Phantom 6 mil Latex Gloves

Many tattoo artists swear by Adenna Phantom tattoo gloves because of their textured grip. The grip does two things for artists: it prevents any type of tattoo gun movement in the hands and it helps to ensure that the gloves themselves will stay still whole on the hands. The 6 millimeter thickness also seems to be ideal for tattooing.

The Package Includes:

• 100 powder free and textured grip gloves

Aurelia Bold Top Grade Nitrile Gloves

Most of the gloves that we are listing here have great durability, but that is actually what Aurelia has long been known for with their gloves. You can try to tear these things and you probably won’t be able to. Doctors and dentists rely on these affordable gloves every day, so it’s not too surprising that tattoo artists love them too.

The Package Includes:

• 100 5 millimeter nitrile gloves that are 100% latex free in jet black performance color

Getbetterlife Black Nitrile Powder Free Tattoo Gloves

Artists seem to love the thickness and the sturdiness of Getbetterlife tattoo gloves. This is a very trusted company in the tattooing industry, so you can feel confident that these gloves will fit and will do the jobs they were meant to do. These are tight-fit gloves that stick well to the hands, making it very easy to maneuver without the worry of glove slippage.

The Package Includes:

• 100 non-sterile and disposable, finger textured, powder free gloves

Black Dragon Zero Nitrile Body Easy Grip Piercing & Tattoo Artists Gloves

Another very popular company in the tattoo world, Black Dragon has been making great tattoo gloves for years now. These gloves are very strong, have a nice, tight fit, and they give you an excellent grip. Many people find that these are some of the easiest gloves to slip on and take off, which is great when you need to quickly change gloves.

The Package Includes:

• 100 nitrile tattoo gloves with an advanced polymer coating