Telescope Tattoo Meaning, Design & Ideas

When thinking about the telescope, we usually think of two kinds. We think of the high-powered telescopes used by people at home and even academics. Then we think of the kind of telescope that can be kept in a pocket. The kind that you may have seen a pirate use when he was sailing the seas. Telescopes hold importance in many of our lives and to some, it is a symbol that means something special to them. In this case, someone might choose to get a telescope tattoo.

You can capture the essence of either one of these telescope tattoos so deciding on which one fits you is an important choice as well. If you are a bit of a rum-loving, steampunk kind of person, you might shoot for the spyglass style of telescope first. However, if you are more of a modern person that enjoys the benefits of science, the high-powered, astronomy telescope might be the one that fits the bill.

The great thing about getting the telescope tattoo is that it can be done in many ways. From hyper-realistic to very minimal, the telescope tattoo sends a big message. Not only will you take on the traits of what the telescope represents but you can also have a tattoo that is pleasing to the eye and most importantly, pleases you.

In this post, we will talk about the telescope tattoo and the symbolism of this image. The history of the telescope goes back a long way, so you can imagine there is quite a bit of meaning to a tattoo like this. In addition to the meaning, we will go over some different variations of this tattoo, so you can feel more informed if you are thinking about getting your tattoo.

What is a Telescope

To put it simply, a telescope is an instrument that helps one see objects from a distance. What it does to make this possible is it collects electromagnetic radiation (light). The first telescopes that were ever used were spyglass telescopes used at the start of the 17th century in the Netherlands.

The first telescope we talked about is the spyglass and it’s the one you might expect a pirate to use. It seems like a simple piece of technology when in fact, there is a lot more going on with it than you would expect. At the front of the spyglass, there is an eyepiece that you look through. The idea of the eyepiece is to take an image that you see bring it into focus and magnify it, so you can see it.

At this point, you look through the lens and the rays of light are bent starting at the eyepiece and are perpendicular to each other. Eventually, these rays cross paths and that is the focus. The light beams will continue to run perpendicular until they hit the objective lens which is the lens on the other side of the telescope. The objective lens gathers the light from the area you are looking at and bends it into focus.

The high-powered telescopes used for celestial gazing are a more powerful version of this. With this kind of telescope, you can see into the stars where you start to realize how small we are in comparison to the universe.

Telescope Tattoo Meaning

Now we move into the meaning of the telescope tattoo. The meaning of this tattoo can vary depending on who is wearing it, so we suggest asking them. However, there are some things to note when talking about the telescope tattoo.

The telescope tattoo represents a sense of adventure and curiosity. For those of us who are ready to get into something new and fun, maybe what the earth has to offer isn’t enough for us. Unless you plan on training to be an astronaut, there aren’t a lot of options to get an up-close look into space. However, if you have a telescope, you can transport into a different world where the possibilities are endless.

The telescope tattoo symbolizes that sense of curiosity and adventure even if you don’t own a telescope. This might represent a philosophy on life that you like to live by. To stay curious and adventurous is something that many of us strive to act out. Sometimes we need a reminder and the telescope tattoo is a great way to do it.

In addition, the telescope tattoo can also represent moving or looking forward. The spyglass telescope isn’t able to see into space, but you can see things that are far out. For the person that doesn’t want to dwell on the past, they are looking forward. The spyglass telescope tattoo is a great visual aid to represent this way of thinking. We also see this tattoo on people who don’t want to be stuck in life. They use this as a reminder to keep looking ahead as things are never as bad as they seem in the moment.

Telescope Tattoo Variations

When you think of the different variations of telescope tattoos, it doesn’t have to be just a different type of telescope. Many styles of tattooing can add a little pizzazz to your tattoo.

A realistic telescope tattoo can be cool looking. Realism tattoos are one of the more difficult styles of tattoo to master but if you find the right artist, it will be one that just might take the attention away from your other tattoos.

Another style of tattooing that seems to coincide with space and telescopes is watercolor. The watercolor style of tattooing is one of the favorites when having a space-themed tattoo and the telescope fits right into this group. Combining the image of a telescope and a watercolor section of space creates a sense of mysticism

These are just a couple of examples and not the only way to get this tattoo. We propose finding an artist that will help you find the right style for you. If you already have a style in mind, look for an artist that specializes in it. If you need help, we’d be happy to offer a recommendation.

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