Tattoos for Girls

Girls looking to get tattoos have to decide on which artist to choose, which style to get, where on their body to get the tattoo, etc. We’ve tried our best below to show you some of the most popular tattoos for girls and hopefully this will make your research a little bit easier. As tattoos have evolved and artist creativity has evolved, tattoos for girls are extremely popular and the limit to what you can get is truly amazing. Tattoo artists today have a wide range of techniques that have been learned and passed down through generations of artists. In terms of placement, here are some of the most popular tattoo spots for girls followed by some of the most popular types of tattoos girls like to get.

  • Anxiety Tattoos

    More people are open about their anxiety issues these days, so it’s not too surprising at all that anxiety tattoos have risen in popularity. What is surprising is just how many different types of anxiety tattoos that are out there right now and how easy it is to get a unique one. On this page we will take a look at why so many people are deciding to get anxiety tattoos these days and some of the designs that look great on the skin. Really, in most cases anxiety tattoos are all about helping the owner either avoid anxiety or learn to cope with it. It’s one of those tattoos that people want to be able to quickly look at and remember why they got that specific tattoo. If you think about it, there are plenty of tattoos that you can get for these reasons. In fact, you can come up with your own pretty easily since all that matters is what it means to you. There are many mental health organizations all around the globe and some people like to get those organizations’ logos as their anxiety tattoos. This is a great idea if you happened to be helped by one ... See more pictures
  • Dolphin Tattoos

    Christian symbolism conveys the dolphin as an aspect of Christ. Dolphins seen in Christian art are symbolic of resurrection. Some artists utilize the protective, stabilizing, compassionate demeanor of the dolphin as a message of wellbeing to the pure of heart. Some artistic renditions speak of dolphins transporting the spirits of the faithful to Christ’s side upon leaving their physical bodies. People getting a dolphin tattoo usually get them as a tribute to the animal themselves, not necessarily because of symbolism. Here are some of our favorite dolphin tattoos: See more pictures
  • Diamond Tattoo Meaning

    Diamond Tattoo Meaning The diamond is a very well-known symbol that is almost always associated with wealth and beauty. They are worn as adornments in rings, necklaces and other types of jewelry. Unsurprisingly, the diamond tattoo is quite popular when people either love the look of the jewel or want to combine it with another nice-looking tattoo design. While diamonds are worn more often by women than by men, diamond tattoos are actually considered to be unisex. Both men and women can see the beauty in diamonds, so there are designs that are suitable for both sexes. Some women will add in more feminine designs around their diamond tattoos, while men will give their diamond tattoos a bit more of a masculine look. Of course, a plain diamond tattoo could also work for both sexes. The word diamond is derived from a Greek word meaning “invincible”. This is an accurate depiction as diamonds cannot be destroyed. They are created by a massive weight weighing down carbon deposits and have reportedly been around since 400B.C. When this diamond tattoo meaning is used, the owner might want to show that they will not be broken by anything that happens in their lives. It could also ... See more pictures
  • Refuse To Sink Tattoos

    There are quite a few motivational tattoo designs out there, but most people will agree that the different types of refuse to sink tattoos are right up there near the top of the list. These are generally pretty simple designs, but they are extremely meaningful to their owners. If you see someone with one of these designs, you will know that they are fighters and they are not willing to let anything knock them down for too long. If you’re thinking about getting a refuse to sink tattoo, this page should help you decide if this is the right tattoo idea for you. I refuse to sink tattoos are most commonly designed with anchors and perhaps the literal text somewhere around the anchors. The anchor symbolizes the owner’s boat (i.e. life) is “above water” thanks to their courage and determination. The anchors are often the focal points of these tattoos, though they don’t have to be. Many people also opt to dress their anchors and text up a bit to make them more unique. Some put flowers on them, while others will add hearts or they’ll make the anchors look very aged. Some of the extra images add even more meaning to ... See more pictures
  • Shoulder Tattoos

    Shoulder tattoos are great if you’re not quite ready for a full sleeve tattoo or if you’d prefer to have a big-yet-concealable tattoo on your arm. You have options galore when it comes to shoulder tattoos since it’s a large enough area to fit big images, yet you can also simply blow up a traditionally smaller image. On this page we will take a look at why shoulder tattoo are so popular and some of the best shoulder tattoo ideas out there. If you want a big, bold tattoo with the option of covering it up in certain situations, a shoulder tattoo is perfect for you. You can wrap it around your shoulder and attach it to another tattoo on your body, or you can get a circular-shaped tattoo that conforms to your body. Both options are equally attractive if you choose a design that suits your and you work with an excellent artist. For both women and men, shoulder tattoos can be shown off in the summertime or covered up for that important business meeting. This is actually why many people choose to get tattoos on their shoulders rather than on other parts of their bodies. It gives them a ... See more pictures
  • Ankle Tattoos

    Looking to find some great ankle tattoo ideas? Check out the list below to see some of the most popular ankle tattoos. The anchor When you get the anchor tattoo, you are saying that you will stay afloat in life and that you will not let others sink your boat. Obviously this is a tattoo meaning that will work for a lot of people, and it works excellently as an ankle tattoo. You can decide to get one of the many classic anchor tattoo designs, or you might prefer to design your own, perhaps with some other additional small designs around it. The rainbow The rainbow tattoo represents many things, including equality and finding happiness after tough times. If you were looking to get a more colorful ankle tattoo, you really can’t do too much better than the rainbow. Some people get the rainbow by itself right on the side of their ankles, and others surround their sun with the sun, rain, and even a cloud. The musical note Music lovers looking to find a design small enough to fit on their ankles should definitely consider a simple musical note tattoo. You can get any note that you want, though it seems like a lot of ... See more pictures
  • Biomechanical Tattoos

    Biomechanical tattoos were the types of designs people could only dream about a couple of decades ago, but they are now totally possible and extremely popular in the tattooing world. They are great tattoo ideas for people who love science fiction, or who just want to get designs that make them look half human, half machine! Below we will take a look at reasons why biomechanical tattoos are so hot right now, some of the more popular biomechanical tattoo ideas out there and why one of these cool designs might be great for you. Let’s be honest with ourselves – trying to decide on a design for a permanent body art decoration can often be overwhelming. There are so many designs to choose from, not to mention anything you can think of, the possibilities are endless. Often a tattoo is meant to express the “inner you.” Some people may feel that in this modern age a modern style tattoo is in order. Nothing can be more modern, if not downright futuristic, than a “Bio-Mech” or biomechanical tattoo. A biomechanical tattoo is a form of body art that melds the human you with machine in the form of tattoo imagery of machine or ... See more pictures
  • Lily Tattoos

    The lily is one of the more recognizable flowers in the world. While not being the most popular flower to get tattooed, it is up there with the best since you can go in so many directions with the design. Below you will find information on lily tattoo designs and some of the meanings that people like to use with them. The lily is very symbolic and the beauty of this flower makes it even more desirable to have placed on the body. This makes it an interesting tattoo to get since you will have more options available to you. That can also make it a more difficult process, but that’s actually a good thing. You’ll need to think about how large you want the lily tattoo to be, the colors you want to use, and which meanings work the best for you. This flower has many different meanings depending on what culture you’re talking about. For example, in ancient Egypt, the lily symbolizes fertility while in the Chinese culture the lily can mean purity and innocence. You’ll also find that many other cultures attach their own meanings to the flower and that many cultures share some of those meanings. If you ... See more pictures
  • Matching Tattoo Ideas

    Below you will find some matching tattoo ideas and why they might be perfect for you. The animals This is a simple idea that could be perfect for people looking for matching tattoos. If you and someone else both happen to love the same animal and want to get matching tattoos, then this is a no-brainer. You can get the exact same design in the same location, or you can get slightly different tattoos by changing the colors or making small changes to the design. You can also get “moving” animals that go one direction on one person and the other on the other person. The quote Similar to the animal tattoos, you can get matching quotes or get two halves of the same quote. It’s important that both of you are equally satisfied with the quote, though, since these words will be on you forever. It’s a good idea to get a quote that represents your relationship or one that you have both liked for years. Another creative idea is to get a quote tattoo that you came up with. The playing cards One of the more popular matching relationship tattoos are the king and queen playing card designs. Some people get just the ... See more pictures
  • Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning

    When thinking of a skull many people think of death and decay, however there are some different general meanings for different styles of skull tattoos. Sugar skull tattoo designs are an essential part of the Mexican and Latin American celebration of Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead, which falls on the day following Halloween. The skulls in this festival are a representation of ancestors and family that has passed on but has come back to Earth from the spiritual realm to be honored. The sugar skull, or Calavera, is made from edible sugar and may be consumed or made from clay and decorated. The decoration that typically adorns the sugar skull is colorful and bright to symbolize the vibrancy of life, especially appreciated by those who have lived a full one and have since passed away. As with any tattoo there are different styles of skulls; sugar skull- as previously mentioned is primarily used in Day of the Dead celebrations; skull with roses- typically used to display the contrast between good and evil; or a girl skull- which often will have heart shaped eyes or bows attached. This being said, the meaning behind a skull tattoo does not have ... See more pictures
  • Vine Tattoos

    Twining and swirling vine imagery is often used as a representation of a whimsical relationship with nature and the mysterious of the natural world. The vine can be used decoratively, accompanying other imagery, or on its own. Other imagery used is generally elfish, involving sprites or fairies, or other creatures of the forest. The long, stretching ropes of leaves and flowers are often used to cover limbs, down the back, or along the side of the body, enhancing the vine’s natural structure. Vines are usually render with a flourish of leaves along its figure, as well as flowers, small bulbs or large roses. Any sort of floral imagery works well with the vine, emphasizing a connection to the woods. Birds and butterflies are often included as well, creating a larger piece with more visual appeal and adding to the woodsy theme. The leaves and other adornments are usually designed minutely to create a sense of delicacy to the image, although any size will work well to complement the vine. Words and phrases can be added to the vine as well, curling with the curving lines of the plant figure. A handwritten script is often used because of its similar swirling ... See more pictures
  • Calf Tattoo

    The calf use to be one of the last places people thought of for their tattoos, but these days people recognize that there are quite a few designs that look pretty amazing as calf tattoos. Most are smaller designs, but they can be just as meaningful as large arm, back, or chest tattoos. Below you will find out the types of designs that work great as calf tats and then you can decide if this is the type of tattoo that you should get. Circular designs seem to be the best ones for the calf area since they look so natural in that area and they give people a unique way of showing off some of the more common designs. And what’s great is that even if you don’t have a perfectly circular image in mind, you can usually make that image fit into a circular design just by tweaking it a little bit or fitting it inside of something with that shape. What we’re saying is that just about any tattoo that you have in mind can be made into a nice calf tattoo, though it’s definitely true that some look more natural in that area than others. One type of ... See more pictures
  • Coordinates Tattoo

    Anyone looking for a tattoo idea that is a bit outside of the box should consider getting a coordinates tattoo. These are the type of tattoos that are simple yet look amazing on the skin. Plus, there are hundreds of different ways that you can get them designed. On this page we are going to go over some of the most common reasons why people get coordinates tattoos and some of the creative ways that you can get them inked on your skin. A coordinates tattoo can say a lot about a person, but they are also some of the most personal tattoos around because often outsiders have no idea what those coordinates represent. That mysteriousness might be why these tattoos have grown so much in popularity. On top of that, these are great tattoos to get if you want a cool-looking tattoo that has a meaning that you don’t want outsiders to know about until you want to share the meanings with them. The most common reason why someone might choose to get a coordinates tattoo is to remember a special place that they visited. Most people will put the exact location of that place by simply including all of the ... See more pictures
  • Plant Tattoos

    Plant tattoos, also known as botanical tattoos, are an excellent way for nature lovers to share with the world a small piece of who they are. Believe it or not, every plant tattoo that you see has some kind of meaning that represents the owner, and sometimes it is the most important ink that someone has on their body. If you are interested in getting one of these designs, check out the information below to see why plant tattoos have become so popular and why they will probably continue to be popular for decades to come. Unlike most other tattoo ideas, plant tattoos can work for just about everyone since there are so many plants to choose from and different meanings that are attached to each plant. The fact is that the majority of the plants that are out in the wild today have been around much longer than people have, so it’s not too surprising that they all have such significant meanings. Even better, most plants have multiple meanings that you can use, and you don’t have to use all of them if some don’t work for your personality. Easily the most popular plant tattoos that people get are flower tattoos. ... See more pictures
  • Sleeve Tattoos

    Sleeve tattoos are becoming one of the most popular styles of tattoos around. If you take a look, you’ll probably notice more and more people with sleeve tattoos whether it be a full sleeve, half sleeve, or quarter sleeve. The sleeves allow people to express themselves with a large design that everyone can see. It allows people to get to know them a little before they’ve actually had a conversation. Essentially you’re getting either a variety of tattoos making up the sleeve or possibly one large piece of work to cover the space. We’re a big fan of sleeves and wanted to show you some sleeve tattoos that we like. Below you will find some of the best sleeve tattoo ideas out there and why they have become so popular. Keep in mind that these are just some of the many sleeve tattoos that you can choose from. The landscape If you want a great place to put a landscape and don’t want to put it on your back, then you will probably love the look of the tattoo as a sleeve. You can decide to make the image sideways down your arm, or you can even have a landscape that wraps ... See more pictures
  • Bull Tattoo

    What can only be described as a massive beast, the bull is an animal that is not to be trifled with. Since before recorded history, bulls have held a special spot in human culture. Going back 17,000 years, the bull has been appearing in cave paintings. In the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, the mythic Bull of the heavens plays a role. This goes all the way back to 2150 BC. The reference of the bull even goes so far as making an appearance in the form of the Taurus in the zodiac. In the Hindu religion, Nandi is a bull that is worshiped because it is the vehicle of the Shiva and is depicted in many capacities. In addition to being worshiped in other cultures, the bull is also very popular mascot across the world. Bulls have a strange relationship with humans overall. We use these animals to procreate with cows so we can factory farm and use them for meat. We worship them in some cultures and it’s illegal to touch them. Bulls are ridden for sport and if you can stay on for 8 seconds you did well. In addition, you’ve got the Running of Bulls in ... See more pictures
  • Money Tattoos

    Money Tattoos The image of money, bills and coins, is an obvious symbol of the priority to earn and gain profits. The symbol of currency depicts a metaphorical or literal ambition towards wealth, financial or otherwise. Money is an immediate, although trivial, sign of success within modern society. Money, or “riches”, can be a metaphor for wealth in the sense of happiness and loved ones. The image of bills in this way can serve as an analogy for cherished people or ideas in the individual’s life. Often, however, the rendering of bills or “stacks” of rolled bills is simply a symbol of business savvy, or the ability to earn financially. The image of currency, most often bills, are manipulated to portray various ideas about money. Mocking faces, or a joker face, are sometimes added to convey the dangers of greed and money. The image of money serves as a warning in this way, cautioning against becoming too interested in financial gain. The image of a bill, often an American hundred-dollar bill, folded into a rose is a modern symbol of love over money. The symbol shows the functionality of the dollar bill disregarded in order to create a more beautiful, natural image. ... See more pictures
  • Believe Tattoos

    Believe Tattoos One of the most inspirationally versatile words in the English language, “Believe” is a popular choice among those who want a constant reminder of keeping faith and positivity. The text is a descriptor for a belief in the possibility of all things and all outcomes with a hope for the future. “Believe” indicates many things for many different people but in any case the word is a sum of personal faith, dreams, wishes, and hopes and the ability for them all to be possible. There are countless styles and fonts that “believe” can be rendered in although a calligraphic script is usually chosen in order to emphasize the beautiful meaning of the word. Generally, it is done in black or greyscale or another dark tone like blue or violet. A capitalized “B” can be designed as a heart shape, adding a cute and lighthearted tone to the image as well as harken to the positivity of the word. The heart is often done in a differing color from the rest of the word, often red or pink, to feminize it. Along with “believe”, stars, butterflies or bird silhouettes can be incorporated into the design, creating a fuller appearance. The ... See more pictures
  • Panther Tattoo Meaning

    Panther Tattoo Meaning The panther is broad term that includes all large jungle cats from all around the globe including jaguars, cougars, and leopards (leopards are indigenous to Africa and Asia while jaguars and cougars are indigenous to North/South America). The black panther, a misnomer referring to any large, black, clawed jungle or forest-dwelling cougar, leopard, or jaguar, is often used as an image to convey ferocity or a savageness. The darkened melanin that creates the black coat of the cat is seen as advantageous in the wild, adapting to the darkness of the dense jungle. The symbol of the black panther portrays a unique and mysterious predator. The white panther, any albino leopard, jaguar, or cougar, is much rarer than the black panther, having been spotted very infrequently. These creatures are so scarce that there are very few accounts of their existence. The image of the white panther is an icon of an incredibly rare and unusual spirit. As ferocious and wild as any other panther, this creature is so rarely seen, it’s nearly mythical. The image of the panther, usually spotted or multicolored, is also named in ancient Greek mythology. The spotted panther, or pantera, was a large panther ... See more pictures
  • Leaf Tattoo

    To some people leaves are just leaves, things they see every day covering trees or the ground. To others, leaves represent so much more than that, which is why the leaf tattoo is one of the more popular nature tattoos that people are getting these days. You have different styles to choose from, many different colors, and you’ll find out below that there are multiple great meanings that can make these the perfect nature tattoos for you. Keep reading to find out about why the leaf tattoo is such a great choice for so many people. Leaves represent the cycles of life, which, if you think about it, is a meaning that most of us would love to use in a tattoo. It’s one of those meanings that could represent changes in one’s life, acceptance of the life cycle itself, or many other things. Chances are you can find some way to use this meaning with your leaf tattoo even if you don’t find any other suitable meanings. One of the reasons the cycle of life meaning is used through leaf tattoos is because people want to get over something terrible that has happened to them. They look at their leaves to ... See more pictures
  • Owl Tattoo Meaning

    The owl is a beautiful, unique-looking animal so it’s no surprise that plenty of people have gotten an owl tattoo or plan to. What many people don’t realize, though, is that the owl tattoo has a bunch of fantastic meanings. On this page we will go over some of the most popular owl tattoo meanings and owl symbolism. The owl is often associated with knowledge and wisdom. In most cases you will find that people will use these two meanings, but whether they are the primary owl tattoo meanings depends on the person. Outsiders will naturally see the owl and assume that the owner of the tat is someone who either seeks wisdom or dishes it out regardless of whether or not that is the reason the person got their owl tattoo. This is something to keep in mind if you do want to get one of these designs. Owls have been thought of as magical and mysterious creatures as well. In western and central Europe during medieval times, owls were thought to be witches and wizards in disguise. This fable is what sparked the linking of the owl with the world of magic and wizardry. There are quite a few tattoo ... See more pictures
  • Confederate Flag Tattoo

    There is probably not a more controversial symbol than the Confederate flag tattoo or “Rebel flag”, as some call it. This tattoo has been being worn by men and women alike as a symbol of southern pride. This flag has been in the center of controversy for over a century and it makes sense. The Confederate flag has long been associated with the south and slavery, but it isn’t necessarily the whole truth when talking about this symbol of southern pride. In this article, we will discuss the meaning of the Confederate flag tattoo and the different meanings behind it. We know The Battle Flag of the Confederacy is probably one of the most controversial symbol out there. This flag is criticized and loved, shamed and praised, but it is a large part of the history of the United States and its not a surprise that many would want to have this tattooed onto their person. During the debates in South Carolina back when Barack Obama was a Senator, he was asked where he thought the appropriate place for this flag was. He responded, “In a museum”. This was a strong stance and we commend him for saying this. ... See more pictures
  • Hourglass Tattoo Meaning

    The hourglass might look like a simple enough object, but there are plenty of great tattoo designs to choose from and a lot of hourglass tattoo meanings. On this page we will go over the history of the hourglass itself and some of the most popular meanings that people attach to their tattoos. As you’ll find out, there is often a lot more than meets the eye when looking at an hourglass tattoo. The hourglass is a timepiece that has largely been made obsolete with the 16th century invention of the spring-driven mechanical clock. Because of this, the hourglass is a relic of ancient or the pre-modern period that relied on more natural means of time telling. Some people simply love the look of the hourglass and the fact that it is a relic. A type of hourglass, the Marine Sandglass is a common time piece used for hundreds of years by sailors. In this way, the image of the hourglass is a measurement of one’s time spent at sea. Sailors aren’t the only ones that get the hourglass tattoo these days, though. Even people who just love the sea will get their hourglass tattoo to feel closer to both the sea ... See more pictures
  • Carnation Tattoo

    It should not come as much surprise at all that the carnation tattoo is as popular as it is considering its symbolism and its lovely look. These are fantastic flower tattoos because they look great on the skin and because most people will recognize at least some of the symbolic meanings attached to them. Below you will find out all of the reasons why so many people choose carnation tattoos over all of the other flower options available to the and, hopefully, you will be able to figure out if this is the right tattoo for you. Easily the most common meaning attached to people’s carnation tattoos is love. Sure, the rose is still at the top of the charts when it comes to love tattoos, but the carnation allows people to get something a little bit different while also being able to attach this classic meaning. On top of that, some people simply like the look of the carnation tattoo over the other “love” flowers, so it just makes sense for them to get one of these designs. Another meaning that you might want to use with your carnation tattoo is captivation. That can mean that you’re captivated with something specific, ... See more pictures
  • Meaningful Tattoos

    On this page we will go over some of the most meaningful tattoo designs around and why they might be the right designs for you. The musical notation Lovers of music probably can’t find a more meaningful tattoo to get than a simple musical notation. For example, the sharp note, represented by a tilted #, can look fantastic in tattoo form and can mean the world to its owner. Most musical notation tattoos are small symbols placed on the wrist, finger, ankle, or neck, but really they can go anywhere. In fact, you can add a musical note to any other tattoo very easily to make it even more meaningful. The quote If one quote has stuck in your mind for a while and it describes you perfectly, then you might want to think about getting it in tattoo form. With quote tattoos, you not only have to think about the words that you want to be included, but also the font that will make it stand out the best. After that all you have to do is come up with a great place to put it, such as running down your forearm. The infinity symbol The infinity symbol represents having endless possibilities, which obviously makes ... See more pictures
  • Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning

    Looking for a jellyfish tattoo meaning? Well, as you will see below there are plenty to choose from. The jellyfish tattoo has been pretty popular for a while now, but it has definitely gained in popularity in recent years thanks to new-age tattooing techniques that give this creature an even better look on the skin. Jellyfish are actually not fish but a type of sea creature with its own category. They are an ancient sea animal, dating back hundreds of millions of years, making them one of the oldest evolved creatures. Because of this, some people decide to get a jellyfish tattoo because they want people to know that they have an old soul. This isn’t the most obvious jellyfish tattoo meaning, but it is a great way to show it. While they are ancient animals, they do not rely on gills, lungs, or a heart like most other creatures, making their function complex and very simple at the same time. It also makes them quite mysterious, which is yet another meaning that people will give to their jellyfish tattoos. Again, most outsiders will not recognize the “mysterious” meaning, but that might actually be a good thing to the owner of the ... See more pictures
  • Libra Tattoos

    Libras are often very proud people and work hard to make sure there’s justice in the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are plenty of folks out there who want to show off their pride on that attribute (and many more) with Libra tattoos. There are many symbols that you can choose from and plenty of great meanings to choose from, so keep reading to find out all about Libra tattoos. The seventh sign of the Western zodiac, Libra is the sign of the Scales of Justice (♎). It is symbolized by the image of the scales, weighing two objects, individuals, or concepts for judgement. The scales are easily the most popular Libra tattoos around, but there are numerous design options that people can choose from. The primary meanings still stick no matter what type of design you choose to get, but you can add in other meanings simply by adding to the scales a bit. Those who enter the world between September 22nd and October 23rd are born into the sign of Libra, and are considered to be fair, balanced, and harmonious individuals, among other things. Ideally, those who want to get Libra tattoos are people who ... See more pictures
  • Eikon Tattoo Supplies

    Visit Website Address: 689 Innovation Drive Kingston, ON Canada K7K 7E6 Phone: (800) 427-8198 Eikon Tattoo Equipment and Supplies was established in 1994 as a small operation that became a large-scale tattoo supply company over the span of 21 years. A product of their decades of tattoo innovation, their line of power and meter supplies is well-known in the industry along with their line of coil tattoo machines and tattoo needles. They are based out of Kingston, Ontario but are known and ship all over the globe. As an online tattoo supply retailer, Eikon is committed to keeping up with industry standards as well as providing tattoo education through online video tutorials and reliable customer service before and after order have been shipped. Eikon’s line of tattoo power supplies are Canadian-made with high quality parts to create a power supplier that is unparalleled by the competition. The website contains several troubleshooting videos along with information about the machine, ensuring that the customer is well informed about the product and its operation. Being able to properly utilize the product to its fullest extent without frustration or uncertainty allows the customer to get the most for their money but also feel satisfied with ... See more pictures
  • Side Tattoos

    Side tattoos, also known as rib tattoos, seem to be all the rage these days. They work just as well on men as they do women, and you have a ton of design options for that area of the body. On this page we will take a look at why side tattoos have shot up the “places to get tattoos” rankings and some great side tattoo ideas. Why are side tattoos popular? It’s important to know why side tattoos have become so popular in recent years so you can know for sure if this is an area where you should get a tat. It’s important that you don’t get a rib tattoo simply because they are so popular right now since that could change in the blink of an eye. Instead, it’s good to know why so many people are getting these tattoos and why tattoo artists love to make them. First of all, the rib area is a fantastic spot to get larger tattoos because many designs work with the natural curves of this part of the body. Sure, it can be a bit more painful than in other areas of the body, especially with larger tats, but it is worth it ... See more pictures
  • Hand Tattoos

    It used to be that pretty much the only people who would get hand tattoos were those who already had tats everywhere else on their bodies. Nowadays, hand tattoos are extremely popular because they allow people to get tattoos that just look better on the hands than anywhere else on the body. If you’re planning on getting a hand tattoo or are just thinking about it, this page is for you! Images placed on the hand are not easily covered up and so careful consideration is generally taken when choosing hand tattoos. These pieces are almost constantly in view of the individual and will generally serve as a reminder of something or someone significant. This is why it is extremely important to think long and hard about what type of hand tattoo you want to get before you commit to it. Symbols or larger images that reflect an experience in the individual’s life are often placed on the hand. They can cover a very small portion of the owner’s hand or they can cover and possibly wrap around the hand. These images are almost always on top of the hand for everyone to see since the owner is generally happy to share ... See more pictures
  • Hebrew Tattoos

    The ancient language of the Jewish faith and people of Israel, Hebrew is a sacred language that has carried through centuries and is still spoken today in a modern form. The earliest inscriptions of the language are dated back to over 2000 years and is connected to the reigns of the ancient Kings of Israel, King David and King Solomon. Because Hebrew is the original language of the ancient religious text of Judaism the Torah, countless phrases and words can be used as a tattoo design to symbolize an individual’s personal and sacred faith. Hebrew language tattoos are often accompanied by Jewish iconography, most generally the six-pointed Star of David. The Hebrew language is also used by Christians as The Old Testament, the first 49 books of the Bible, is derived from the Hebrew Bible. Most often, simple words or short phrases are used for Hebrew designs. Words that translate to love, peace, joy, and God, are frequently used. Because the written form of the language is beautiful and intricate on its own, other images or details are left out. However, simple line work can be added to create a fuller image, enhancing the inscription. For larger tattoos, passages from ... See more pictures
  • Barcode Tattoo Meaning

    Barcode Tattoo Meaning The series of thick and thin lines that make up a barcode are an intricate design that relates specific information to a scanner. This scanner reads that barcode and reveals that information. The barcode as an image can hold a plethora of meanings, each particular to the individual who bears it. It can serve as an identification of name, address, birthplace, anything. The barcode is the symbol of a product, something that was manufactured and is to be sold. In this way, the barcode can be representative of slavery, forced labor, or a traumatic experience where individuality was lost. Manufactured products are rarely unique and often one of many, leading to the barcode as a description of conformity. It creates a connection to machinery and robotics, the fabrication of a product. The barcode is also a tracking device and as a symbol, conveys ownership. One who wears the barcode is a product of something else whose ties with the product cannot be broken. The barcode becomes a permanent reminder of one’s creation and origin. Barcodes only exist to be read by machines in order to convey information and are the perfect symbol of technological advance. An individual who feels ... See more pictures
  • Nautical Star Tattoo Meaning

    The nautical star is a traditional sailor tattoo that served as a symbol of good fortune while sailing the open seas. It is derived from the four-pointed star that rested in the center of a compass, pointing to the four directions. The star is designed in such a way that it appears raised. Dark and light colors, traditionally black and white, are placed together to create a sense of dimension. White tones are sometimes added to further highlight the depth of the image, introducing more detail. The nautical star has been used as a tattoo staple for decades and has become a commonly added element to larger tattoo designs. The simple image of the nautical star makes them a diverse symbol that can be integrated into nearly any size or style of tattoo. The nautical star can be manipulated in a variety of ways and used in countless styles and types of designs. It can be done simply, in black and white, or any shade of color is added to create a more individual piece. Bright red and blue are often used to accompany the traditional black but patterns are often used as well such as stripes, national flag colors, ... See more pictures
  • Dinosaur Tattoo

    Dinosaur tattoos are great for archeology lovers, Jurassic Park fans, and anyone who loves huge and cool-looking animals. They aren’t the most meaningful tattoo designs in the world, but that isn’t actually a big problem with dinosaurs because, well, they’re dinosaurs! Below you will find out why so many people opt to get dinosaur tattoos over all of the other tattoo options that are available to them. Strength is probably the most common meaning attached to dinosaur tattoos today, and for obvious reasons. Most dinosaurs make the “big” animals of today look like shrimps, so you could say that they are the ultimate symbols of strength in the animal world. It’s so obvious, in fact, that if you choose to use this meaning you don’t even have to tweak your design at all for people to know what it represents. Similarly, power is another meaning that people like to use with their dinosaur tattoos. Power is a different than strength, though, in that it represents the owner’s physical prowess rather than their physical and emotional strength. Someone who takes a lot of pride in being powerful, whether physically or in their working life, might find that this is the perfect dinosaur tattoo ... See more pictures
  • Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

    Alice in Wonderland tattoos are fantastic for anyone who loves this classic story, the look of the characters, or what one or more of the characters stood for in the story. Alice in Wonderland is perhaps as well known for its artwork as it is for the story itself, so it just makes sense that people like to get Alice in Wonderland tattoos. On this page we will take a look at the story, some of the characters found in that story, and some great Alice in Wonderland tattoos that you could get. Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland served as a tapestry of imaginative stories and characters for countless children and adults, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century until today. That makes Alice in Wonderland tattoos a bit more interesting than other types of tattoos since there are people of pretty much all age ranges that might be interested in these designs. Some love one of the characters, while others have great memories of watching some of the scenes of the story unfold. The original tales of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been adapted a few times, the most popular of which being the Disney cartoon film created in 1951, although numerous version ... See more pictures

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