African Tattoos

There are literally thousands of African tattoos that people can get, each with its own specific design style and meanings. Some people will get these … Read more

tattoo prices chart

Tattoo Prices Chart

Price is always a factor when getting a tattoo and many would love to get a tattoo price estimate before they step into the shop. … Read more

Video Game Tattoos

When it comes to video game tattoos, most would say the oldies are the best. You will tend to see many video game tattoos revolve … Read more

Ariel Tattoo

The 1989 Disney classic, The Little Mermaid, had us all falling in love with sweet princess mermaid named Ariel. We also fell in love with … Read more

Twin Tattoos

Having siblings is a wonderful thing. No matter what they do or how badly they annoy you, there will always be an undeniable love for … Read more

Doctor Who Tattoo

Doctor Who is a British BBC produced show in the science fiction genre. The story follows “the Doctor” who is a Time Lord alien from … Read more

Children Tattoos

Our children are what drive us to be better people in the world. We get up everyday no matter how tired we are. We go … Read more

Feminist Tattoos

Feminist tattoos give women (and men in some cases) the chance to show off their pride in their gender while also getting some very nice … Read more

Poem Tattoos

Tattoos are made to allow us to express a bit of who we are, and poem tattoos are some of the best ways to do … Read more

Lyric Tattoos

Lyric tattoos give people a chance to tell a lot about themselves through their ink without having to get a very large and detailed design. … Read more

Homer Simpson Tattoo

There isn’t a character on television that is much more iconic than Homer Simpson of the animated sitcom, The Simpsons. Matt Groening’s creation has been … Read more

Full Body Tattoo

The full body tattoo is for the person who wants to turn their entire body into a piece of art through the use of ink. … Read more

Perseverance Tattoo

People love to get a wide variety of inspirational tattoos these days, and a perseverance tattoo is a great way to have that constant bit … Read more

Aces Tattoo

Aces tattoos can represent a wide range of things, which is why they happen to be some of the most commonly seen playing card tattoos … Read more

Robot Arm Tattoo

Just about every robot tattoo out there is as much a work of art as it is a tattoo. There’s something very special about these … Read more

Family Crest Tattoos

Family crest tattoos give people a great way to show their pride in their families with a nice-looking piece of art to put on their … Read more

Baby Name Tattoos

People spend a lot of time trying to think up the perfect names for their kids, so it just makes sense that there are plenty … Read more

Bob Marley Tattoos

There are a lot of legendary musicians and bands that find themselves in people’s tattoos, but there seem to be more Bob Marley tattoos than … Read more

Tennessee Tattoos

People from the great state of Tennessee are often quite proud of where they live and will sometimes show off that pride by getting Tennessee … Read more

Miscarriage Tattoos

Miscarriage tattoos give people a way to both remember their lost children and to help aid in the healing period after a miscarriage happens. These … Read more

Trap Tattoos

The arms, the chest, and the back have long been the most popular places to get tattoos, but these days plenty of people are interested … Read more

Ripped Skin Tattoo

As tattoo artists have gotten better at their craft over the years, the ripped skin tattoo has shot up in popularity. These tattoos often look … Read more

Thumbprint Tattoo

The thumbprint tattoo, like all other fingerprint tattoos, is a great way to show off your individuality while also getting a very cool tattoo design. … Read more

Psalm 23 Tattoo

The Psalm 23 tattoo is a Christian religious tattoo that happens to represent one of the most famous prayers found in the bible. Those who … Read more

Calvin and Hobbes Tattoo

Calvin and Hobbes were characters of a hilariously clever comic book many read in their youth and continue to read today. The artwork displayed in … Read more

World Tattoo

World tattoos are becoming but are not traditionally popular tattoos on the market today. Although you will see more and more map and world designed … Read more

Skyline Tattoo

Skyline tattoos are some of the most iconic pieces you can find today. They are immediately recognizable and show the pride you have for your … Read more

Last Supper Tattoo

The Last Supper is known to be one of the most iconic photos in the Christian religion. The event was a turning point for Jesus … Read more

Alien Tattoos

Below you will find the meaning of the alien tattoo and we hope the examples we use help you make a more informed decision when … Read more

Cross Stitch Tattoo

Cross stitching has been a popular hobby for many years. It is a mix of embroidery and sewing in which a pattern of an X … Read more

Sunset Tattoos

For centuries, people have stood in amazement as they watch the sun slowly crest over the horizon. The sister of sunrises, sunsets are a brilliant … Read more

Winnie the Pooh Tattoos

Winnie the Pooh is a sweet and loveable character staring in books, TV shows and movies alike. He is loved so much that people often … Read more

EST Tattoos

The EST tattoo is a great tattoo to get if you want a design that shows that you are proud to be you. It’s one … Read more