Let the animal out. Let it show. An animal tattoo can speak volumes of a person’s personality, so you want to pick this one carefully. A sleek fox with deep orange and black colors can be sexy and classy, while a grinning tiger on your shoulder might just be a tattoo as bold as you are. Birds and butterflies are also a great starting point for an artist to get creative.

The flower

What’s great about the flower is that you can make it as big or as small as you want, and the design lies nicely on the skin. You can have on large, colorful rose with a thorny stem going from your ribs to your hip, or you can just have a few smaller, simpler ones on your ankle or the back of your neck. They can be bright without being too cutesy.

The musical one

If you’re a musician, there are a ton of artistic twists a good tattoo artist can take on the language of music. Show your artist a bar of musical notes from your favorite song, tell him/her where you want it on your body, and let them give the written music some life through their craft.

The accessory

Your favorite piece of jewelery could also be your tattoo. If there’s a bracelet or ring that you have in mind, whether it already exists or not, don’t be afraid to consider making it permanent. Your wrists and hands are one thing that won’t change dramatically on your body, at least not like other parts of the human body, so the wrist or finger tattoo will continue looking like it did when you first got it well into your elder years.

The portrait

This will be one you have to certain of, but getting a picture of a loved one’s face can be a fantastically sentimental gesture. Your son, daughter, neice, or nephew probably have a baby picture that brings a tear to your eye, or an old photo of grandpa that you cherish. These are great sources for finding a great portrait tattoo, just make sure the person your portraying is that special kind of special to you.