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Address: 68 Cabot St West Babylon, NY 11704

Phone: (800) 295-8991

Technical Worldwide Tattoo Supply is an online tattoo equipment supplier that is both knowledgeable in the industry and dedicated to tattoo artists and their clients. As one of the largest and most sought after tattoo ink suppliers in the world, Technical Tattoo Supply is a reliable source of durable and quality tattoo machines, needles, machine parts and accessories, inks and much more. Owned by American tattoo artist Carlo Fodera, the customer service staff employees experienced tattoo artists that are ready to answer any questions as well as provide tips and tricks of the trade that will help improve technique and direct the customer towards the right products. Their presence at tattoo conventions around the country is an indication of their enthusiasm about tattooing and their desire to bring tattoo education to the public.

Technical Tattoo Supply is determined to ship orders as quickly as possible so that the customer is able to maintain shop fluidity. In an effort to shorten shipping time, orders are shipped the same day that they are purchased and received more quickly by the customer. Their main office and warehouse of inventory is located in West Babylon, New York and they ship all over North America. Shipping is available globally as well in order to provide quality products for artists worldwide. In another effort to support tattoo artists, Technical has a tons of free information, forms, pages of font, videos, tutorials, and flash images that are available to the public to help improve artists and their studios.

Technical Tattoo Supply is interested in improving the tattoo community in an effort to help create better artists and as a result, better tattoos. They call on their customers to add to the bank of information available on their page, offering free tattoo equipment in return.

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