Best Tattoo Gun

As you probably already know, tattoo guns are vital to any tattooing business since without them, well, there wouldn’t be a tattooing business. You might think that all tattoo guns are pretty similar, but the truth is that there are many different companies out there that make very different tattoo guns. Some are good, some … Read more

Best Tattoo Power Supply

Most people have no idea how important power supplies are to the entire tattooing process. The fact is that without them, we wouldn’t have any of the modern tattooing styles that everyone has grown to love. With that being said, there are many different tattoo power supplies, and some are most definitely better than the … Read more

Best Tattoo Needles

As you probably already knew, tattoo needles are an extremely important part of the tattooing process and they need to be good quality to get the job done. There are plenty of different needs that artists have when they are looking for new needles, but the main one is always that they are dependable. Finding … Read more

Tattoo Gloves

There are so many reasons why tattoo artists should have good tattoo gloves. Not only are they good for hygienic purposes, they also serve the oh-so important role of keeping all types of infections from getting into the tattooed area. Some companies do make their gloves specifically for tattooing, but in most cases you will … Read more

Tattoo Transfer Paper

The classic way to tattoo was to just freehand the job and hope for the best, but these days just about every tattoo artist in the world uses some type of tattoo transfer paper. This paper always does the same job for artists, but there are definitely some companies that make far better paper products … Read more

Tattoo Furniture

Most people just think of the equipment used when they are thinking about tattooing, but the fact is that the tattoo furniture in the shops is just as important as the needles. Tattoo shops have to buy a lot of furniture to run a solid business these days and that furniture needs to be of … Read more

Tattoo Chair

A lot of people don’t think about the tattoo chairs they’re sitting in while they’re getting ink, but these chairs are an extremely important part of the tattooing experience. In most cases tattoo artists take a lot of time to pick out great chairs for their clients to sit in while getting inked, though shopping … Read more

Tattoo Flash Books

If you have ever been inside of a tattoo shop, chances are you’ve seen some tattoo flash books, though you might not have known what they were. These books have been vital to tattoo shops around the world for decades now, and they serve multiple purposes to these businesses. Below you will find out what … Read more

Skin Candy Tattoo Supplies

Visit Website Address: 2919 Thornton Ave Burbank, CA 91504 Phone: (818) 567-1848 Skin Candy Tattoo Supply totes the motto “Quality Forever” and carries that mantra with them from production to sales and shipment. They are an online retailer of tattoo inks, including their own line of Skin Candy Tattoo Ink, as well as equipment, machines, … Read more

Bishop Tattoo Supply

Phone: Address: 23892 Remme Ridge Lake Forest, CA 92630 Phone: (949) 600-6340 In the days of the internet and endless shopping avenues, tattoo artists have a lot of options to choose from when deciding on a tattoo machine. There are many choices and many solid companies out there but we have noticed a few … Read more

WorldWide Tattoo Supply

Visit Website Address: 15410 Stafford St, City Of Industry, CA 91744 Phone: (800) 333 – 4069 WorldWide Tattoo Supply has been a retailer of tattoo equipment and supplies since 1993, giving them more than 20 years of experience in the industry. The company prides themselves on their customer service and their expansive knowledge of tattooing … Read more

Element Tattoo Supply

Visit Website Address: 7472 Orangewood Ave Garden Grove, CA 92841 Phone: (714) 975-7138 Element Tattoo Supply is a Southern Californian-based tattoo equipment retailer geared towards professional artists and apprentices with tattoo equipment and supply needs. They are owned by renowned tattoo artist and shop owner Eddie Tana, a skilled and experienced artist who understands the … Read more

Eikon Tattoo Supplies

Visit Website Address: 689 Innovation Drive Kingston, ON Canada K7K 7E6 Phone: (800) 427-8198 Eikon Tattoo Equipment and Supplies was established in 1994 as a small operation that became a large-scale tattoo supply company over the span of 21 years. A product of their decades of tattoo innovation, their line of power and meter supplies … Read more

Technical Worldwide Tattoo Supply

Visit Website Address: 68 Cabot St West Babylon, NY 11704 Phone: (800) 295-8991 Technical Worldwide Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo equipment supplier that is both knowledgeable in the industry and dedicated to tattoo artists and their clients. As one of the largest and most sought after tattoo ink suppliers in the world, Technical Tattoo … Read more

Monster Steel Tattoo Supply

Visit Website Address: 350 Hiatt Dr Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33418 Phone: (800) 630-9256 Monster Steel Tattoo and Piercing Supply was established in 2001 and made their name as an online tattoo supplier seeking to make lasting partnerships between themselves and their clientele. They are able to succeed by committing to prompt and reliable customer … Read more

Tommy’s Tattoo Supplies

Visit Website Address: 34 Egypt Rd, Somers, CT 06071 Phone: (866) 209-7361 Tommy’s Supplies Quality Tattoo Products is a worldwide recognized online retailer of high quality tattoo equipment and accessories. They are the lone owner of the well-known high pigment tattoo ink “Starbrite” and proud to produce and sell an FDA certified safe and sterile … Read more

Lucky Tattoo Supply

Visit Website Address: 12141 62nd St. N Unit #1 Largo Florida, 33773 Phone: (877) 531-7709 Lucky Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo supply retailer established in 2000 with the goal of providing high quality tattoo equipment, inks, and more to tattoo artists, apprentice or professional, around the world. Based in the United States, Lucky Supply … Read more

Painful Pleasures Tattoo Supply

Visit Website Phone: (410) 712-0145 Painful Pleasures is an online retailer and distributor of thousands of tattoo supply products as well as body piercing supplies and body jewellery. Founded in 1999, the company built themselves on a foundation of product variety and customer service. The inventory warehouse is located in Hanover, Maryland and contains Pain … Read more

Needle Supply

Visit Website Address: 560 N Bullard Ave Goodyear, AZ 85338 Phone: (855) 633-3537 Needle Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo supply retailer intended for professional tattoo artists as well as their apprentices. They are proud distributors of countless favored brands such as Eternal Ink, Tat Soul, Kuro Sumi Ink, Starbrite, Inkeeze, and much more. Based … Read more

Spaulding and Rogers Tattoo Supplies

Visit Website Address: 1593 Central Avenue, Colonie, NY 12205 Phone: (888) 9-TATTOO Spaulding & Rogers Mfg, Inc. and Spaulding Color Corp. is an online retailer tattoo equipment and inks as well as body piercing and body art supplies. They have been manufacturing and selling tattoo products since 1956 making them one of the oldest and … Read more