• 13 Tattoo Meaning

    13 Tattoo Meaning The number thirteen has long been viewed as an omen of misfortune and bad luck. Superstitiously, 13 is associated with death and the fear of dying and is often avoided when possible like the absence of a thirteenth floor in many hotels and skyscrapers. Some companies even avoid the use of 13, written ... Read more
  • All Seeing Eye Tattoo Meaning

    All-Seeing Eye Tattoo Meaning The All-seeing Eye tattoo is a very popular tattoo that has an assortment of design choices for people to choose from and just as many meanings. This is the type of tattoo that you can get just about anywhere on your body and in any size. Most people can find at least ... Read more
  • American Flag Tattoo Meaning

    The national flag of the United States of America, the American flag, symbolizes their national anthem lyrics naming the USA “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. Believe it or not, there is more than one American flag tattoo meaning and plenty of designs to choose from. Some people decide ... Read more
  • Ampersand Tattoo Meaning

    Ampersand Tattoo Meaning The ampersand is an allusive image that can represent a plethora of significant meanings depending on the intent of the symbol. Above all else, it is a symbol of continuation, an additive relic from the Latin language that is completely inclusive. The ampersand (&) is a typographical symbol that was created from condensing the ... Read more
  • Anarchy Tattoo

    From the wild-child to the deep thinker, the term, anarchy holds a special place in the heart for people that believe in the phrase. These people might also want to let others know this word has special meaning for them by getting a tattoo to represent their feelings. The anarchy tattoo represents a certain philosophy ... Read more
  • Anchor Tattoo Meaning

    The anchor tattoo has been around longer than most designs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a cool tattoo to get right now. The reason why this design continues to be so popular is because there are so many great anchor tattoo meanings out there and a whole bunch of great designs to choose from. Some ... Read more
  • Animal Tattoo Meaning

    There isn’t just one animal tattoo meaning. That’s one of the many reasons why so many people decide to get a tattoo of their favorite animals. Animal tattoos as a whole are one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world since they can hold many different meanings and because they look good on ... Read more
  • Ankh Tattoo Meaning

    The Ankh tattoo is one of the most popular Egyptian tattoos in the world for a variety of reasons. Not only does the symbol have a unique shape, there are also quite a few fantastic meanings attached to it, giving owners of these tats an attractive and significant symbol to represent who they are. Below ... Read more
  • Armband Tattoo Meaning

    Armband Tattoo Meaning As you probably already know, armband tattoos have been extremely popular for a long time. They did seem to peak at the start of the century, but they have definitely picked up some steam in recent years, too. Armband tattoos have plenty of meanings because, well, there are plenty of different armband tattoo designs. ... Read more
  • Arrow Tattoo Meaning

    Traditionally considered a Native American symbol, the arrow can hold a wide array of meanings. These meanings can also vary from tribe to tribe. Native Americans are known for using signs and symbols as a way to communicate their history, ideas and dreams. The arrow was a weapon in their culture, it was used to ... Read more
  • Astronaut Tattoo Meaning

    Astronaut Tattoo Meaning Most people grow up imagining being an astronaut and going up to space, so it’s not too surprising that plenty of folks decide to get an astronaut tattoo. Astronauts are usually extremely smart, they wear very cool gear, and, ya know, they get to leave the planet! On top of that, most astronaut ... Read more
  • Barcode Tattoo Meaning

    Barcode Tattoo Meaning The series of thick and thin lines that make up a barcode are an intricate design that relates specific information to a scanner. This scanner reads that barcode and reveals that information. The barcode as an image can hold a plethora of meanings, each particular to the individual who bears it. It can ... Read more
  • Bear Tattoo Meaning

    The bear is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth, and in tattoo form they both look great and have excellent meanings. Unsurprisingly, many people are interested in getting bear tattoos for those reasons and so many more. On this page we will take a look at some of the most popular bear tattoo ... Read more
  • Bee Tattoo Meaning

    A bee tattoo can come in many different designs and it can have a whole host of meanings. You might see someone with a realistic looking honey bee on their arm, or you could see a cartoonish bee in some kind of fantasy land. Regardless of the design, bee tattoos hold different meanings for different ... Read more
  • Bioshock Tattoo

    The BioShock video game franchise began back in mid 2007 as a first-person shooter for the Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 gaming platforms. Popularity rose quickly for the game and began its journey into spreading across other platforms. The following couple years after its initial release date with Xbox and Microsoft, Bioshock was ... Read more
  • Bird Tattoo Meaning

    Birds are amazing creatures who many perceive as representing freedom as they are never tied down to one place and can fly freely wherever they choose.  They have been intriguing mankind for ages. With more than 10,000 species to choose from there is a lot of avian inspiration. Some of the most popular birds used in ... Read more
  • Black Rose Tattoo Meaning

    Black Rose Tattoo Meaning The red rose tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world, but the black rose tattoo is slowly catching up. While the red rose has a small list of deep meanings, the black rose tattoo can have a ton of meanings. Below are just some of the reasons ... Read more
  • Boondock Saints Tattoos

    The 1999 hit movie, The Boondock Saints, sparked a great deal of interest and created a cult following. Spawned from the action/thriller, you started seeing Boondock Saints tattoos emerging all over the place. Whether the tattoos were portraits of the characters or copies of the tattoos the characters in the movie had, the tattoos started ... Read more
  • Bow Tattoo Meaning

    Bow Tattoo Meaning A bow is generally a very feminine symbol as they are not often worn by men, other than in the form of a bowtie. That makes the bow tattoo a bit unique in itself since there aren’t too many designs out there that are known for being for women only. Unsurprisingly, women where ... Read more
  • Broken Heart Tattoo Meaning

    Broken Heart Tattoo Meaning An image of a broken heart can be chosen to indicate just that, a broken heart, often from a relationship that has dissolved but there are many other reasons for receiving the image as well. A broken heart can serve a metaphor for hardships that have been endured in life that have ... Read more
  • Buddha Tattoo Meaning

    A Buddha is a Buddhist individual who has obtained nirvana, the state of supreme enlightenment. This elevated soul is an incredible teacher and model of finding contentment within the current life state. Unsurprisingly, there are plenty of people who have Buddha tattoos and plenty who want to get one. Not only do Buddha tattoos have extremely ... Read more
  • Bull Tattoo

    What can only be described as a massive beast, the bull is an animal that is not to be trifled with. Since before recorded history, bulls have held a special spot in human culture. Going back 17,000 years, the bull has been appearing in cave paintings. In the ancient Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, the mythic ... Read more
  • Butterfly Tattoo Meaning

    Butterfly Tattoo Meaning If you’re looking for one great butterfly tattoo meaning, then you’re in luck! There are quite a few meanings to choose from, so chances are you will find one that fits your personality. On top of that, there are a ton of butterfly tattoo designs to choose from, which means that you will ... Read more
  • Cactus Tattoo Meaning

    There are a lot of great plant tattoos out there, but the cactus tattoo is the perfect one for certain personalities. It’s also a very attractive tattoo in most cases, which is yet another reason why these designs have shot up the rankings in recent years. Below you will find some information on cactus tattoos, ... Read more
  • Candy Skull Tattoos

    When people think of the skull, it’s closely associated with death and dying. The negative imagery has been used throughout time. However, the skull has alternative meanings in other cultures where the dead are more revered than what we do in the States. The candy skull (also known as the sugar skull) are an integral ... Read more
  • Celtic Tattoos

    While Celtic designs have been around for centuries, it might surprise some people that Celtic tattoos only became popular worldwide in the last decade or so. That’s because there are plenty of people who like the cool yet simple designs and all of the great Celtic tattoo meanings out there. If you’re interested in getting ... Read more
  • Cherry Blossom Tattoo Meaning

    Cherry blossom tattoos have grown in popularity over the years, possibly because more people want very meaningful tattoos rather than just nice-looking tats. The cherry blossom might not be the most popular flower tattoo in the world, but there are a ton of cherry blossom tattoo meanings to choose from, so more people are turning ... Read more
  • Chi Rho Tattoo

    The Chi Rho tattoo is one of religious importance to the people wearing it. It’s identified as one of the earliest kinds of chrisotgrams. It is formed by superimposing the capital letters for chi and rho which are the first two letter of the ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ. This word means Christos. This is going to look like ... Read more
  • Chrysanthemum Tattoo

    The Chrysanthemum tattoo is a popular one with fans of Asian culture along with tattoo enthusiasts. The Chrysanthemum is one of the most grown flowers in the world. In addition, their popularity has grown so much that “mums” are considered the top dog when it comes to fall flowers. The flowers have been carefully ... Read more
  • Cicada Tattoo

    Native to North America, the cicada is an interesting insect with a lot of symbolism. If you close your eyes and listen on a warm night, you might hear the humming of the cicadas. The sound can be almost overpowering as hundreds of cicadas sing their mating songs. You might recognize the cicada, or it’s ... Read more
  • Circle Tattoo Meaning

    Circle Tattoo Meaning One of the most basic, yet powerful, symbols, the circle is a representation of the universe in its most simple form. It is a primal symbol that portrays life and the cycle that leads to death and back to life again. The circle represents the cyclical nature of the universe and all life ... Read more
  • Claddagh Tattoo

    The Claddagh tattoo is one of importance for those of Irish heritage. You might see this symbol incorporated with other Irish symbols or standing along as a tattoo on one’s chest or back. For those of Irish decent, this symbol goes way back. To understand about the symbol, we must learn about where it came ... Read more
  • Clock Tattoo Meaning

    Clock Tattoo Meaning You might be surprised to find out that there isn’t just one clock tattoo meaning, but many. The clock tattoo has been popular for a while now, but there are now hundreds of different designs to choose from and plenty of meanings to use. On this page you will find some of the ... Read more
  • Comma Tattoo Meaning

    Comma Tattoo Meaning Punctuation tattoos are huge these days, and the comma tattoo is just one of many that people choose to get. The comma is usually small so it can be placed pretty much anywhere on the body, and it can hold a number of different meanings. Obviously the comma tattoo could be part of ... Read more
  • Compass Tattoo Meaning

    The compass tattoo has been a popular choice among a majority of cultures for centuries. This maritime symbol was popular among early sailors and it was believed that getting a compass tattoo would protect you on rough waters and ensure that you would return home safely. Even to this day, people can use the same ... Read more
  • Confederate Flag Tattoo

    There is probably not a more controversial symbol than the Confederate flag tattoo or “Rebel flag”, as some call it. This tattoo has been being worn by men and women alike as a symbol of southern pride. This flag has been in the center of controversy for over a century and it makes sense. ... Read more
  • Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning

    Crescent Moon Tattoo Meaning The crescent moon can be a very simple or complex design, depending on the indicated meaning. For many, a small and simple crescent can hold a lot of meaning, despite the simplicity of the design. In other cases, a large crescent moon can serve as the border of a complicated and well-detailed ... Read more
  • Cross Tattoo Meaning

    The cross is by far one of the most recognizable symbols in the world as well as one of the oldest. It is also one of the most popular choices for tattoos. While you might see the cross tattoo as having a simple (and powerful) Christian meaning, it’s actually a much more complex symbol than ... Read more
  • Crow Tattoo Meaning

    The crow, cousin to the raven, is a sleek, jet black and thick-billed bird, often considered one of the world’s most intelligent. With their black blue-hued feathers, black feet and beaks, they have often been associated with death and the dark arts of the occult. Their ability to learn and use tools has astounded many, ... Read more
  • Crown Tattoo Meaning

    The crown has long been seen as something that demands respect. Knowing that, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that of people choose to get the crown tattoo. There are even more crown tattoo meanings out there and plenty of designs to choose from, which is what we are going to cover ... Read more
  • Dagger Tattoo Meaning

    A dagger is generally a symbol of protection of either the self or others. The short sharp-bladed weapon can be easily concealed so indicates the stealth and cunning of the weapon’s owner. Daggers are ancient weapons that have been forged since the dawn of humanity and were used for close combat with others. Because the ... Read more
  • Dahlia Tattoo

    It should not come as much of a surprise at all that the dahlia tattoo is as popular as it is considering its symbolism and its lovely look. Of all the flower tattoos that you could possibly get, the dahlia tattoo is one of the more beautiful flowers in our opinion. It could be the ... Read more
  • Dandelion Tattoo Meaning

    Dandelion tattoos have been increasing in popularity over the years. They are mainly chosen by women, but many men have been opting for this style as well due to the flower’s unique look and the way it blends with other tattoo designs. The dandelion may look like a pretty bland flower when compared to the ... Read more
  • Daruma Doll Tattoo Meaning

    The Daruma, or Dharma, doll is a traditional Japanese doll that has served as a good luck charm and a motivational tool since the middle of the 18th century. In regular form, these dolls are round, hollow and made of papier-mâché but have also been made of a variety of materials including ceramic and glass. ... Read more
  • Day of the Dead Tattoo Meaning

    The Day of the Dead, or Dia De Los Muertos or Dia de Muertos in Spanish, is an annual celebration that acknowledges the spirits of the dead where one pays homage to their ancestors. It is majorly observed in Mexico and falls on the same days as All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween, and the following ... Read more
  • Dead Tree Tattoo

    The dead tree tattoo is one that might be slightly different than you will be used to. Most of the time you will see the tree tattoo in the form of a blossoming tree with leaves and flowers. A sign of life and new beginnings. When you see a dead tree tattoo, it makes you ... Read more
  • Deer Tattoo Meaning

    Most people will agree that deer are some of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, so it’s not too surprising at all that many choose to get deer tattoos. What’s great about deer is that not only do they make for some fantastic tats, there are also dozens of great deer tattoo meanings to ... Read more
  • Diamond Tattoo Meaning

    Diamond Tattoo Meaning The diamond is a very well-known symbol that is almost always associated with wealth and beauty. They are worn as adornments in rings, necklaces and other types of jewelry. Unsurprisingly, the diamond tattoo is quite popular when people either love the look of the jewel or want to combine it with another nice-looking ... Read more
  • Dove Tattoo Meaning

    The dove tattoo has become one of the more popular bird tattoos in recent years thanks to its unique look and its many great meanings. The dove tattoo is a fantastic tat for both men and women since the meanings can be used by absolutely anyone and the fact that the bird doesn’t have an ... Read more
  • Dragon Tattoo Meaning

    The dragon tattoo is hugely popular not only because looks great on the skin, but also because there are plenty of dragon tattoo meanings to choose from. You can get a dragon tattoo in just about any color and any size, which means that it is one of the more customizable tattoos. On this page, ... Read more
  • Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning

    While the butterfly is still a bit more popular than the dragonfly tattoo, the dragonfly is quickly shooting up the ranks. As you’ll see, they do share some tattoo meanings, but there are some dragonfly tattoo meanings that set it apart from the butterfly. On this page we will take a look at reasons why ... Read more
  • Dreamcatcher Tattoo Meaning

    If you have seen a dreamcatcher, then you probably won’t be surprised to hear that it makes for an excellent tattoo. The dreamcatcher tattoo isn’t very high up on the list of popular tattoos, but it sure is shooting up that list. Dreamcatchers are beautiful, which makes them attractive tattoo designs, and they’re also extremely ... Read more
  • Eagle Tattoo Meaning

    The eagle is a majestic, predatory bird with distinct, recognizable features. There are dozens of species of eagles found all around the globe and they can all be spotted by their large sharp curved beak and talons. Eagles are a very large type of bird, debatably the largest in the world, which often prey on ... Read more
  • EKG Tattoo Meaning

    EKG Tattoo Meaning An EKG (electrocardiogram) or heartbeat tattoo is a symbol of a heart beat, a life line, the reminder to live life to the fullest. The EKG line is a horizontal line of sharp peaks and “v”s that represents the reading of a heart beat on a heart monitor. The ups and downs of ... Read more
  • Elephant Tattoo Meaning

    You might not look at an elephant and see an animal with plenty of symbolism, but it’s actually one of the world’s top spirit animals. If you love the look of the elephant and were looking to get an animal tattoo with a lot of meaning, then chances are you will be very happy with ... Read more
  • Eye of Ra Tattoo

    The Eye of Ra tattoo has become an ever-growing popular tattoo over the past decade. The Eye of Ra is a symbol of the ancient Egyptian god of the sky known as Ra. Ra was the god of the skies and was able to watch over you and see your every move. This symbol has ... Read more
  • Eye Tattoo Meaning

    The eye tattoo certainly isn’t one of the most popular designs in the world, but those who are interested in it usually know that it has quite a few interesting meanings. For those who are interested in the eye tattoo and/or eye tattoo meanings, then this is the page for you! Below you will find ... Read more
  • Eyeball Tattoo

    It might seem completely bonkers to some – perhaps it is – but there are plenty of people who have gotten eyeball tattoos and plenty more who are thinking about getting them. Are you thinking about getting an eye tattoo? Well, take a look at the information below to see if it really is the ... Read more
  • Feather Tattoo Meaning

    Feather tattoos have increased in popularity over the past few years. Many people like them simply because they are simple yet beautiful designs that can be placed anywhere on the body. Others choose to get feather tattoos over all other options because there are so many meanings that can be attached to these designs. They ... Read more
  • Firefly Tattoo

    Imagine you are eight years old and you are playing in the backyard with your friends. You are running around playing tag and all around you are twinkles of light. Tiny floating lightbulbs that spark your interest. You wonder what kind of magic can create this little light. You go get a mason jar and ... Read more
  • Fleur de Lis Tattoo Meaning

    The Fleur de Lis/Lys is an iconic symbol of Frankish and other Western European nobilities. In English, it is literally translated to “flower of the lily”, although it is disputed as to whether the symbol represents lilies or irises, and has been a regal symbol for centuries. It is found on the flag of Quebec ... Read more
  • Forest Tattoo Meaning

    As long as there has been man, there have been forests. With that in mind, it should be obvious that there are many forest tattoo meanings that you can choose from if you decide to get one of these designs. They also happen to be very nice-looking and attention-grabbing tattoos, so there are a lot ... Read more
  • Fox Tattoo Meaning

    Many people are surprised to find out just how much meaning gets attached to each fox tattoo. Sure, they usually make for some very attractive pieces, but without those excellent meanings there would be a high chance that people would regret getting these tattoos. On this page we will take a look at some of ... Read more
  • Galaxy Tattoo Meaning

    Galaxy Tattoo Meaning There are plenty of galaxy tattoo meanings, which is why it continues to be one of the most popular tattoo designs out there today. A galaxy tattoo can be large to represent the universe, or it can be very small. The design can be used both as a standalone tattoo or it can ... Read more
  • Geisha Tattoo Meaning

    Geisha Tattoo Meaning In Japan, a Geisha is an unmarried woman whose life is dedicated to pleasing and entertaining high-paying clientele. The entertainment they provide, often in bath houses, spas, and tea houses, includes the traditional Japanese arts such as playing classical music, preforming dances, games, and the tea ceremony. Their origins are rooted in early ... Read more
  • Geometric Tattoo Meaning

    A geometric pattern contains one design (usually of multiple shapes) that is repeated over a field to create a motif. The design is precise and continuous. Geometric shapes, any shapes with any number of symmetrical sides, are figures that can be described by mathematics. These shapes often fit together to make a geometrical pattern and ... Read more
  • Goat Tattoo

    The goat is a polarizing animal. The reason I say this is because it can represent all aspects of the good and evil. The goat is used in many satanic symbols but is also a sign of life and strength in other cultures. In this post, I’m going to review some of the symbolism behind ... Read more
  • Guitar Tattoo Meaning

    Guitar Tattoo Meaning The guitar is an obvious symbol of music and a popular image choice for musicians, particularly those who play guitar. The sound emitted by a guitar can be melodic, piercing, haunting or aggressive, depending on whose hands it rests in. A guitar can either be electric or acoustic depending on the intended message. ... Read more
  • Gypsy Tattoo Meaning

    Gypsy is a term that defines a number of ethnic groups throughout history that have often found ways of living outside of conventional means. Considering that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Gypsy tattoo comes in many designs and with many meanings. The majority of Gypsy tattoos are of female character, but it ... Read more
  • Hamsa Tattoo Meaning

    Hamsa Tattoo Meaning The hamsa symbol is a beautiful design that is backed by traditional and cultural values. It is depicted as a hand with an eye, or other symbol in the palm. When it comes to the hamsa tattoo, it can hold these meanings (or many others), but it can come in plenty of designs. ... Read more
  • Hannya Mask Tattoo Meaning

    The Hannya mask is a traditional Japanese mask used in Noh theatrical performances, kyogen theatre and Shinto kagura dances. It is a representation of a jealous woman driven mad and transformed into a horrible demon. In a way she is similar to Medusa, but she has her own backstory and its roots are very much ... Read more
  • Hawaiian Tattoo Meaning

    As you probably guessed, there is more than just one Hawaiian tattoo meaning. Don’t worry, though, because we will cover all of the most popular meanings on this page. We’ll go over the origins of many Hawaiian tattoos as well as some of the designs that can be added to the tattoos to give them ... Read more
  • Heartbeat Tattoo Meaning

    The rigid and zigzagging horizontal line of a heartbeat, taken from the visual representation found on a heart monitoring machine, is often used as an expression of love for self or others. This design (also known as an EKG or electrocardiogram) is sparked by the idea that love is born in the heart and grows ... Read more
  • Hebrew Tattoos

    The ancient language of the Jewish faith and people of Israel, Hebrew is a sacred language that has carried through centuries and is still spoken today in a modern form. The earliest inscriptions of the language are dated back to over 2000 years and is connected to the reigns of the ancient Kings of Israel, ... Read more
  • Henna Tattoo Meaning

    Henna, known as Mehndi in India, is an ink made from the henna plant and used in Indian and other Eastern cultures for the creation of temporary tattoos. These henna tattoos are applied in celebration of a variety of festivals and ceremonies, especially in Indian weddings and religious gatherings like Diwali. The color of the ... Read more
  • Hindu Tattoos

    Being a Hindu is how someone that affiliates with Hinduism refers to themselves. These people, amongst others, might have a Hindu tattoo somewhere on their body to represent their strong faith. There are many symbols that can be tattooed that might be considered a Hindu tattoo, so we will go through some of those tattoos ... Read more
  • Hourglass Tattoo Meaning

    The hourglass might look like a simple enough object, but there are plenty of great tattoo designs to choose from and a lot of hourglass tattoo meanings. On this page we will go over the history of the hourglass itself and some of the most popular meanings that people attach to their tattoos. As you’ll ... Read more
  • Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning

    The hummingbird is one of the most sought after designs for avian inspired tattoos. It has a distinctive look and you can get a hummingbird tattoo in just about any size, allowing you to place it on any part of your body. On top of those things, there are also plenty of hummingbird tattoo meanings. This ... Read more
  • Illuminati Tattoos

    There are a lot of great-looking illuminati tattoos, but most people get these designs because of the meanings that are attached to them. Some of those meanings are pretty dark, some are meant for people who spend a lot of their time thinking about conspiracies, and some are just different ways to define who the ... Read more
  • Infinity Tattoo Meaning

    Infinity Tattoo Meaning Infinity tattoos are steadily on the rise with many people opting to get these in one form or another. The infinity symbol, often used in mathematics, represents a never-ending loop and is depicted as a number 8 on its side. In the tattoo world this can be seen as a symbol of never-ending ... Read more
  • Jaguar Tattoo Meaning

    Jaguar Tattoo Meaning The jaguar is a very popular symbol all over the world, and for good reason. Not only is it a beautiful cat, it also happens to be one of the most inspiring animals in existence. Saying all of that, it should come as no surprise that the jaguar tattoo is extremely popular. Jaguars were ... Read more
  • Jellyfish Tattoo Meaning

    Looking for a jellyfish tattoo meaning? Well, as you will see below there are plenty to choose from. The jellyfish tattoo has been pretty popular for a while now, but it has definitely gained in popularity in recent years thanks to new-age tattooing techniques that give this creature an even better look on the skin. Jellyfish ... Read more
  • Jesus Tattoo Meaning

    Jesus Christ, born in Bethlehem over two thousand years ago is a figure synonymous with righteousness and a pure morality. And those are just a couple of the most popular Jesus tattoo meanings, of which there are many. On this page we will take a look at why the Jesus tattoo is so popular these ... Read more
  • Just Breathe Tattoo

    The just breathe tattoo is a tattoo that has been becoming more popular with the universal acceptance of mental illness being a real issue in the world. For many years there was such a stigma around the subject of mental health that people rarely talked about it. We are now in an era where it ... Read more
  • Key Tattoo Meaning

    The image of a key almost certainly indicates a secret. When pictured without a lock, the mystery is increased, leaving the question of “what does the key unlock?” A key can be a very personal image, symbolizing an intimate moment or situation that isn’t necessarily meant to be shared with others. If the key is ... Read more
  • Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning

    Koi Fish Tattoo Meaning Koi fish are a legendary fish in Japanese culture. They believe that the koi (or carp as it translates to) has the ability to climb the falls of the Yellow River to become a dragon. Because of this legend, koi fish tattoos often symbolize a person’s goals and aspirations to better themselves. ... Read more
  • Let It Be Tattoo

    Popular among men and women, young and old, of varying races, beliefs and lifestyles, the “Let It Be” tattoo is a common universal message of inspiration and strength. The phrase holds a good deal of significance to people of all kinds in persevering through life’s ups and downs. Though some may be drawn to the ... Read more
  • Lighthouse Tattoo Meaning

    For centuries, the lighthouse has served as a beacon of warning, to deter ships from crashing into the rock face and other dangerous crags. While you don’t hear too much about lighthouses anymore, that doesn’t mean that they don’t make tattoo designs. There are plenty of lighthouse tattoo meanings and even more designs to choose ... Read more
  • Lightning Bolt Tattoo Meaning

    Lightning bolts are often associated with speed and power and are also heavily associated with the Greek god Zeus. Lightning bolts are often included in flash tattoo designs and sailor jerry tattoo designs because of the simple way that they can be rendered. The shape is instantly recognizable as with heart and star shapes, and ... Read more
  • Lion Tattoo Meaning

    The lion is almost universally known as a beautiful animal, so it’s not surprising that it is one of the most popular animal tattoos around. On top of looking fantastic in tattoo form, there are also plenty of great lion tattoo meanings that work for many people. On this page we will take a look ... Read more
  • Lips Tattoo Meaning

    Lips, particularly female, are used often as an image to represent erogenous and intimate activity, especially when pictured in a color or pattern associated with passion. The lips will usually look lifelike, as if someone has just kissed the owner of the lips tattoo wherever the tattoo is placed. These tattoos will often be found ... Read more
  • Lotus Flower Tattoo Meaning

    The lotus flower is a very popular design for modern day tattoos. It’s a gorgeous flower and there are quite a few lotus flower tattoo meanings to choose from when you get it. It’s also the type of tattoo that is great for both men and women since there are many designs that you can ... Read more
  • Madonna Tattoo

    The Mother Mary or the voguing pop star. In most cases, you tend to see the version of the tattoo associated with the Mother Mary. The Madonna tattoo is one that has stood the test of time and has a great deal of meaning to those that sport the religious centered tattoo. The Madonna tattoo is ... Read more
  • Mandala Tattoo Meaning

    Once a symbol to a very small group of people, the mandala has become a very popular tattoo design the world over. It’s beautiful, holds so many different meanings, and it can be blended with one or multiple other tattoo designs. Keep reading to find out about the mandala itself and some mandala tattoo meanings. The ... Read more
  • Maori Tattoo Meaning

    Maori tattoos are both beautiful and meaningful, which is why many people are very interested in understanding what these tattoos are. Some people assume that there is just one Maori tattoo meaning attached to all of these designs, but the truth is that these tattoos can have an assortment of meanings, just like with any ... Read more
  • Medusa Tattoo Meaning

    Medusa is singular figure in mythology, but she brings a lot of meanings with her. People who get a Medusa tattoo can use one or all of the meanings we go over on this page, though they’d be very complex people if they did that. Medusa tattoos have plenty of different designs to choose from, ... Read more
  • Melting Clock Tattoo Meaning

    Melting Clock Tattoo Meaning Famous for his incredible surrealist paintings, Salvador Dali’s masterpiece The Persistence of Memory is a representation of a unique perspective of time that counters our traditional view of consistent, linear progression from one spot to the next. Dali was known for painting during trance-like states that he claimed to have induced in ... Read more
  • Mermaid Tattoo Meaning

    Mermaids, ancient mythological half-woman/half-fish creatures, dwell in the waters of the ocean, signifying a drive towards the sea. Because they require large bodies of water to survive, the image of the mermaid conveys a thriving aquatic soul. Mermaids have been present in mythology for thousands of years and are noted in the histories of countries ... Read more
  • Michael Myers Tattoo

    If you are into scary movies, especially the Halloween franchise, then a popular tattoo that might interest you is the Michael Myers tattoo! With more and more people becoming interested in iconic tattoos, Michael Myers has become a fan-tastic choice for fans and Halloween movie enthusiasts all around the world. Michael Myers is without questions ... Read more
  • Moon Tattoo Meaning

    Because of the moon’s lunar cycle, transitioning throughout the month, the moon and women are inevitably connected. This correlation has authorized the feminine within ancient mythology in powerful and important deities. The moon is a long-standing symbol of the feminine divine and has been worshipped ritualistically as a female deity for thousands of years. In ... Read more
  • Moth Tattoo Meaning

    The moth is a nocturnal winged insect that gestates within a cocoon until fully developed. They are an ancient group of insects with hundreds of thousands of species around the world. As a prehistoric family, the moth is highly tuned to the flow of the earth and the moon. Moths are thought to use the ... Read more
  • Nautical Star Tattoo Meaning

    The nautical star is a traditional sailor tattoo that served as a symbol of good fortune while sailing the open seas. It is derived from the four-pointed star that rested in the center of a compass, pointing to the four directions. The star is designed in such a way that it appears raised. Dark and ... Read more
  • Noose Tattoo Meaning

    Noose Tattoo Meaning The skull tattoo may be the most famous death tattoo, but the noose isn’t too far behind. More so than the skull, though, the noose is more commonly used as a prison tattoo. Regardless of which noose tattoo people get, they come with a number of different meanings, all of which have something ... Read more
  • Octopus Tattoo Meaning

    It’s true that a lot of people get their octopus tattoo simply because it’s usually a really cool design, but the fact is that most people can find an octopus tattoo meaning that works quite well for them. On this page we will take a look at just about every popular octopus tattoo meaning out ... Read more
  • Om Tattoo Meaning

    Om Tattoo Meaning “Om” (ॐ) is an ancient Sanskrit word, used in many different chants and mantras. Although the language of Sanskrit is meant for chanting, the written symbol is meant as a representation of the divine universe, a sound that serves to symbolize the majesty of the unknowable interconnections of the cosmos. It is used ... Read more
  • Owl Tattoo Meaning

    The owl is a beautiful, unique-looking animal so it’s no surprise that plenty of people have gotten an owl tattoo or plan to. What many people don’t realize, though, is that the owl tattoo has a bunch of fantastic meanings. On this page we will go over some of the most popular owl tattoo meanings ... Read more
  • Paisley Tattoo

    Paisley tattoos are a very distinct looking style of tattoo. It has mysterious pattern that makes it a favorite for tattoo enthusiasts everywhere. The paisley pattern is beautiful and distinct which makes it no surprise that people would get this inked on their bodies. In this post, we will talk about the history of the ... Read more
  • Panther Tattoo Meaning

    Panther Tattoo Meaning The panther is broad term that includes all large jungle cats from all around the globe including jaguars, cougars, and leopards (leopards are indigenous to Africa and Asia while jaguars and cougars are indigenous to North/South America). The black panther, a misnomer referring to any large, black, clawed jungle or forest-dwelling cougar, leopard, ... Read more
  • Paper Airplane Tattoo Meaning

    Most of us have created at least a couple of paper airplane tattoos in their lives, so it should come as no surprise that the paper airplane tattoo holds a special meaning for some people. Just like with every other tattoo design, people will get a paper airplane tattoo for a variety of different reasons. ... Read more
  • Peacock Tattoo Meaning

    Peacocks are one of the most color and eye catching avian choices for a tattoo. This vibrant creature depicts beauty and grace as well as love and virility. Native to Asia and Africa, the peacock and less colorful peahen are recurrent in Asian and African culture and mythology. The vivid plumage of the male is ... Read more
  • Penguin Tattoo

    Residing in the Southern Hemisphere, Penguins are in a ground of flightless, aquatic birds. The Galapagos penguin is the only member of the family that lives north of the equator. These beautiful creatures spend about half of their lives in the water. With their white and dark plumage and flipper arms, these animals have adapted ... Read more
  • Peony Tattoo Meaning

    Because the flower grows in a variety of colors, the peony is a beautiful symbol with a broad array of natural hues. The flowers create a gorgeous image due to their mass of soft, delicate petals that layer as the bud grows into a large and intricate bloom. They can be designed in nearly an ... Read more
  • Pharaoh Tattoo Meaning

    Pharaoh Tattoo Meaning Pharaohs haven’t been around for over 2000 years, but that does not mean that their images still don’t hold meaning to some people. As you might expect, the pharaoh tattoo has a bunch of different meanings, so we’re going to go over some of the most common ones here. Before we go into the ... Read more
  • Phases of the Moon Tattoo

    With its soft look and serene vibe it gives off, the moon has been attracting the interest of people for many years. In many cultures, the moon is honored and worshiped. There are many legends and myths that surround the moon and the specific phases of the moon. If you talk to anyone that has ... Read more
  • Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

    The phoenix is a mythical creature that is said to be immortal. It is depicted with great plumage that is typically set ablaze. Even without any special meaning, the phoenix tattoo usually looks fantastic on the skin because it is a unique looking (mythical animal). However, these tattoos are often much better when you do ... Read more
  • Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

    In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the pocket watch was a personal timepiece most often carried by men in order to keep time. Pocket watches were often given as special gifts or handed down as heirlooms through the patriarchal line of the family. They made significant presents because they could be designed ornately and made ... Read more
  • Poppy Flower Tattoo

    A poppy flower tattoos is a specific type of flower tattoo that can have many meanings or just be a beautiful flower to some. Flower tattoos, in general, have always been an attractive tattoo selection for women and men in all cultures for years. Like a tulip shape, the poppy flower has started to make ... Read more
  • Pyramid Tattoo

    From the times of Ancient Egypt, the pyramid has always been a symbol that reminded people of the times of pharaohs and mummies. We see the pyramid in all forms of symbolism and the pyramid tattoo is also portrayed in different ways. In this post we will discuss the meaning behind the pyramid tattoo and the ... Read more
  • Ram Skull Tattoo Meaning

    Ram Skull Tattoo Meaning Of all of the animal skull tattoos, the ram skull might be the most popular. Not only is it a great looking tattoo, it also holds many meanings for people. Many see the ram as the perfect animal to represent power because of its fearlessness. The skull with thick, curling horns and ... Read more
  • Raven Tattoo Meaning

    The raven tattoo isn’t necessary the most popular of the avian designs out there, but it’s certainly one of the coolest looking bird tattoos around. There are plenty of raven tattoo meanings and quite a few design choices to choose from, which means that it’s pretty easy to come up with a unique one that ... Read more
  • Red String Tattoo Meaning

    The red string tattoo design is a simple design that can refer to many different concepts and significances. Most commonly, the red string refers to the red string of fate that connects to lovers in a relationship or in marriage. The folktale derives from an Eastern Asian myth where a certain deity ties a string ... Read more
  • Roman Numeral Tattoo Meaning

    Roman numerals were developed in ancient Rome over centuries using the letters of the Latin alphabet, I, V, X, L, C, D, and M. This numerical system was used exclusively in Western Europe until the adaptation and development of the current Hindu-Arabic originated system. So why are Roman numeral tattoos so popular? Well, for a lot ... Read more
  • Rose Tattoo Meaning

    The rose has been a popular tattoo choice leading back as far as the 1930s. They can be used to symbolize many things, including love, femininity, sacrifice and even death. While there were few rose designs to choose from back in the day, these days people can choose from a number of rose tattoo designs ... Read more
  • Sacred Heart Tattoo Meaning

    The Sacred Heart is a cherished Christian image that portrays the incredible love that Jesus Christ holds for all of humanity. The red heart is flaming, encased in crown of thorns, pierced with a knife or sword and embedded with a crucifix centered at the top. The crown of thorns and piercing blade are symbols ... Read more
  • Samoan Tattoo Meaning

    Chances are you’ve seen plenty of Samoan tattoos, and chances are you thought they looked great but weren’t sure what they meant. Well, you’re certainly not alone in that since most Samoan tattoo meanings aren’t obvious like many of the other tattoo designs out there. The fact is that every line and symbol uses in ... Read more
  • Samurai Tattoo Meaning

    As you probably assumed before coming to this page, there are some great samurai tattoo meanings to choose from for those who decide to get one of these designs. And speaking of designs, you also have a large selection of those that you can choose from. Below we will take a look at some of ... Read more
  • Scarab Tattoo

    The scarab tattoo is representative of a historical impression symbol of Ancient Egypt. It is also just another way to call a beetle a beetle. You might be asking yourself what a scarab is. We’ve all seen these beetle like symbols in horror movies and stories alike. However, they weren’t just known for being feared ... Read more
  • Scorpion Tattoo Meaning

    A part of the ancient arachnid family, the scorpion has well known features such as front claws and the telltale stinger that have resulted in mass phobia of the creature. There are dozens of types of scorpions, having evolved over hundreds of millions of years on Earth to create a variety of menacing creatures. A ... Read more
  • Seahorse Tattoo Meaning

    Seahorses are a type of tiny fish with a horse-like head but body of a fish and prehensile tail. Their genus Hippocampus is named after an ancient creature whose image has been connected to the Greek myth of the sea-horse or Hippocampus. A seahorse-like creature, it was large and powerful with the front legs and ... Read more
  • Semicolon Tattoo Meaning

    The semicolon has become much more than just another punctuation mark. Sure, it has always been one of the more interesting punctuation marks, but it’s now seen as one of the better small tattoos thanks to its powerful meanings. If you’re interested in getting a semicolon tattoo, keep reading to find out what some of ... Read more
  • Shark Tattoo Meaning

    Anyone looking for a menacing and often very meaningful animal tattoo design should look into getting a shark tattoo. Not only do these animals look amazing on the skin, they you’ll also find that there are quite a few shark tattoo meanings that people like to use. Below you will find out why so many ... Read more
  • Shield Tattoo

    The image of a shield is a strong and powerful image in most cultures. Shields have been used as a type of protection and armor since the dawn of time, most notably during the Medieval time period. Knights and other soldier, warrior types, would use shields as a coat of arms against offensive ... Read more
  • Ship Tattoo Meaning

    A symbol of the aquatic and nautical, the ship can mean many things. Most literally, it conveys life away from the land, living on the undulation of the ocean waves and air. The ship is the vessel of the sea-farer and can serve as a literal representation of a sailor or act as a metaphor. ... Read more
  • Simba Tattoo

    In 1994, The Lion King pulled at the heart strings of adults and kids alike. You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who isn’t a fan of at least one Disney movie. Taken from old fables and stories, many people feel personally connected to Disney films. Many with this specific tattoo are purely motivated by ... Read more
  • Skull Tattoo Meaning

    The skull is an ominous image that is immediately associated with death and the realm of the dead. While that might make it seem like the skull tattoo is only for people who want to get a tattoo that represents death, that isn’t always the case. On this page we’ll take a look at why ... Read more
  • Snake Tattoo Meaning

    The serpent is a resilient and unpredictable creature which has become the subject of phobia for many people. Snakes are deadly predators that often hold deadly, toxic venom within them that makes them a deadly foe for many animals and even humans. Their venoms are also known to be used in certain medicines and their ... Read more
  • Spade Tattoo Meaning

    Spade tattoos aren’t the most popular tattoos around today, but plenty of people still get one of these designs for a variety of reasons. What’s odd about the spade tattoo is that it has a wide range of meanings, so you usually have to be close the owner to know exactly what their spade tattoo ... Read more
  • Sparrow Tattoo Meaning

    The sparrow, while not the flashiest bird type, has become a popular choice for tattoos. Sparrow tattoos are usually associated with freedom, love, and commitment. For decades, they have been used as a standard in tattoo imagery. Traditional style “Sailor Jerry” tattoo images often include swooping sparrows with extended wings to indicate swift flight. The ... Read more
  • Spider Tattoo Meaning

    The arachnid is always a daunting image and is the cause of extreme phobia for many people worldwide because of their poisonous capabilities as well as their multiple legs and eyes. Spiders are a distinct symbol of the wilderness of the jungle and have made prey of both human and animal. They have been made ... Read more
  • Spider Web Tattoo Meaning

    If you’ve ever seen a spider web tattoo, and you probably have, chances are you’ve wondered about the meaning behind the interesting design. There are actually many meanings attached to these tattoos, both positive and negative. On this page we will take a look at some of those spider web tattoo meanings as well as ... Read more
  • Star Tattoo Meaning

    A star tattoo is a broad symbol that can range from simple to complex, a field of stars covering a large space or a single star placed on the wrist, and hold countless meanings. For many the star has been a symbol of honor, hope, intuition, desire, and guidance, and much more. It is a ... Read more
  • Statue Of Liberty Tattoo

    The Statue of Liberty is the giant sculpture smack in the middle of Liberty Island in New York. This is truly a symbol of the United States. If you are a fan, you might even get a Statue of Liberty tattoo that would represent this great country. There are other people that get the tattoo ... Read more
  • Stay Strong Tattoo

    There are a lot of great motivational tattoos out there these days, but the Stay Strong tattoo seems to be right there near the top of the list. It is a great way to have a constant reminder to get through tall of the tough times in your life while also having the added benefit ... Read more
  • Strength Tattoo Meaning

    Strength tattoos are some of the most popular in the world because there are so many designs to choose from and just about everyone loves the meanings that come along with strength. There are dozens of great strength tattoo variations, and most of them are for both men and women. On this page we will ... Read more
  • Sugar Skull Tattoo Meaning

    When thinking of a skull many people think of death and decay, however there are some different general meanings for different styles of skull tattoos. Sugar skull tattoo designs are an essential part of the Mexican and Latin American celebration of Dia de Muertos, the Day of the Dead, which falls on the day following ... Read more
  • Sun Tattoo Meaning

    There isn’t just one sun tattoo meaning, but many. There are some people who get the sun tattoo simply for its many cool-looking iterations, but the fact is that there’s a pretty good chance that everyone can find a sun tattoo meaning that they’d love. On this page we will take a look at a ... Read more
  • Sunflower Tattoo Meaning

    The sunflower (Helianthus, Greek for sun flower) is a tall, thick-stalked flowering plant with large, bright yellow petals and smaller, darker petals in the center. One of the most popular and well-known flowers, they are indigenous to North and South America, but most commonly found in North America. They are popular for their tall stature, ... Read more
  • Teardrop Tattoo Meaning

    The teardrop tattoo is a symbol that has had negative connotations and is most often associated with gangs and criminal activities. However, in more recent years the symbol has retained its antisocial origins but has become trendy or topical to some who receive the tattoo for reasons other than crime. The symbol is transformed by ... Read more
  • Teen Wolf Tattoo

    Depending on when you were born is going to determine what you think the Teen Wolf Tattoo is. As a kid from the 80’s, the only Teen Wolf I acknowledge is the one involving Michael J. Fox. However, I am aware of the MTV series, Teen Wolf, that dropped in 2011. Most of the people ... Read more
  • Three Arrows Tattoo Meaning

    An incredibly simple and yet versatile tattoo design, the three arrows can be rendered in a number of ways and hold countless meanings to the one who receives it. The simple design can be chosen simply for aesthetic appeal or for a complex reason that is very personal. The design can be sacred or solely ... Read more
  • Three Dots Tattoo Meaning

    There are many different versions of the three dots tattoo and many different meanings as well, ranging from simple and aesthetic to dark and complicated. The three dots can be arranged in a variety of ways, depending on the intention and can also be colored or shaded in slightly differently to allow for a number ... Read more
  • Three Lines Tattoo Meaning

    Three Lines Tattoo Meaning Three single lines is a simple tattoo design that can hold a plethora of meanings and is easily manipulated by other imagery incorporated into the image. Three lines offers a lot of potential for a tattoo that can be personalized to many different individual needs. The lines can be rendered thick and ... Read more
  • Tiger Tattoo Meaning

    The tiger is one of the world’s most popular animals and has been for centuries. These large, endangered members of the feline species are characterized by their bold black stripes and killer instinct. There are nine subspecies of tiger, with Bengal and Siberian being the most recognized. The other subspecies are Bali, South China, Malayan, ... Read more
  • Tiki Tattoo

    Polynesian and Hawaiian tattoos seem to be all the rage these days, and the Tiki tattoo is one that many people choose to get. Tiki tattoos have a very distinctive look and they hold extremely important meanings to the people that get them. Below you will find information Tiki tattoos, including the meanings attached to ... Read more
  • Tree of Life Tattoo Meaning

    It seems like everyone is at least somewhat interested in the tree of life tattoo since it does have so many fantastic meanings. Many will say that their tree of life tattoo meaning is the only one, but the fact is that there have been many meanings given to the tree throughout history. On this ... Read more
  • Tree Tattoo Meaning

    Trees are often viewed as being a symbol of life and strength. They are one of the most symbolic types of tattoos out there, which is why they also happen to be extremely popular. Rarely are two tree tattoos the same, so they are also considered to be very personal tattoos while also being the ... Read more
  • Triangle Tattoo Meaning

    The triangle symbol is a simple one, but is also one with a great amount of meaning behind it. Some people will know exactly what type of meaning they will attach to their triangle tattoos, while others just like the look of it. Since the triangle has so many different meanings, owners of the triangle ... Read more
  • Tribal Tattoo Meaning

    The tattoo style known as “tribal” has a long tradition that spans back over thousands of years. It began as a style that was unique to a particular culture or tribe to set them apart from other local groups. It was also used as a way to express one’s religion of beliefs. Tribal tattoos were ... Read more
  • Turtle Tattoo Meaning

    Many people don’t think of turtle tattoos when they are thinking about getting some type of animal design, but chances are more would if they knew how meaningful these tattoos can be. Not only that, it’s also quite easy to have a very attractive turtle tat while also bringing along a turtle tattoo meaning or ... Read more
  • Wanderlust Tattoo

    Wanderlust tattoos are becoming more and more popular with travel enthusiasts and lovers all over the world. You can see this tattoo amongst the hostels in Thailand, the beaches in Brazil, the jungles of Costa Rica as well as many other backpackers and travel buffs dream destinations. Wanderlust translates into the need or desire ... Read more
  • Wave Tattoo Meaning

    Waves, rendered very simply or with incredible detail, are a representation of the ancient and natural undulation of the Earth’s oldest resource. The image of a wave is a symbol of the daunting power of the ocean as well as the calm waters that lie beneath. Unsurprisingly, people who love these things about the ocean ... Read more
  • Wildflower Tattoo Meaning

    There are thousands of wildflowers in the world, but there are only so many wildflower tattoo meanings. They can come in pretty much any color and plenty of designs, so people usually want to get a wildflower that best represents who they are. Below you will find some of the most popular meanings for wildflower ... Read more
  • Wing Tattoo Meaning

    Wings, of any type or style, are generally a symbol of freedom, an ability to liberate oneself from the shackles of whatever holds or binds them. This is one of the most popular tattoo meanings in the world and wings are one of the best ways to express that meaning. You’ll want to use this ... Read more
  • Wolf Tattoo Meaning

    It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the wolf tattoo is one of the most popular animal tattoos in the world. Not only are wolves beautiful, they also represent many of the qualities that people like (or would like) to see in themselves. There are a lot of excellent wolf tattoo meanings ... Read more
  • X Tattoo Meaning

    On the surface, the “x” is a very simple symbol that is often associated with a negative indication. An “x” represents something wrong, a warning against moving forward, or something that is not right, incorrect. But it is much more than that as a symbol. The “x” is bold and provocative. As a letter, it ... Read more
  • Yakuza Tattoos

    Yakuza tattoos are not the type of tats that you will see every day, but they’re definitely worth learning about. There is a rich history to these tattoos and, though many see them as symbols of hate and destruction, the images inside of the tattoos are actually the same tattoos that many people all around ... Read more
  • Yin Yang Tattoo Meaning

    Many people are attracted to the yin yang symbol because they know it holds deep meanings and has a cool-looking design. On this page well will take a look at the history of the yin yang and all of the popular yin yang tattoo meanings that people like to attach to their designs. The yin yang ... Read more
  • Zeus Tattoo Meaning

    Easily the most popular of all of the Greek mythology gods, Zeus makes for a very striking and equally meaningful tattoo. This is the type of tattoo that people will get if they are looking for an image that really pops on their skin while also giving insight into who they are. On this page ... Read more

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