Tattoo Goo is a line of tattoo aftercare products specifically designed to promote fast healing immediately following the tattooing process. The products, ranging from lotion with sunscreen protection to ointment, also provide comfort during the healing period where the skin is sore and swollen. There are options for immediate aftercare, sensitive skin, and a line that can be used continuously to help maintain the vividness of body ink. The lotions help to keep the skin from over-drying and cracking, which can lead to loss of ink. When ink is lost from the tattoo, pulled out from the deeper layers of the skin, the design is left appearing faded or incomplete.

Natural ingredients like olive oil, panthenol (B5 vitamin), lavender oil, as well as sunscreens protect ink and help prevent secretions. Tattoo Goo’s salves contain beeswax to create a thicker ointment that is appropriate for new and older tattoos. The salves both heal and protect, moisturizing and soothing the skin. Unique to Tattoo Goo, a cleansing soap can be purchased and used as an antibacterial agent to prevent infections and keep the skin fresh and clean. It works by removing the layers of dead skin that are presented as the tattoo heals. The company boasts a cruelty-free ingredients list, meaning that no animals are harmed in the production of their product line. Each ointment and lotion is dermatologically tested, ensuring that for the majority of clients, the product will not cause rashes or irritation. The sensitive skin line is available for anyone who has had reactions to skincare products in the past.

Tattoo Goo products are available through a wide arrange of retailers as well as online, making it easy and accessible to anyone. With products for tattoo clients and tattoo artists, the company offers an immense line of aftercare items and kits in order to suit an array of needs. The skincare system has been sold to a global market and has been highly reviewed, making them a popular choice in tattoo recovery worldwide.

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